A New Look Achievement

  • A New Look



    Help Todd out of his trouble.

    Todd can be found at the Stray Sheep starting on the 2nd Day sitting at the front bar counter next to Archie however, you may have to wait for him to enter the bar on some days. Be sure to speak with him and be positive in your answers as he is also linked to Archie's survival. Todd also appears in the Landings as the Sheep with Regent Hair giving you climbing techniques so be sure to speak with him there as well. Todd only appears at the Stray Sheep on the 2nd, 3rd, and 8th Day. If done correctly, Todd will show up at the Stray Sheep on the 8th Day. He will be seated at the bar counter up front sitting next to Archie. Speak with him and he will thank you for helping him out of the Nightmare, and that he plans to start a new life out of his father's shadow. This will unlock after the conversation. For a list off all the specific answers needed for this achievement click HERE.

  • how can i do this todd died?
  • news report says he dies every time i get to day 5, even when i follow the wiki entry exactly
  • the key is talk to him the very first time u see him in the bar and in the nightmare world and from there on out to be safe. this is how i got this
  • @#3 So in other words talk to every sheep you come across and every guy you see at the bar? Not too hard if you ask me. Was planning to do that anyway.
  • Funny thing, the day he died on my playthrough on that same night the game tells me about socializing with the patrons to prevent their deaths.
  • well this sucks, i talked to him every night except one time like on day 2 or 3 he but he still died. i just thought it was part of the story :/
  • Todd will die if you don't save Archie too. I missed Archie once, he wound up dead, and then the next two times I saw Todd in the dreams, he was pretty much giving up. Since Archie and Todd are so close in the real world, I think their fates are interconnected as well.

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