Read All About It! Achievement

  • Read All About It!



    Get Justin out of his jam.

    This achievement is unlocked for helping Justin, a patron at the bar. To help him through his problems, you must answer a series of conversation choices with him a certain way, both in the Stray Sheep and on the Landings. Justin is usually seen starting on the 2nd Day sitting at the bar counter up front by the bathroom, but you may have to wait for him to enter the bar on some days. Justin can also be found in the Landings during Nightmare segments, he is the Sheep with Glasses. Be positive and encourage him whenever you have a conversation with him. He will be absent on the 7th Day so speak to him every time you see him at the Stray Sheep to learn more about his past. If done correctly, on the 8th Day you will be able to speak to him one last time at the Stray Sheep, he will be seated at his usual location. Speak to him to find out the last remains about his journalism career. He will request a possible interview with you one day and the achievement will unlock. For a list off all the specific answers needed for this achievement click HERE.

  • Anyone know how to get this?
  • I feel bad for the guy actually.
  • It's quite easy, just talk to him all the time and encourage him both in the pub and in the nightmares.
  • He was the only person I saved in my first playthrough. As #2 said, I felt really bad for him.

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