Taking on the Gods Achievement

  • Taking on the Gods



    Unlock Axis Mundi by earning all Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard.


    This achievement is only available while playing Golden Playhouse mode on Normal or Hard difficulty. It will unlock if you obtain all 9 Gold Prizes on each Nightmare stage be it on Normal or Hard. Best to do it on Normal for this one to get you ready for The Golden Child. In order to get a gold prize for a stage you must get a gold trophy on every floor of that stage. Some stages only have one floor so those are easier but some stages have up to 6 floors like Stage 9. To get the gold prize you basically have to:

    • Never lose your Step Chain (multiplier)
    • Collect all Enigma coins
    • Don't use any checkpoints, start from beginning to finish

    Normal difficulty isn't too bad. You are permitted to undo any mistakes by pressing and interestingly, you can press it to get your chain back up if you're about to lose it! Use your terrain to your advantage and techniques given to you at the Landings to finish the stages in a timely manner. You can replay stages from you cell phone by going to AWARDS. If you are ever stuck on a puzzle at some point there's a video walkthrough you can replicate by clicking HERE. Let it be noted that this achievement can also be unlocked by gold prizing all stages on Hard difficulty and stacks with The Golden Child. Good Luck!

  • You're better off getting them on Hard, as you'll get "The Golden Child" as well, saving you having to get all gold twice. Difficult, but doable, 130G total.
  • Agreed with #1... I wasted a lot of time trying to get perfects on Normal, if you plan on getting both, would suggest just attacking the hards as well

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