Altar Conquered! Achievement

  • Altar Conquered!



    Complete Stage 1 of Babel.


    This achievement is unlocked through the Babel gameplay mode, by completing the first stage: Altar. Babel's block placement is completely randomized, making strategies very difficult to create here. The stages on Altar are dominated by White Blocks, Heavy Blocks, and Cracked Blocks placed in awkward patterns commonly interspersed with gaps from Cracked Blocks breaking. You must reach 150 steps to complete it. This Babel stage can also be played in Pairs which should significantly make it easier for you. If playing in Pairs, 106 steps are needed to complete it. For an in-depth strategy of each Babel Stage click HERE.

  • Anyone have any advice for this. Ive made it to around 130-140 steps but typically mess up around there. Is it all random or is there a chance for possible walkthrough. Also does anyone know how high you have to get to complete the stage?
  • @1 - There's 150 steps and the layout is randomized. You can watch a video in the Achievement Guide on the forum for some tips.
  • This goddamn hard. Harder than getting the golden child achievement....
  • Beat it today :D.. Really great tip I read somewhere (probably here) is to try to not break the original structure of the tower or it gets much harder.
  • Just stay calm and try to cover up as many cracked blocks
  • tried this yesterday i cant seem to get higher then 80 steps videos are not helping anyone have a list of the techniques you get from the game or better yet techniques they found out the game doesnt tell you?
  • My best is 113 so far. Same stuff though... create a path to last should you need to go back down, It wouldn't hurt to note down tips you're given throughout the game's main story, be sure to avoid Cracked blocks as much as possible (covering them is not a bad idea), and breaking the original structure can be a death sentence... you have a smaller and smaller amount of blocks as the levels of Babel progress, even in Altar are you tempting your luck with a shove. Move blocks with just the slightest bit of caution.
  • Just keep climbing, just keep climbing.
  • Let me know if anyone wants to try to get this in pairs. Send me a message. GT: Zhao86

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