A Mystery Within a Puzzle Achievement

  • A Mystery Within a Puzzle



    Uncover the truth behind Rapunzel.

    This achievement can be unlocked after starting Extra Stage 1 when playing the Rapunzel arcade game at the Stray Sheep tavern. Extra Stage 1 is unlocked by inputting a cheat code at Rapunzel's title screen after you complete Stage 64 in Rapunzel. The code is only given to you after you have collected all 4 rosaries, and when you have completed stage 64. So if you missed any rosaries, you have to go back and get them because the code will not work before then. This will unlock the true ending, and allow you to go for the Extra 64 stages. And once again, there are 4 rosaries in the Extra stages, which will unlock the true ending. If you don't collect the rosaries, you get the bad ending for both regular and extra stages.
    Once you enter the code the main menu color will change to purple. Press then to start the new chapter. This will unlock once Extra Stage 1 starts. Rapunzel stages can get incredibly deep, so you may want to visit the video guide HERE if you ever get stuck on a puzzle.

    Code: (at title screen)

  • Anyone know how to get this?
  • From what I have checked out you have to do all 64 stages, and then do the 64 bonus stages as well. But I can not confirm this just yet, as I am still working on it. I will update once I find out.
  • When you beat the first 64 it gives you a code to input at the title menu, (up, down,down,up,up,up,down,down,down,down,right)and then you can access the bonus stages. Once you start the first level you will get this achievement.
  • @1: What Okami Dono said, but you MUST beat the first 64 levels to even be able to enter that code and even then you can only do it if there's a heart displayed on the title screen of the Rapunzel game.
  • Do I have to beat the last 12 levels all on one life, so I end it with all four rosaries in my pocket?
  • No. Just one session. You have to do the 12 levels without exiting Rapunzel.
  • The stages with the rosaries in them are 52, 56, 60, and 64. Although I doubt it, I'm going to try to select just those stages and see if I can get them that, because it would be much easier and a lot less time consuming. I'm going to go do this now and then update this with my result.
  • Ahh! Good news! I just finished beating all four stages that have the rosaries (52, 56, 60, and 64) and only did so by choosing each separate stage at the menu. This saved me a lot of time because I didn't have to go through any of the additional stages between those four. As you can see http://i.imgur.com/afQqzbb.jpg I have all four rosaries just by this process so this is proof you don't have to play all the levels over again, just 52, 56, 60, and 64. Good luck!

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