Text Junkie Achievement

  • Text Junkie



    Reply to at least 20 text messages by the end of the final day.

    This achievement will unlock once you have sent 20 text messages through your cell phone. If you answer every possible text message, this should happen by the 5th Day but the achievement doesn't unlock until the 8th Day. There are 25 text messages you can reply to in any given playthrough. You mysteriously lose some of your texts later in the game but it should not affect the achievement. Depending on how you respond to some texts, you may or may not get replies which leads to fewer texts per playthrough making this achievement easily missable. That's why it's important to stick around the Stray Sheep until you get some because leaving too early will cause you to miss them. Chatting with patrons and friends twice(until the pink talk box goes gray) seems to initiate some text messages. This will unlock once you leave the Stray Sheep on the 8th Day if you have sent 20 or more text messages. For a list of every text message in the game and how to initiate them, click HERE.

  • I think it's really cool how they give you multiple sentences to choose from to complete a reply text with! And the fact that depending on what you send will effect the story is great!
  • personal tip dont end a msg with good night or say you need to think about it
  • @#2, why not?
  • The easiest way I got this achievements was on my way to being True Chaos. Basically like #2 said, if you end with Goodnight it usually ends the texts for that night. But usually you can get 2-3 texts a night per girl for a total of 5-6 a piece. Responding positively to Catherine's pictures helps too.
  • Sweet, my next playthrough will be the chaos path. I'll keep these tips in mind. Thanks guys.
  • That's what I figured also. My first play around I wanted to be like myself and ended up with the Lawful path. Ofcourse in doing so, I didn't "approve" of the pictures Catherine sent. It makes sense to encourage her if you want more texts to reply to.
  • Ok, I know I'm gonna sound stupid but I don't even know how to change the text... I just thought that if you deleted the text it would change but obviously not.
  • Oh, you only had to delete one line rather than the whole text, nvm. :B
  • During my last play through I was only able to reply to 19 text, but I did send one or two text to Catherine that she might not have responded to =D I think I'll start over and reply nicely to both Catherine and Katherine and see how that goes.

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