The Golden Child Achievement

  • The Golden Child



    Earn Gold Prizes on all Hard difficulty stages.

    This achievement is only available while playing Golden Playhouse mode on Hard difficulty. It will unlock if you obtain all 9 Gold Prizes on all of the 9 Nightmare stages. In order to get a gold prize for a stage you must get the gold trophy for every floor of that Stage. This is the hardest achievement in the game(outside of Babel) because the puzzles now give you:

    • Less Time
    • Different Block layout than before 
    • You'll need to use more advanced techniques a lot earlier compared? to Normal difficulty.
    • Bonus Point has no multiplier, meaning you need to work fast and get all Enigma coins to keep your Gold Rank Score constant until you beat the whole stage.

    To help prepare yourself, save this achievement for last to get yourself some experience with the game. To get a gold prize you pretty much have to:

    • Never lose your Step Chain(Multiplier)
    • Collect all Enigma Coins
    • Never use checkpoints, start from beginning to finish

    Be sure to study each puzzle closely and find the quickest way to the top, you'll need wits and quick thinking for this. Remember, these puzzles can be memorized unlike the Babel Stages, they're always the same layout. Boss and Stage dynamics will be the most difficult aspect of obtaining gold prizes for each stage. Once you feel that you have the skills and techniques to complete all 9 Stages on Hard start a New Game on Hard or load up a save from Golden Playhouse and replay the Stages from your cell phone under AWARDS. Just be sure to switch difficulty to Hard from the pause menu before attempting if you haven't already. Be forewarned, Hard difficulty can get extremely frustrating, especially the later spheres of Stage 9 which are absurdly hard!

    Here are some additional tips:

    • You can finish every stage via replay(from your cell phone) and get the achievement, but only while at the Stray Sheep. I strongly suggest you do stage 1 and 2 this way because can get drunk at the bar for faster speed.
    • Each level has a low margin of error and I believe each level has a maximum score.
    • The buffer between Silver and Gold Prize is very low. Something like 7,000 or so points. Failing to keep a combo in the middle could easily result in getting 20,000+ less points.
    • I only suggest playing Stage 9 via Golden Playhouse. When you play via Golden Playhouse you have limited retries but you can save. Saving will be more helpful since silver can be corrected but retries might make it extremely hard. You can always lower the difficulty to rack up saves via Golden Playhouse though.

    You can also follow the video guide located HERE by trying to replicate the Hard Stage runs. Good Luck!

  • This is impossible!
  • God damn right it is.
  • ugh......They can't be serious. I guess the achievement title really fits becauce whoever can 100% this game truly is the "Golden Child"
  • What daaaa...
  • I just got this achievement during my first playthrough. You guys must really suck.
  • all I'm wondering does normal and hard stack? I dont think so since hard is different by removing and making some block immovable. so if I do hard gold achievement will I get normal too?
  • #5 Don't be cruel. All the gaming sites that gave this a review said this was going to be hard. Even gameinformer gave this game a 7 instead of a 9 just because the game was so hard. I myself have yet to play the full game but i can tell from the demo alone that it's not a easy game. I doubt you got the achievement on your first try, but if you did... congrats, nice job, well done, but don't go around telling people they suck because they can't get the best score on all the levels on HARD. It just makes you look like a dick.
  • @7 The person is a dick. Only a dick would make such a comment. Anyway, I knew I wasn't going to 100% this game from the get-go, just hope I can get the majority of the cheevs and most importantly get to view all the endings.
  • @5 does NOT have this achievement so he's just moron
  • their is no way @5 has this achievement the game just came out on tuesday so thats a load and hes just a hackin little shit
  • Now now, there is a way to do this achievement even if you're not the best at picking apart hard mode's puzzles. The Japanese version came out several months before the US version did, and withe that there's a level by level guide that can help you knock out to what seems like an impossible achievement. I'll get you started: Tips on how to use these video guides: -Pause it every time he does ONE move. Hard mode is heavy on timing so wasting time or improvising can cost you the gold. Remember that you can use the space bar or a left click to quickly pause or resume a video. -Imitate. Monkey see, monkey do. Do it exactly as how it is shown, and with time, patience, and persistence you'll knock out the gold. Also note that there is a guide for each ra
  • (Continued from where it cut out) *Also note that there is a guide for each range of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard). If you get full gold on any of the three difficulties, you can SKIP levels that require you to ascend. This is essential toward unlocking all 8 endings for the achievement, "Dreams Come True" ( Good luck and happy hunting! Watch and copy at your own pace. But you'll be successful if you copy it exactly. I hope I helped.
  • Also dont forget, when your little bonus time thingy is about to run out. Quickly grab a random block and move it. Hit your undo button and it puts the block back, but resets your bonus time meter back to full. So you dont really need to power speed through it to get a perfect score. Take your time and remember the undo button is your best friend in this case. Im on stage 5 of hard working towards this achievement and it hasnt failed me yet. But if you die, start from the beginning and build it up again. If you start at a checkpoint you loose all your bonus. Hope this helps.
  • This is really tough but I highly recommend this walkthrough from this guy He has them all posted for all difficulty levels. It can be frustrating even with the walkthrough.
  • What if you were do use the very easy "cheat". As in, starting a story mode on hard difficulty, then going back to the main menu and holding the back button which switches it to very easy. Would that affect the achievement to activate very easy mode? If you check the save level awards afterward, it still shows the original difficulty even if very is turned on.
  • The walk through really helps alot. I am about 1/2 way through this achievement and it is very time consuming. Pause and the undo button are your two best friends. You need to pretty much get all the money piles and get a perfect score without dying and using a checkpoint. The undo button will buy you more time on your speed bonus too. And i cant confirm if this is true or not, so any clarification would be much appreciated. But from what I have heard, if you dont use any items to clear the stage, you get a better score, but as of now I dont know if that holds any truth or not.
  • @Dark Draddo- are you sure you're playing this on hard mode? Undo button is disabled in hard mode, at least it is for me. In normal mode I can confirm that undo will reset the time on your speed bonus. Using items won't lower your score, buying them will(since your paying with your score, literally). Anyways I'm up to the final stage before I get this achievement. I'm sure I died well over 300 times.
  • @16 and 17: I can't say that I've checked, but the first time I beat the game was on Easy, and during the tutorial level, the underground cemetary, the game clearly states that the Undo action is an EASY MODE feature, not a Normal or Hard. And one of you has claimed it exists in hard mode, and the other in normal mode. Yet, the game itself says it's an Easy Mode feature. Check your difficulties just to be safe.
  • Consider yourselves lucky. In the JP ver. the Hard mode chain meter depletes 50% faster. JP > NA
  • I don't care, I'm the Golden Child~ Now if only the Babel stages weren't so damn hard >____>
  • I can confirm that: -Easy and Normal have undo buttons -Hard does not have undo button -Undo trick to reset the combo meter works -Using youtube videos to copy gold runs works as campaign levels don't change layout (except the last level due to the random blocks) -Tower of Babel cannot be copied from youtube because the layout changes and is random -Difficulties do not stack for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies on nightmare levels -New games carry over all trophies for all difficulties as well as the levels you completed in Rapunzel -You can however change difficulties at any time in the bar -If you've beaten the game at least once and on a new game, you can check your phone and replay any level with infinite lives -You can also change difficulties and replay any level on an
  • Continued from above -You can also change difficulties and replay any level on another difficulty regardless of what difficulty it was beaten on -If you change difficulties it just sets all trophies to bronze for any levels you haven't played yet. Fastest way to beat game is to turn on very easy mode and play through once on easy. Very easy makes it simple to gold trophy the levels so that you can just skip all nightmares and beat campaign and skip all nightmares (takes like 30 minutes) to get all the endings. All achievements can be obtained on easy except for the Tower of Babel achievements and the Golden Child achievement Then you can just load one more new game on a higher difficulty and even from the first day bar tutorial, you can replay and try all nightmare levels on the n
  • does any on know what the scores are you need to get gold, or at lest where i can find them?
  • Finding out what score you need to get isn't going to help you much with this. Generally doing a perfect run(never messing up the step counter from start to finish) will net you a gold prize. Sometimes you'll have to get a few of the coins as well, which generally shouldn't be too hard as some coins are right there for the taking. The important thing is knowing when not to waste time going for coins that are just too far out of the way and will reset your step counter. Don't sweat getting a silver prize on one level as long as you've got a perfect run on it, since you can make up for it in the next levels.
  • The walkthough posted by #11 is essential! Even with that, buy yourself a ton of patience! :-) It took me like 3 hours to get through Stage 5. Also, this is fairly obvious, but make sure you have your 3 drinks before trying this. I didn't notice that the save I was using didn't have the drink meter up, so I did Stage 2 without the speed boost. :-( I guess if you're up for an extra challenge, go for it. lol I wasn't and that sucked.
  • If you do go without a walkthrough, my advice to you...practice makes perfect. This is not an easy feat and some practice...along with retrys, via your phone...shall make you the Golden Child.
  • I attempted to gold 3-1 after successfully completing a gold medal on level one and two. Half an hour later I punched myself in the balls as hard as I could
  • I just got this last night. The youtube videos are great for the non boss stages (and some of the earlier boss ones). I found that the final two stages I had to do on my own... practice makes perfect and just remember you dont need to collect all the coins necessarily for a gold rating. THe last stage took me about two hours of attempts before I was able to get it right since the monster blocks kept messing up my plan of attack.
  • Yeah finally got it!
  • Working on this now...the butt monster was HELL!
  • Finished!
  • All I know is the undo button is allowed on normal difficulty, but I don't know if you can use it on hard mode

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