- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 10 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 1-2 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: <1 [only need to complete a handful of levels]
- Missable achievements: None [level select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Claybook is a physics based platforming game. Each level sees you taking control of various shapes (ball, cube, cylinder, and disc) and you're given a mission to do, such as going through all waypoints, moving items around, etc. The majority of achievements are miscellaneous achievements specific to a certain level, so you'll only have to progress far enough to unlock all necessary levels for achievements, and then you don't even have to complete levels. Just load them up and get the achievement in them. Since it's physics based it could be really quick for you or it could be a struggle while you get used to the handling and controls. Either way, it's still a pretty simple and easy game.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
I'd first like to point out that much of the information you'll find on the internet was published about this game during its game preview phase. Since its full retail release, the chapters of levels have been reorganized and level order has been shuffled around. This guide references all of the levels in their order for the retail release.

The first thing you should do is progress by earning 3 stars in some levels. First off, the first book consists of the tutorial and three levels. Get three stars in all of these levels and you'll make great progress. Refer to the "Polished to Perfection" achievement solution for more tips on doing this easily. You need to earn three stars on all levels in a book, and the first book is easiest, so best to do that first.

With the first book done, the second book has some easy levels too. The first one is very simple - just "eat" the chocolate and eat as much of the bridge as possible to get up to 100%. You should be able to get three stars pretty easily in this level. The second level, Cake Rush, is even easier. Just roll through all the waypoints, using rewind as much as you need, and you have to get three stars. The third level is similar to one from the first book. Make small trenches from each tank to the center pit. Push fluid yourself if need be, but 2 stars is enough here. Now on to the fourth level, Cannon Castle. You need to finish this level in one go without rewinding. It's not bad at all though. Refer to "The Great Escape" for a video and tips on how to do this. You'll unavoidably get 3 stars on this level when you get this achievement.

Now you'll have access to all of the levels you need to get all of the miscellaneous achievements. Refer to the guide below for each achievement and which level to get it in.

Claybook is a really simple physics based puzzle game. The levels aren't complicated at all, and the controls and tasks shouldn't leave you very frustrated. The rewind function can be used whenever needed aside from two achievements, making it a pretty casual experience and a pretty easy completion.

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Claybook Achievement Guide

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Go back to where all started. Try to land the rocket, on top of the tower.

    Book 1, Level 1 - Tutorial

    Follow the tutorial through the level like normal until you get to the end with the giant yellow tank. Instead of doing as instructed, turn right and go around the edge of the level to find a rocket. Use to switch to controlling it. Now you've got to fly the rocket to the nearby tower and land on the upper level. Easier said than done though. Controls on the rocket are abysmal. Use to propel yourself but just TAP very very slightly. I can't emphasize that enough. You will definitely send your rocket all over the place initially, but with a little practice you can get up there. Rewind as much as needed, just don't do it in midair or you risk leaving a clone of yourself right in your way. The following video shows this being done.

  • Climb up the stairs and pipe the sweet nectar down to the small pond.

    Book 3, Level 1 - Stampede

    Follow the path around and through the back to the left and you'll find yourself at the base of some steps. Use the cylinder to climb the steps to get to a pool of water. You need to get the water to flow down the stairs and into the small hole near the base of the stairs, filling it with water. This is pretty easy to do, just move slowly and make a trench from the pool up top down the stairs and leading to the pit. The following video shows this being done.

  • It's up there, but you can do it. Mr. Magnet will help you to fill up the container.

    Book 1, Level 2 - Fluid Management

    To unlock this achievement, you have to fill the yellow chalice in the corner with water by using the magnet. From the start of the level, go around the water tank to the back and on the right side will be a magnet on top of a platform. Switch to it with and move back to the water tank in the middle. Hold to magnetize water to yourself (somehow) and you'll also start floating higher and higher. Once you're surrounded by water, continue to hold and float over to the chalice. Once you're above it, release to drop the water into the chalice. If you don't put enough water in (i.e. the achievement doesn't unlock), you can make multiple trips. The following video shows this being done.

  • It's launching day! Locate the vessel and execute tricky landing on the platform.

    Book 3, Level 4 - Tricky Puzzle

    Head straight through the middle of the level and then to the back left corner to find the rocket. Now you need to fly it across the level to a platform above the water. If you thought it was a pain in the tutorial, this flight is even worse. Keep at it and rewind when necessary. The following video shows this being done.

  • Complete all of the chapters in a book.

    Refer to the "Polished to Perfection" achievement solution for more information.

  • Race through the course by using only the disk shape. No rewind allowed.

    Book 4, Level 1 - Rad Racer

    The description here is self explanatory. You start as the disk and can't change shapes. You also can't rewind. Most of the course is very simple. There are only two problematic parts. The first is the blue narrow angled beam. I found it best to let the disk fall on its side right in front, then flip end over end across the beam. Rather than trying to follow the beam straight, then turn left, then turn right, just go at an angle almost straight across the thing. The next tricky part is the sloped curve to the left. This looks a lot more precarious than it actually is. Go slow and you don't actually have to worry about sliding down. There is plenty of friction. The following video shows this being done.

  • Block the river so the channel overflows and fills the pool.

    Book 2, Level 1 - Eating Bridges

    This one is really easy, you'll just have to wait a while. When the level starts, go left and into the pit to find a large ball you can switch to. Go above where you got the ball to the tube angled down toward the ground. Wear a hole into the side of it to make the chocolate pour out down to the ground. It will keep coming and will fill up and eventually overflow into the next part of the level and fill it up too, which is when this achievement will unlock. The following video shows this being done.

  • Sweet, delicious but hollow in the middle. Can you munch all three of them?

    Book 4, Level 2 - Full House

    There are a total of 3 pink-frosted donuts in this level that you need to "eat" with to unlock this achievement. Once you eat an entire one, you'll see "Mmm...donuts..." across the top of the screen. This lets you know you've eaten the entire thing. The only tricky one is the one on its side. Roll up to the top of it to eat it from the top down so you get it all. The video below shows this being done.

  • Complete all chapters in a book with a 3 star score.

    Each book consists of 4 chapters. This can be done in any book but the first one is unsurprisingly the easiest. I will go over each level below.

    Tutorial - it's not possible to complete this with less than 3 stars. Follow the tutorial instructions to reach each waypoint, switching shapes when instructed.

    Fluid Management - there are three pools you have to fill with water: one on the left, one of the right, and one behind the central water tank. For the ones on the left and right, roll your ball up to the side of the tank to create a hole with and the water will flow through the natural ditch in the ground to the pools and fill them. The pool in the back is a little trickier because the ground doesn't have a path for the water to follow and the pool lip is up higher. So go to the edge of the pool and barely wear down the lip with and make a trench to the water tank, then create a hole in it. The water should fill the pool up most of the way without issue, but if you find yourself stuck at 90%+ and it won't increase, try to force liquid from the ground nearby into the pool. Unfortunately if you dug too deep around the pool, you probably won't be able to get the liquid level high enough and you might have to restart unless you can use rewind to build the wall back up a bit.

    Sandbox of Chocolate - this is the most annoying one of the bunch. The goal is to find all of the chocolate around the level and "eat" it with to get rid of it all. Much of the chocolate is small pieces on the ground that you can simply roll over to eat. Those are very straightforward. Then you'll need to switch to the large ball located to the one side of the level, and then you can roll up the path to the chocolate cake up top. Once you're on top of it, carefully eat it evenly so you don't accidentally leave any bits of it behind once you're down through it and fall. Do slow circles around it as you move down through it and it shouldn't be much of a problem though. Once you get to 100%, head to the finish.

    Tree Fort - this is the easiest level of the bunch. Follow the path up and switch to the cube when prompted to finish that section and put it where it should be. Then switch back and go to the cylinder and follow its path to put it where it should be. Then go to the finish point. This description may sound weird but the level is very straightforward once you load it up.

  • Enter the castle and complete without rewinding.

    Book 2, Level 4 - Cannon Castle

    This achievement requires you to complete Cannon Castle without using to rewind. The objective is simple enough - touch all the waypoints around the level - but the thing stopping you is the cannons shooting liquid at you.

    In general, this isn't too bad though. You're using the ball, so it's pretty simple to actually navigate the level itself. As long as you keep moving, you only have to fight against the water cannons once or twice. The following video shows a great path to take to get this pretty easily. It's not immediately obvious in the video, but in the beginning he grinds through the wall in front of him to hit that waypoint from the starting side. The rest is pretty self explanatory. It may take a couple tries but shouldn't take more than that.

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