Whisky Wiseman Achievement

  • Whisky Wiseman



    Listen to all the whisky minutiae.

    Each day at the Stray Sheep, be sure to drink Whisky at least 3 times. To take a sip press while sitting at your booth with your friends. Once you finish a drink (three sips), you will get a piece of trivia on that drink, and will be able to order another from Erica. When she comes to your booth request Whisky by pressing and she will bring it to you. Boss the bartender can also take your drink orders up front when you sit there. On the 8th Day, you will unlock the achievement if you have received all the minutiae for Whisky. See Sake Sensei for more information.

  • Always make your second drink of the night the drink you want to get the achievement for since the first drink is always a cocktail. And you have to drink the same drink every night! So if you want this achievement, drink whisky as your second drink every night!
  • #1 Where on earth did you come up with this? You don't have to drink any of the drinks in a specific order. As long as you drink at least one of cocktail, whiskey, sake, and beer every night you're able to.. making sure that you drink each full drink (Vincent will say .. Empty? once this is done) all the way up to Night 8 and you will be sure to get this. I just got all 4 achievements in 5 minutes, on my first playthrough, so I can vouch for this.

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