Love is Patient, Love is Kind Achievement

  • Love is Patient, Love is Kind



    Resolve Daniel's dilemma.

    This achievement is unlocked for helping Daniel, a patron at the bar. To help him through his problems, you must answer a series of conversation choices with him a certain way, both in the Stray Sheep and on the Landings. Daniel can usually be found at the Stray Sheep starting on the 3rd Day sitting at the bar counter up front and sometimes in the third booth. When you take a seat there he should be sitting right next to you on some nights. Be sure to have a chat with him and his wife every time you see him at the Stray Sheep. You'll want to encourage him in your replies or else he end up on the news as a victim of "Woman's Wrath". Daniel also appears in the Landings during nightmare segments so be sure to speak with him there as well, he is the Sheep with Sunglasses. Daniel only appears at the Stray Sheep on the 3rd, 4th, and 8th Day. If done correctly, on the 8th Day Daniel will show up at the front bar counter sitting with his wife Anna. When you speak to him he will inform you that he and his wife have solved their problems and are getting married. This will unlock after he reveals to you the good news. For a list of all the specific answers for this achievement click HERE.

  • Damn, Daniel is the only one I missed. I talked to him every chance I got and I thought I said the right things to him but he still managed to get himself killed somehow. LOLz
  • Same here. I'm on my second playthrough and I'm focusing on him, but everything I read is something I've read before, and all my choices are clearly the more supporting ones that I made last time. There must be one little annoying missable, tricky thing. And if I find out what it is, I'll post it here.
  • Yeah, I managed to screw Daniel up my first play through too... I suppose this is one of the harder ones. Well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad.
  • lol He was the only person I saved on my first run through.
  • How the hell do U save this guy???
  • on april 4th when your friends dont come to the bar there's a short time where he comes in alone to speak to vincent specifically. theres also a day where anna comes in alone and u have to speak to her too. everytime hes a sheep talk to him.
  • #6 Thanx

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