Play It Again, Vince... Achievement

  • Play It Again, Vince...



    Use the jukebox to change the music.

    This achievement can be unlocked by operating the jukebox at the Stray Sheep and changing the background music to another available song. You can get this as early as the 2nd Day. This will be the first time you can freely roam the Stray Sheep. There will be a jukebox to the left of the room next to the Rapunzel arcade machine. Interact with the jukebox by pressing , from there you will have a selection of songs to choose from. Play whichever song you wish and the achievement will unlock along with another jukebox song entitled, YO.

  • For some reason, this achievement isn't unlocking for me? Is there any special requirement for it?
  • I don't believe so. I remember getting the achievement as soon as I selected one of the songs...pretty sure I did it early on, too, probably Day 2.
  • Day 2 is the earliest that you can start exploring the bar. The jukebox is all the way to the left side, between a booth and the arcade. Just select a different song than what's playing. You'll unlock new songs as you keep earning achievements.

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