Push It to the Limit! Achievement

  • Push It to the Limit!



    Push 5 blocks at once. (Golden Playhouse)

    This achievement is only available while playing Golden Playhouse mode. When playing any Nightmare stage, there will be a number of opportunities to push more than one block at a time. Make sure there there are five blocks in a row, and push them all at once to unlock the achievement. This achievement can be unlocked in almost every stage, but is easiest in Stage 1-1 on the Easy difficulty. Shortly before you reach the rows of unmovable blocks at the top, there are two different places that have six blocks at once, with an easy spot to push from.

    Another area to do this is at the start of Stage 4-2 where The Child chases you. To the right at your level are 4 blocks already lined up side by side. Now pull out any block stacked to the left of your screen and push it next to the set of 4 blocks making it 5. Now push the 5 set of blocks for the achievement. Difficulty settings needed for this method may vary.

  • This one is easy, just push 5 blocks
  • You can Easily Get this in the first night no problem. Just find 5 blocks and push them all at once
  • Got this by mistake on the first night :)

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