Mother Inferior Achievement

  • Mother Inferior



    Help Archie work through his quandary.

    This achievement is unlocked for helping Archie, a patron at the bar. To help him through his problems, you must answer a series of conversation choices with him a certain way, both in the Stray Sheep and on the Landings. Archie can first be found at the Stray Sheep sitting with Todd on the 2nd Day, make sure you speak to him. When speaking to him, make sure you encourage him every step of the way because Archie is linked to Todd's chances of survival as well. Archie can also be found at some of the Landings, he is the Long-Haired Sheep so speak to him there if you ever spot him. Be motivational in your answers whenever you speak to him because he may become a victim of "Woman's Wrath" if you don't. Archie appears at the Stray Sheep on all days except the 6th and 7th and is sometimes seated at the first booth. If done correctly, Archie will appear alongside Todd at the Stray Sheep on the 8th Day. He'll be seated at the front bar counter. Speak to him and he will thank you for your help, and that he plans to start a family. This will unlock after the conversation. For a list of all the specific answers for this achievement click HERE.

  • haha, a Coheed & Cambria reference? Epic.
  • Nope. Besides "Mother Superior" (which it is referencing) being mentioned in other songs waaaay before Coheed & Cambria, it's a real thing: A mother superior is an abbess, prioress or other nun in charge of a Christian religious order or congregation, a convent or house of women under vows.

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