Everyday Hero Achievement

  • Everyday Hero



    Help everyone out of their predicaments.

    This achievement is unlocked for helping all the patrons of the Stray Sheep. It will unlock once you complete the achievements for each character:

    • Justin - Read All About It!
    • Todd - A New Look
    • Archie - Mother Inferior
    • Daniel - Love is Patient, Love is Kind
    • Morgan - One Last Case

    You have to give specific answers to each patron in order for them to show up on the 8th Day to thank you. You must also speak to them every time you see them, whether it be at the Stray Sheep or the Landings. Please note that not all bar patrons appear at the Stray Sheep or Landings everyday, there are times when they will be absent or you have to wait for them to walk in. There is also a random sheep at the Landings that you may need to speak with in order to save everyone. Speaking to other patrons twice can help time pass allowing other patrons to walk into the bar. For a full guide on Everday Hero, see HERE.

  • Just a note for this achievement, it doesn't have to be done in a single playthrough. It is accumulative. So for example, I helped Justin on my first playthrough, Daniel and Morgan my second playthrough then todd and archie on my third.
  • That's the one question I had for this achievement. Also, there are a series of "normal" sheep that you have to respond to correctly throughout the campaign in order to "save" them too. Those sheep, combined with the specific characters you can save, all add up for this achievement. You can find guides online that will help you figure out how to respond to who to get it.
  • Just be sure to talk to ALL SHEEP at night, and ALL PEOPLE at the bar (the ones that unlock cheevos).
  • This was a pretty easy achievement. Just talk to EVERYBODY, both in the bar, and the nightmare segments. Oh, and I "think" you have to make the good decisions when making a choice in their discussion, but I'm unsure about that.
  • I think your decision doesnt matter as long as you talk to them both at the bar and in nightmare... also when planning out your time in the bar, remember, you dont need to talk to Boss, Erica, your friends, or two old ladies for anything but story (and karma meter adjusting).

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