Past a Heap of Puzzles Achievement

  • Past a Heap of Puzzles



    Beat Stage 64 of Rapunzel.

    This achievement is obtained through the arcade game Rapunzel, playable in the Stray Sheep during the day. It will unlock once you have beaten the first 64 stages of the game; full maps, videos and strategies can be found HERE. Each night you are allowed three plays, but once you finish the game, 'Free Play' is unlocked, where you have unlimited plays.

  • The picture looks like Grunty.. And 64? And puzzles?????
  • 'Rapunzel' is an arcade cabinet game you can play as the main character while he's in the pizza place him and his friends usually hang out at.
  • Here is a link to video solutions on solving all 64 stages:
  • @3 Thanks for the link! Saved me some frustration!
  • Wow, I made it through 42 stages before I saw that video. Really wish I could have seen that around stage 20 or so.....Lots of headaches and frustration.
  • Lol thank goodness for #3 I made it to 22 and was about to say fcuk this there's 64 thank u thank u thank u
  • If I die holding three rosaries do I have to end the game with all four in my hand or can I simply start over on lvl 62 and get the one I missed and finish it out?
  • You need to have all four in one sitting. Finish the story so you get Free Play first. Makes it easier.
  • Do I have to do all 64 stages in one go or can I leave and come back?
  • @3 thz so much
  • All this for 10g? Come on -_-
  • I forgot to mention to #9, you don't have to do this in one go or even one playthrough. As long as you complete the game and start a new one, your stage progress will carry over to that new save. I was worried that I wasn't going to have enough credits to beat the last stage, but I completed it with 0 credits left, so I couldn't play the extras, but now I can in my new playthrough AND I have unlimited tries.. so I don't have to worry about not having enough quarters. As others suggested, use to help you through each stage. It's time consuming but it really helps to get you gold on HARD nightmare stages. Good luck!

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