You Don't Have To Go Home... Achievement

  • You Don't Have To Go Home...



    Stay in the bar until all the other customers leave.

    This is an easy achievement to miss if you're not careful. It will unlock at the end of the 5th Day if you stay in the Stray Sheep after everyone else has left, and do not leave early. To pass the time, speak to everyone at the bar twice then take a seat at the booth with Vincent's friends. Now speak with each of your friends until they decide to leave. There will be an option for you to stay or leave with them, select "Be careful.." and this will unlock. This can be done on other days too such the 8th Day.

  • They should've made this secret, in my opinion.
  • Hell with that! The less the secret achievements in the game the better! I hate it when some games have lots or even more secret achievements in them then visible ones. >:(
  • @2 I agree, only story related achievement should be secret. Making an achievement secret for the sake of being secret is just annoying.
  • .....but you can't stay here....
  • @3 Exactly! By keeping at least some of the more story spoiling achievements secret then looking at the list before you start the game will be spoiler-free, but making crap like 'collect all of 'these'' or 'do 'this' a certain amount of times' into secret cheevs is a pain.
  • @4 Nice Semisonic reference...
  • I'm on the fourth day and havent been able to stay to the last yet because Catherine is always there, is there a specific night I need to do this on?
  • Got mine on the 5th night. (Not to be confused with the 5th stage... But before going to sleep for the 6th stage)
  • thanks, same here my cheevo just popped for this.
  • Yup 5th night, lie to Catherine that your sick and she will leave. Everyone else will leave on their own. Only Boss and Erika should be left.

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