- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 40 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [2 Recommended]
- Missable achievements: Yes [Ball and Chain (30G), Not Your Enemy (10G), Riddle me this (10G), Too Clever (10G), Old Enough (15G)]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Yes [BFA (10G)]
Chronos: Before the Ashes is an atmospheric RPG that chronicles a hero’s lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil. Grow wiser, stronger and more powerful as you explore the depths of the mysterious labyrinth. But beware, the labyrinth takes a heavy toll – each time your hero dies, they lose a year of their life!
Step 1: Heroic Completionist Run
For your first playthrough of the game, I will suggest starting right on the hardest difficulty. This will allow you to get familiar with all the enemies and their attack patterns, evasion and blocking windows, and the route through the game. While going through this difficulty, you will want to collect every book/scroll (or at least ten for the two achievements), every arcane stone, every weapon, and get all the other miscellaneous exploration achievements out of the way.
Our friends at Achievement Squad made a handy YouTube Walkthrough that will grant you all of the above achievements. If you follow that, you will get all missable, miscellaneous, and story-related achievements and have a general idea of where to go in the story as well. Since this game came out in VR a few years ago, there are plenty of walkthroughs available out there if you get stuck on anything related to normal story progression.
Check the description for A Heroic Feat (80G) for tips on combat and stat point usage.
Step 2: Casual Young Run
Assuming you got all the achievements mentioned above in the first run, the only thing we should have left now is Old Enough (15G) for beating the game at Age 21 or lower, or in other words with three or less deaths. Playing on Casual with all the knowledge we have from the first playthrough above, this should not be too difficult. If you somehow missed anything else, take note of it in the guide below and aim to mop it up here.
Chronos is a pretty serviceable Action-RPG with light Soulslike components. You can certainly tell some of the production value is low due to its transition from a VR game, but with it being a prequel to Remnant: From the Ashes it has a certain charm to it, especially if you played that game first and want to get some easter eggs and background on the world. The achievements aren't too bad despite one requiring the highest difficulty and another requiring beating the game with less than three deaths, but the former will train you to succeed in the latter.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Chronos: Before the Ashes Achievement Guide

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There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Meet the Krell Blacksmith

    The Blacksmith can be found shortly into your adventure after traveling out of Ward 16. Check this section of the Youtube walkthrough for his location. The achievement will unlock as soon as you speak with him, so it is technically missable if you decide to just up and attack him as soon as you see him.
    Note: Be sure not to kill him even after speaking with him and getting this achievement, as he is required for another achievement later on.
  • Acquire the Krell Hammer

    This weapon can be found after solving the water puzzle. You'll come to a bridge with an obvious gem sitting on a pedestal to your right. However, you want to first head left and collect this weapon before grabbing that gem or the door will close. This doesn't lock you out of the achievement as you can always just put the gem back on the pedestal, but it would just waste some time to do so. Check this section of the Youtube walkthrough for its location.
  • Acquire the Labyrinth Scythe

    This weapon first requires a unique item called the Toy Soldier Windup Key, which can be found by going through the mirror and shrinking down into a bookshelf as part of the story (this is where you get the master key). You can find this by following this section of the Youtube walkthrough.
    Much later in the game, by the very last collectible, you will find a small robot which you can use the key on. This will bring it to life and make it walk onto a pressure plate, opening a section of wall to grant you access to the area where the scythe is. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to get the weapon.
  • Acquire the Pan Spear

    This weapon can be found very easily sitting in a room by itself down a ladder from the embalming table with a collectible on it, shortly after the Stone Golem boss once you are in the second world. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find it.
  • Acquire the Krell Shield

    After defeating the Krell Guardian boss, you will now have access to the Master Key and you can find this shield in a newly accessible room just to the right of the Throne Room. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find it.
  • Acquire the Pan Shield

    After defeating the Red Widow boss and grabbing a few more collectibles, you'll fall through a trap door and can find this shield in a room off to the right of the main path. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find it.
  • Upgrade Any Weapon

    To upgrade a weapon, you will need three Dragon Shard items. These are mostly found by killing enemies or inside inscribed boxes, though it is entirely random when an enemy will drop an item. Once you have at least three of them, pause button-menu.png to enter your character menu, then on your weapon screen press button-x.png over the weapon you want to upgrade and confirm with button-a.png to unlock the achievement.
  • Upgrade Any Weapon to Max Level

    To upgrade a weapon to max level, you need 16 regulard Dragon Shards and 8 Rare Dragon Shards. The regular shards are dropped somewhat rarely by regular enemies and found inside inscribed boxes, while the Rare shards will be crafted by combining a normal shard with Dragon Oil, which can also be found inside inscribed boxes or dropped from some of the tougher enemies later in the game. You will have to upgrade the same weapon three times with normal shards first (3, then 5, then 8 shards for each level) and then twice with Rare shards (3, then 5) to max it out.
  • Acquire the Fire Stone

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Acquire the Lightning Stone

    This can be found shortly past the second travel stone you come to in the second world of the game. You will head left from it, then down some stairs next to a locked gate, and to the right at the bottom of the stairs across a bridge. At the end of a bridge is what appears to be a dead end, but walk into it and it will disappear, opening into the room with the stone. Grab it to unlock the achievement. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find it.
  • Acquire the Sun Stone

    This can be found down the stairs to the left of where the giant version of the Krell Guardian and Mirror are. You will return to this area later through the mirror and be the same size at the Guardian for the actual boss battle, but can not fight him here. You will need to have the Master Key to unlock the door across from the bottom of this set of stairs to find the stone and unlock the achievement. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find it.
  • Acquire the Shadow Stone

    This can be found just after the fight with the Pan Guardian boss. A previously locked gate just outside the Throne Room will now be smashed in, allowing you to progress through the garden and down a set of stairs at the back of it where you will find this stone. Grab it to unlock the achievement. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find it.
  • Unlock Your First Trait

    Traits are unlocked during the game's aging system, which means you need to die a few times for this achievement. You start the game at age 18, and the first trait unlocks at age 20, so two deaths is the ticket. I found taking the extra experience trait first very helpful during the Heroic difficulty run. You will continue to unlock traits every 10 years of life, or in other words every ten deaths.
  • Put 30 Attribute Points into Strength

    You will earn traditional experience in the game by defeating enemies, and leveling up will award you with two attribute points per level. When you are young, the strength, agility, and vitality stats will all only require one attribute point to increase while the arcane stat will require three attribute points. As you age, this will slowly reverse with your strength, agility, and vitality stats costing more and the arcane stat costing less over time. Due to this, it is highly advised to increase the former three stats to 30 first before you ever start working on arcane - especially if you die a lot early on.
    Due to the difficulty of the Heroic game mode, it can be tricky if you're bad at the combat and die a lot to get all the stats up to 30 before their costs increase too much, so you may need another partial run on a lower difficulty or do this during your second playthrough if you go that route. All your stats start at 9, so you only need to increase each by 21 to unlock their respective achievements though, so it's not too bad.
  • Put 30 Attribute Points into Agility

    See Strength in Numbers (20G) for more info.
  • Put 30 Attribute Points into Arcane

    See Strength in Numbers (20G) for more info.
  • Put 30 Attribute Points into Vitality

    See Strength in Numbers (20G) for more info.
  • Read 5 Books or Scrolls

    See Well Read (30G) for more info.
  • Read 10 Books or Scrolls

    The YouTube video linked in the Road Map will point out all of the books and scrolls to find in the game. There are actually a total of 16 to find, so you can miss a bunch and still get this achievement, though none of them are permanently missable.
  • Acquire a Dragon Heart

    You will find your first Dragon Heart in the very first area of Krell, straight ahead from the first travel stone. See this section of the Youtube walkthrough for its location.
    These items act as your health potions, but are consumed upon use and will not replenish unless you die. Be very careful of when you use them, as the animation is long and you could get attacked while doing so.
  • Complete the Game on HEROIC

    This is the hardest difficulty in the game, and it is no joke. A short combo from even the most basic of enemies can kill you, and larger enemies hit like trucks. Despite this, I do suggest playing your first playthrough on this difficulty to also unlock A True Adventurer (80G) and get a handle on how the enemies attack and where to go for the story. This will help you in your attempt at the Old Enough (15G) achievement during a second playthrough.
    Combat-wise, you will obviously learn the enemy patterns by trial and error, or you could watch someone play on Youtube first. I'd suggest taking the Sword as your starter weapon and then switching it out for the Spear when you find that during the story. This will give you a long reach and allow you to poke enemies to death and keep them off you. The mage enemies will be one of the biggest threats, so always take them out first by rushing in close and getting off a combo. Larger enemies will take patience, don't try to wear them down quickly, just go through the dance of dodging their slow attacks and getting a few quick hits in before repeating. Sometimes you can hold rt.png to wind up a heavy attack and stagger them, but you risk getting hit while the animation goes.
    Both of the above weapons increase in damage based on your Agility stat, so you can pump a ton of points into that early to ensure you're doing a lot of damage to dispose of enemies quickly - and save all your Rare shards to upgrade these two weapons. Vitality will obviously be a huge help to have more health and defense. I'd suggest you leave your strength fairly low unless you want to use the blunt weapons for some of the bosses, and arcane is only helpful if you rely on using the stone abilities a lot. The stones take a while to charge though, so the usefulness is limited.
    You will likely die a lot during this playthrough, and your age can eventually become a problem, making your character move more slowly and get stunned from big hits. However, your combat skill will likely increase at this point as well. You will gain traits to help offset some of this handicap too. The aging system stops at age 80, but you can continue to level up with experience to gain more stats, so mostly this is just a test of attrition. Eventually you will prevail.
  • Complete the Game on any Difficulty

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Complete the Game on ADVENTURE

    This is the "normal" difficulty option for the game, and stacks with Heroic if you choose to play on that difficulty. I would suggest playing on Heroic for your first playthrough despite its difficulty, as there is a lower difficulty you can choose for a secondary run to combine with Old Enough (15G).
  • BFA



    Unlock Everything

    This achievement should act as the "Platinum Trophy" for the game, unlocking when you have got all 39 other achievements. Unfortunately like many of these types, it is glitched as of the game's release.

Secret achievements

  • Defeat the Krell Guardian

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Pan Guardian

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Labyrinth Guardian

    Story related and can not be missed.
    Note: If you go to Ward 16 prior to fighting this boss, you can unplug one of the patients in the hospital bed to weaken this boss.
  • Defeat the Dreamer

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Stone Golem

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Red Widow

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Travel to Ward 16 by Way of the Mirror

    The "proper" way to do this achievement is to take note of a series of symbols you find when escaping Ward 16 during the game's prologue to use later on. However, this being a guide on the internet, you don't have to have that knowledge for yourself. Instead, check this section of the Youtube walkthrough and copy the symbols to turn the mirror into a teleporter straight into Ward 16, unlocking the achievement once you pass through to the other side.
  • Craft a Krell Mace

    The Krell Mace is crafted by first defeating the Stone Golem and then bringing proof of its defeat to the Blacksmith. As mentioned in the Not Your Enemy (10G) description, be sure you do not kill the Blacksmith or you will not be able to earn this achievement.
  • Acquire the Krell Hidden Weapon

    The Krell Axe is what we're after for this achievement, and it can be found very near to the Krell Shield. Facing the spot on the wall where the shield was, head to the right and through a door and up some stairs to the left to find a dead end with one lit and one unlit torch on the wall. Interact with the unlit torch to fix it and reveal the axe. Grab it to unlock the achievement. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find it.
  • Meet the Pan Flautist

    You will come across this NPC on your travels in the second world of the game, and much like the Blacksmith you want to make sure you don't attack him right away or you won't get the achievement. It unlocks once you speak to him. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough to find him.
  • Solve the Flautist Riddles

    Once you meet the Pan Flautist (see Riddle me this (10G) for this location), you can choose to accept his riddles during the conversation. Answer them with Fire, Cat, and Neither to unlock the achievement and receive his flute. If you chose to attack him first, or answer wrong, you will fight him and lose out on this achievement. See this section of the Youtube walkthrough for this encounter.
  • Complete the Game at age 21 or younger

    For this achievement, you must complete the game with three or less deaths. With the game's aging mechanic, you will advance one year in your life for every death. Because you start the game at age 18, this gives you a maximum of three deaths to complete the entire game to be at or under the age of 21. Obviously playing through the game once first on Heroic difficulty will give you a good idea of the enemy patterns and where to go, and going for this achievement on Casual during a second run will decrease the chance of death with the gained knowledge and skill.
    You will want to make sure you try to only use your Dragon Heart items when absolutely necessary and save them for bosses - these only replenish when you die, so having only three deaths at your disposal these become extremely rare. You get a full health bar when you level up though, so check your experience if your health is somewhat low and try to judge if you can kill a few normal enemies with little trouble to replenish your health before wasting a Dragon Heart.
    While you can technically get this achievement on any difficulty, and combine it with Heroic to get the completion in one playthrough, it would be quite the task.
  • Exchange you Starting Weapon with a Krell Version

    After defeating the Pan Guardian and finding the Shadow Stone, you can find a Krell version of either the sword or hand axe (whatever you chose as your starter weapon) in a small room up the stairs from the door with the crow statues. Follow this section of the Youtube walkthrough for its location. Once you pick it up to swap out your weapon the achievement will unlock.
  • Create a Rare Dragon Shard

    To create a Rare version of the Dragon Shard items, you must combine Dragon Oil with a Dragon Shard. You will find the oil inside inscribed boxes, while the shards will come from those same boxes or dropped by enemies. Once you have one of each, go into your inventory with button-menu.png and press button-x.png on the oil to start the combination process, and confirm with button-a.png on the shard.
  • Open a Dragon Inscribed Box

    You will find your first inscribed box next to one of the first collectibles in the game. See this section of the Youtube walkthrough for its location. Once you have it, go to your inventory with button-menu.png and press button-a.png on it in there to open it and receive an item.
  • Return a Keepsake to the Krell King

    For this achievement, you must find the Locket item near one of the cubes required for the mirror device. You can find its location in this section of the Youtube walkthrough.
    Later on in the game after the Pan Guardian fight and the Worth It (20G) achievement, you will find a locked door that you can interact with to speak to the Krell King. If you don't have the locket, it will just be a normal conversation, otherwise he will ask for it and the achievement will unlock. See this section of the Youtube walkthrough for the door's location.

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