Dreams Come True Achievement

  • Dreams Come True



    View all of the endings.


    This achievement requires a completion of the game multiple times, to see each of the 8 endings 3 full playthroughs are needed. One playthrough with the karma meter all the way to Law, one with it to Chaos, and one with it in the middle. During the last Stage, there are four confessional questions that influence what ending you get, together with the karma meter. You can make one save at the beginning of Stage 9-1 to get 1 to 3 endings in one playthrough by loading up the save and choosing different answers than you did before. See each of the Endings achievements for details.

  • Is that picture... tits with "End" written in blood on them?
  • I hope it's only like 2-3 endings and not 15.. But in any case I'm not really planning on 100% this one, just have fun with it :P
  • It looks like an ass (the picture)
  • Yup, definately an ass in doggy-style position. :) hehe...
  • Check out the printable version, there's 8 endings. :(
  • Pretty sure #4 is right.
  • Looks more like a palm of the hand coming at us, palm to the face.
  • I hope everyone that said the picture is of an ass was kidding, if not some of us really need some work on telling the difference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rCDEATRXNU&t=0m40s It's the same picture from the 42 second mark of the trailer (well, with the addition of "End").
  • Ass or cleavage, darn.... Anyhow...this is really going to need a HUGE guide to figure out!
  • bladevesuvan is right, it's a pic of Catherine's boobs. Anyway, someone said 8 endings? Damn...I at least hope some aren't to beat it on the hardest difficulty cuz achievement aside i'd really like to be able to see all the endings. I wouldn't want to play on its hardest difficulty cuz playing what I did in the demo on easy was a little tougher then expected (the 2nd tower in the demo was to me. Had to die a few times to find its solution).
  • I think the endings are only related to the choices you makee throughough the story
  • This may be possible with 2.5 play throughs. The first time I played the game i went with my Karma high and was able to get 4 endings. I was maxed at good karma before starting the final stage (saved at the stray sheep). I got one ending and used this wiki to figure out how to get the rest. *** WARNING WIKI has spoilers I recommend finishing the game first beforehand**** http://catherinethegame.wikia.com/wiki/Endings_Spoiler Now I'm going through hard maxing evil karma. Using the wiki look at the requirements. Save halfway. Then you can make the necessary changes to get the last ending. I'm not sure if you have to play it 8 times to get this achievement or if it unlocks once you get the last ending. But I will update when i find out.
  • I mean finish the game maxed out on the opposite side of the karma. get the other 3 endings then load your midpoint game, make the "necessary" changes and get the last ending.
  • Yeah, when you zoom in as I did, because I'm a pervert, it's Catherine's clevage from a birds-eye view. You can see her collarbone at the top, and her red bow just beneath her rack, and her arm, just below that.
  • For this cheevo, here's most of the combos for the different endings: -Full BLUE meter at level 9, give 'good' answers for empireo ?s -Full blue meter at level 9, give 'bad' answers for empireo ?s -full red meter at level 9, give 'good' answers for empireo ?s -full red meter at level 9, give 'bad' answers for empireo ?s -Halfway meter at level 9, give 'good' answers for empireo ?s -halfway meter at level 9, give 'bad' answers for empireo ?s Anyone know the other two?? I can't figure them out!!
  • I got all 8 ending and the respective achievements for each, but this particular achievement did not unlock. Son, I am disappoint.
  • Cheevo didn't pop, and I have all 8 different ending achievements. Ugh.
  • ^ Same thing happened to me + i lost my 1-8 hard gold trophies I thought it was a glitch at first but it seems it's more of a retarded Design choice by the devs, basically it seems the game stores your Progress separately in some sort of cache, endings, trophies, rapunzel, Should anything happen to this like using another system or you deleting it by mistake then GG you need to re-do everything again if you didn't get the achievement beforehand So i recommend having 3 save files on the last day, max law, max chaos and one middle and getting all endings in one sitting, and even then it's not a guarantee, i had to see c/katherine bad and freedom good 2 times since one (or several...) didn't register at first even though i got the related achievement All i need are 4 more achie
  • All i need are 4 more achievements and i pray to god 'Cheers To You!' doesn't follow the same stupid cache because that's where i'd draw the line

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