Menhir Conquered! Achievement

  • Menhir Conquered!



    Complete Stage 2 of Babel.


    This achievement is unlocked through the Babel gameplay mode, by completing the second stage: Menhir. Babel's block placement is completely randomized, making strategies very difficult to create. The stages tend to have numerous Trap Blocks and can be as narrow as three blocks wide, requiring rapid movement and quick thinking to survive all 187 steps. This Babel stage can also be played in Pairs which should significantly make it easier for you. If playing in Pairs, 130 steps are needed to complete it. For an in-depth strategy of each Babel Stage click HERE.

  • All of these Babels are usually random, and some points of the puzzle do have similarities (Ex. Altar around 50ish floor has the walls with rows of Broken Blocks/Normal Blocks, Menhir has "T" formations around 60ish and 100ish Blocks). But the main reason I'm writing this is for a hopeful strategy everyone can try and use to succeed (at least on this Stage). I like to call it the "1-Block-Push" Technique, when you reach around 100ish blocks and you start to see the "T" formations, start pushing out the sides and push the middle block last to collapse all the blocks before you. When there is one block left, climb on it and await the next row and push the center block to collapse everything again until one block is left in front again, climb up and repeat. I will admit it was LUCK that I
  • beat Menhir because I was very close a few times from the floor collapsing below me and a few Unpushable Blocks ruined it around 140, but if you're struggling and really can't see a good path to make yourself reach the top, give it a shot. I was very lucky that the Goal was to the right of the block I was standing on, when it connected to the edge of the block I was on it was an easy jump and done. I really hope this helps at least here. Whether it can be successful on the others, highly doubtful but worth a shot (least I'll keep trying). Have fun and keep climbing!

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