Cheers To You! Achievement

  • Cheers To You!



    Unlock all other Achievements!


    This is unlocked by obtaining every other achievement in the game. Once the other 49 achievements are unlocked this will unlock next and thus your 1000 for this game. This may take several seconds to pop once your 49th achievement is unlocked.

  • Its like a platnium trophie but its a achievement.
  • I like pointless achievements like this one
  • At least this one actually gives you points instead of all others that give 0.
  • This should have given 1 point just to piss people off.
  • Well... at least we all know what will be the platinum for the PS3 lol
  • At least we'll know if anyone is cheating and gets this achievement as anything but last. lol
  • Welp, I won't be getting this one. Way too hard to Gold Prize on all the tower puzzles (at least for me). Also, who knows what some of those secret cheevs will have you do, but i'm sure the one worth 100GS isn't going to be a cake eating contest against Cathrine and Kathrine (though that'd be AWESOME!).
  • Wow, Japanese developers really need to learn how to do proper achievements instead oft these stupid Platinum trophy placeholder achievements. Dynasty Warriors 7 did the same thing.
  • @6, Well if they get it 1 before last it could also be a wrong order 1, I got the 1 for beating F.E.A.R. 3 just before I got the for beating Interval 8, and a few others on other games! @9 That is about the same thought I had when I saw this, but I don't think it is just the Japanese that do this! I don't think I'm going to get this ether!
  • It's not just Japanese developers lol... even in Darksiders (great game btw) there's an achievement called "BFA" that's the same as this
  • Yeah theres no way I'm spending a lot of time getting gold when there's soooooo many other games out there that are better then this one don't get me wrong I like it I spent over 100 hours on Fallout 3 but I don't see myself playing this game that long without having to buy a new xbox 360 cause I would smash mine after about 20 hours playing this puzzle game lol
  • WEEEE I did it
  • WEEEE I did it again (JP 1000G)
  • this game needs a europe release, NOW.
  • Wow KongQuest, that was really fast to get 1,000 on both games in three days...
  • Geez, Babel is kicking my ass. Never gonna get 1000G T_T
  • Done.

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