A God is Born! Achievement

  • A God is Born!



    Conquer the final stage of Babel.


    This achievement is unlocked through the Babel gameplay mode, by completing the fourth stage: Axis Mundi. Babel's block placement is completely randomized, making strategies very difficult to create. This is absolutely the most outrageously difficult puzzle in the game. White, Vortex, and Cracked block types are all present here, but Vortex Blocks are the main threat. The blocks are often arranged in highly complex patterns, making it easy to collapse most of the tower just by moving the wrong block at the wrong time. Extensive mastery of the "Edge" mechanic is a necessity if you are to reach 300 steps. This Babel stage can also be played in Pairs which should significantly make it easier for you. If playing in Pairs, 168 steps are needed to complete it. The North American version of Axis Mundi is said to be "broken" and impossible to complete due to the unviable block drops so Pairs Mode is strongly recommended. For an in-depth strategy of each Babel Stage click HERE. If you somehow manage to do this not only will you unlock this achievement but also a special video from Trisha!

  • Babel?
  • you unlock babel after you beat 5 stages with a gold prize at the end. The more gold prizes you get, the more levels/stages of babel you unlock. Its a royal pain.....
  • This game is not mighty enough to defeat a god like myself!
  • Goddamn!? 300 hundred steps?! No one's beaten this in Single mode, not even close :/ (Exactly how much easier is it in pair mode seeing as plenty of people have beaten it in that mode?)
  • The answer is: Pairs mode is so much easier that it's hard to believe. I am god now!
  • This one totally suck.I don't know why this don't have online pairs mode.
  • Got it on PAIRS mode.There only 168 steps which is waay much easier than solo. Everyone saying that Single player mode is broken or glitch. ATLUS probably gonna fix it asap I think. Good luck guys.
  • When you guys do pairs do you actually have a friend help or do you just switch controllers lol. Babel is hell just got this one to do and Obelisk.
  • Anyone know if the single player mode has been fixed???
  • I'm curious about that too...I'd like to try and solo all 4 levels (i've seen it done on youtube in japanese though), but I don't want to waste my time if it's literally glitched and bugged...I do understand this game is VERY hard though!
  • Pairs is the way to go.. I've tried solo but no luck.. and the leaderboards show no one has reached the goal solo. I'm just glad I got my full completion :-)
  • Babel in Pairs is at max, 192 steps, but you'll probably see the goal somewhere between 150-170. Solo is still impossible and it'll likely never be fixed. I'm trying to get it now and I've gotten as far as 141, and I should get it eventually.

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