Sake Sensei Achievement

  • Sake Sensei



    Listen to all the sake sound bites.

    This achievement is unlocked on the 8th Day, but requires an action every day. On the days you are at the Stray Sheep, you will have the ability to choose from four drinks to have at your booth seat. To take a sip press while sitting at your booth with your friends. Once you finish one (three sips), you will get a piece of trivia on that drink, and will be able to order another from Erica. When she comes to your booth request sake by pressing and she will bring it to you. Boss the bartender can also take your drink orders up front when you sit there. Each day, make sure to drink(three sips) Sake at least once each night. On the 8th Day, you will unlock the achievement once you receive your last sound bite.

    Note: Remember you can only get one bit of trivia per night for each drink. It is possible to get one tip from each drink each day, so you can unlock all four drinking-related achievements in one playthrough. However, you have to start getting a tip for every drink starting on the 2nd Day and onwards or else you could miss their respective tip achievement.

  • Does anyone know if you have to get this in one go, or can you get get it or can you get it by playing through multiple times.
  • I think its on one go. Because i started on my last play through near the end and now i got to the point where its the same facts. il tell you when i finish it a bit later
  • It's all in one go. =(
  • Where is the first one anybody know??? I just completed the first stage and haven't found anything to listen to
  • It's after the second nightmare stage.
  • I've been getting drunk every night when it's possible to drink and I drink sake, beer, whiskey, and the cocktail each night till one of the facts pop-up. Im on the 9th day and still don't have any of these 'drink' achievements. Can you get multiple facts from the drinks in one night or is it only 1 a piece as I think it is?
  • You can only get ONE of these achievments PER playthrough!
  • Wha? Damn, #7. Well, thanks for the heads up. I'm on my second playthrough with the intentions of getting all four drinking achievements, but getting all four of course seemed TOO easy. -~-
  • not true i got all 4 on my first playthrough. there is one trivia per drink per night, if u finish a glass of each every night you should get them, if not ur probs not on xbox live :p
  • #7 is incorrect. You can get all four of them in a single playthrough, you just have to make sure that you drink at least one every night you're able to. I just got all four in 5 minutes, so I can say that this is possible.

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