- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 39 (855 )
- Online: 8 (145 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-25 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Welcome to DiRT 2. If you've ever played a racing game, DiRT 2's 47 achievements shouldn't give you much trouble at all. You only need to play through the game once, along with some quality time on XBOX Live. Any achievements that you happen to miss along the way can still be done by replaying an event.

Difficulty does not affect achievements, so set it to easy, and you'll be able to tear through every race without much effort or challenge. You may wish to increase the difficulty to casual or even serious, because it'll still be a walk in the park, plus you'll earn a little extra cash to buy more cars.

Note that you will occasionally get a notification that you've beaten a 'mission' and get some XP for it. Missions can be ignored because they have nothing to do with the achievements.

Step 1: DiRT Tour
The meat of the game is in the DiRT Tour. This is where you'll be spending most of your time, and where you'll earn most of your achievements. Your main goal here is to place first in every event. By having only this goal in mind, you will unlock 20 unmissable achievements, worth 570, along the way.

The following achievements are the ones you will earn, and the ones you can stop worrying about right now:

  • Dedication
  • Nailed an Event
  • You're The Best, Around!
  • Friends For Life
  • Aren't You Popular!
  • Best Friends Forever!
  • Rookie Coming Through!
  • Pro
  • All-Star
  • Getting A Reputation
  • As Good As It Gets
  • Jet Setter
  • World Tour Winner
  • X Games Champ!
  • In His Footsteps
  • X Games Europe Champ
  • X Games Asia Champ
  • X Games America Champ
  • Showboating
  • For Colin

There are a total of 100 events in the tour (91 regular events, 5 World Tour's, 3 X-Games, and the Colin McRae Challenge). Throwdown's don't count as events, so as soon as you've unlocked all achievements related to throwdowns, you can ignore the rest of them. I was able to reach level 30, and complete all career related achievements aside from the Dedication achievement after 40 events. Should be similar for you depending on which events you do first (rookie, pro, or all-star). Which means you should get ready to grind through the majority of the events.

One very important note here. Make sure you ALWAYS come in 1st place in every race. The reason for this is that there's an achievement for coming 1st on every track. Most pro/all-star events have more than 1 race, so you can win the event without coming 1st on every race. But if you do that, you could miss a track for the You're The Best Around achievement. If that happens, it's very hard to tell which race you've missed. It's similar to missing 1 collectible in a game like Crackdown, and not knowing where it might be. You have an option to restart race if you don't come first. If it's already too late for you, Bullseye281 has a very nice thread that'll help you out HERE.

I also recommend going for The Full Set achievement during the DiRT Tour. This achievement is for driving every vehicle in the game. To make this easy - Instead of just using your favorite cars throughout the entire tour, go to "my rides" and buy a new car (if you can afford it) every time you start an event. The ones you haven't bought yet will be greyed out. Buy and drive one of these for that event. Do this for every car and it'll be easy to keep track. Colored/purchased=driven, grey/not purchased=not driven. You should have more than enough money to have all the cars before you've completed the tour.

You should also be paying attention to throwdowns as you progress. There are 6 achievements related to throwdowns worth 90. You'll occasionally be challenged to a throwdown by a superstar. It's just a one-on-one race with a superstar. Do these as soon as they appear. It seems pretty random when and who will appear. Once you've won 12 throwdowns, you should have unlocked all the throwdown achievements. If you haven't been challenged by a particular star yet, just keep winning events and they should eventually appear.

Don't worry about your level either. By the time you've completed all 100 events, you'll be level 60-70, when the achievements only require you to reach level 30. Just forget XP even exists.

Step 2: Miscellaneous Achievements
There are 13 achievements worth 175 for doing specific goals during races, or in the tour. Take a look at the list below, and view the achievement description for each one. You should be able to figure out what to do on your own. If you're not sure, or you're having trouble, refer to the achievement guide. Keep these in mind while doing the DiRT Tour, and try to get as many as you can there, so that you don't have to do them after you've completed the tour. Easy difficulty is your best friend here.

  • Big Bucks!
  • Gut It Out!
  • Head Over Wheels
  • Gnarly!
  • Keep It Clean!
  • Terminated!
  • Dominated!
  • On The Bubble
  • Gate Crashed!
  • Tourney
  • I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!
  • Dialled In
  • Two Cups One Girl
  • Just Drive!

Step 3: Multiplayer
There are 6 achievements worth 115 to be earned in the multiplayer portion of the game. The first thing you want to do online is the With Great Honor achievement, which is to achieve a cautious impact rating. Your impact rating is the colored icon next to your name. It should be yellow if you're going online for the first time. You want this icon to turn green by doing clean races. You want to do this first because if you just dive right into multiplayer, you'll likely earn a red impact rating, and you'll have to spend more time working your way back up to yellow, before getting to green. Find someone in the achievement trading thread HERE, to help you out in a Jam Session.

Most of the other online achievements require you to play in Pro Tour. You can't make a private match here. You can invite friends to your party, and then you are thrown into a random room with other people, so these will be hard to boost. Just do your best and earn XP until you've hit online level 30. You should be able to get all the online achievements along the way because it takes a little time to reach online level 30.

For the Mix It Up achievement, you need to play in each discipline on Xbox Live at least once. There are only 7/8 disciplines available in the Pro Tour. Play Totality while going for level 30 and you should have 7/8 long before you reach level 30. The last discipline is Gatecrasher, which can only be played in Jam Session. Make or join a gatecrasher game, and then complete it.

Well, that was fun wasn't it? Play a couple of sessions a day, and you'll have 1000 in no time. If you're missing any achievements at this point, refer to the achievement guide or the forums for help.

[x360a would like to thank bs000 for this roadmap]

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Earn those big bucks.

    Earn $999,999 or €666,666. This is not cumulative, so you must have a balance of $999,999 or €666,666 at one time for this to unlock. It wont add up and unlock if you keep spending.
  • Win every event in the DiRT Tour.

    Win every single Career event. Their are 100 total events win every single one of them and this will unlock.
  • Drive every vehicle in the game.

    There are 35 vehicles in the game. You must have driven every single one of them to unlock this. You will need around 5 million dollars to buy them all.

    If you're unsure on what car you haven't driven go to the My Stuff and the Stats page, then go to vehicles and select one, it will show the information about the vehicle. If its all blank then you haven't driven it yet.
  • Win a DiRT Tour event without winning a race.

    They're two ways to get this. First you must find an event that has two races. You must place second place in both races and as long as the driver from the first race that got first does not get first in the second race it will unlock. The second way of doing it is driving with a teammate. Simply trail behind them guarding them from any other driver approaching him. He must get first place in every race that's in the event. Any teammate will do. Your winning position does not matter as long as he is in first place.
  • Roll your vehicle and still win the race.

    Keep car damage on visual only, pick a track with a car that you know will go fast, find a hill or rock, hit it at full speed at an angle and your car should roll. You will most likely get this as time goes on since everyone makes mistakes.

    A lot of the downhill tracks in Croatia are easy to get it on. I've flipped twice without even trying and kept going. Just ram the mountain wall.


  • Finish with Flair! Cross the finish line with no more than two wheels touching the ground.

    This is easy to do and will be obtained in time. If you're in a rush, load up a Baja race and finish it. You will 100% of the time clear the finish line with no wheels touching the ground.
  • Win a DiRT Tour race without crashing.

    Just keep racing smooth and steady, remember the brake is your friend, and always remember to use it on turns. This is easy to do on a rally race, with just you against the clock.
  • Take terminal damage while travelling at over 140mph (225km/h).

    Go to the Utah Events and the select the first race under Pro - Kane Springs Trailer Blazer. Make sure the damage is set to full. Use the BMW Z4M Coupe as it can hit 140 pretty easily.

  • Win an event.

    You'll get this after you win your first event.

  • Win a race at every track in the game (in any game mode).

    This will unlock after completing and coming in first place at every track in the game.

  • Win a domination event, getting the maximum available points.

    You need to select a Domination match. Once in the match, you'll need to complete each section of the race as fast as possible. After holding all the sectors you should have 50 points. Win the race while still holding every sector and this will unlock.
  • Win a Timed Throwdown.

    After a few races in one Region, a driver will offer you a challenge. It will appear under the races and will show his face. Go down to it and select it. If it says its a timed challenge, then you're ready to go. Put the difficulty on easy. The achievement will unlock after you've won the race.
  • Be second to last at each elimination point but go on to win a Last Man Standing race.

    This one can be a little tricky, first select a Last Man Standing event preferably a track you know you're good on and then as soon as it starts get into 7th place wait 20 seconds for the person behind you to be eliminated then quickly jump into 6th place in front of the next guy and let him be eliminated keep doing this until you get to the first place. After he's eliminated you will win and the achievement will be unlocked.

    An easy way to get this is to go to World Tour then go to London, in Rookie races choose King of Battersea, Last Man Standing and on easy difficulty. There's only six competitors so less work to do, and on easy they drive slowly, you'll find it easy to keep yourself one place above elimination.
  • Hit every gate in a Gatecrasher event.

    Select a Gate Crasher event from any region, preferably one you're good at. Take your time on hitting every single yellow box in the road, but be sure to go fast enough. Most of the time I finish with over forty seconds left, so its okay if you miss one - you will have time to back up and hit it.
  • Become true friends with a superstar.

    After a while you will start gaining a relationship with some of the other drivers. Pretty soon you will have the option to go to one of there races or do a throw down against them. Do any of these and you will soon be come true friends with them and it will unlock. Check under My Stuff, Relationships for the status on each driver of what they think about you. If it says they think you're a legend, then you've maxed them out. Do this with every other driver to unlock the achievements below. This cannot be missed.
  • Become true friends with 4 superstars.

    See Friends For Life

  • Become true friends with every superstar.

    See Friends For Life

  • Race in your first DiRT Tour race.

    This cannot be missed. It unlocks after your very first Career race event.

  • Pro



    Win a Pro division event.

    Under each Region to the left you will see Rookie, Pro, All-Star events. Complete a Pro Event and this will unlock.
  • Win an All-Star division event.

    Under each Region to the left you will see Rookie, Pro, All-Star events. Complete an All-Star Event and this will unlock.
  • Win a Throwdown.

    A drivers head will appear under the races in a region after completing numerous races, issuing you a throwdown. Complete this and the achievement will unlock.
  • Win 12 Throwdowns.

    See Piece of Cake and repeat the process twelve total times.

  • Reach Level 15 in the DiRT Tour.

    After every event you will be awarded experience points. This contributes to your level. Complete enough races to get to level 15 and this will unlock.
  • Reach Level 30 in the DiRT Tour.

    See Getting A Reputation. Complete enough races to get the experience for level 30. You should have about half of the events done by now.
  • Beat Travis Pastrana in a Throwdown.

    As I've said before, you will see a head pop up under the races that looks like the one in the achievement tile, his name is Travis Pastrana. Do his throwdown and the achievement will unlock. This will come in time.
  • Beat Ken Block in a Throwdown.

    See Whose Backyard?. Just complete Ken Blocks throwdown it will unlock.

  • Compete in a race in every location.

    This will unlock once you have been to every region and completed an event there. Not all regions are unlocked at the beginning of the game. You have to win events to unlock more regions.
  • Win all the World Tour events.

    World Tour events will be unlocked later into the game. They will be on the right side of the regions map attached to black key chains. There are five total and they cannot be missed.
  • Win all the X Games events.

    The X Games are large posters in the top left of the region map hanging on the wall. You need to be level 24 to unlock the last X Games Event. Once the final X Games event has been completed this will unlock. This cannot be missed.
  • Win 5 Pro Tour races over Xbox LIVE.

    Go to the Multiplayer option then select Xbox Live, then Pro Tour. Come in first in five races and this will unlock. This can be unlocked in Team Race as long as you come in first.
  • Take part in four tournaments.

    When you're in the menus go outside and then go to the News option. Go down to current tournaments and you will see what needs to be completed to be in the tournament. You must complete four of these to unlock this. This will take a while to get since they vary in time on when they change. Sometimes its around 12 hours other times its a week.
  • Famous



    Reach Online Fame Level 15.

    This must be done in Pro Tour, Jam Session will only get you Challenge XP. After every race, whether you win or lose, you will be awarded experience points. Once you get enough to reach level 15 this will unlock. You get more experience for coming in first though, so keep that in mind. Team mode does not get you more XP.
  • Reach Online Fame Level 30.

    Same as Famous. Reach level 30 with enough experience points and this will unlock. This will take a while.
  • Win an Xbox LIVE Pro Tour race against 7 competitors.

    Come in first in an Xbox Live Pro Tour race against 7 other drivers and this will unlock. You will be to be up to snuff to get this. Be wary of the kids who ram as well.
  • Play in every discipline over Xbox LIVE (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

    This can be achieved with friends if you wish in Jam Session. Just create a private match. Play in every kind of game mode. Rally, Beat the clock, etc, and this will unlock.
  • Win 25 Rally races in the DiRT Tour.

    You will get this in time. Win 25 Rally races and this will unlock.

  • Achieve a 'Cautious' impact rating in Multiplayer races (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

    You need to start a jam session, set impact setting to on and race 3-4 races without touching anything at all. It took me three races and my buddy four races, so it varies. Damage and coalition have to be on, you can hit other things, but not other players.
  • Beat Dave Mirra in a Throwdown.

    See Whose Backyard?. Just complete Dave Mirra's throwdown it will unlock.

  • Choose a ghost, download and beat it!

    From the Dirt Tour Map, under any region you will see a button called Time Trial below the normal events. Select that and and select a track then it will have three slots. Click on one that says Empty slot and pick one from the leaderboard near the end of the list. Then select a ghost and press continue. Then just beat it and the achievement will unlock.
  • Win a race using a custom vehicle setup.

    Right before a race you have the option to tweak your car settings unless you turned it off. Change any of the options like lower the ride height and then continue and it will unlock.
  • Win two team events with the same female team-mate.

    You need to win two team events with the same female team driver and this will unlock.

    To do this, go do the Baja California, under the pro races, the first one, Skyjacker and pick Katie Justice as a team mate. Win it and win another with Katie again. For the second one go to London, under the pro races, the first one, Skin Team Rally cross and pick Katie Justice as a team mate.
  • Win X Games Europe.

    The X Games are large posters in the top left of the region map hanging on the wall. This is the first X Games event that will unlock. Select the European one. Once all events are completed and you placed first, this will unlock.
  • Win X Games Asia.

    This is the second X Games event that will unlock around level 18 or 20. Select the Asian X Games poster. Once all events are completed and you placed first this will unlock. This cannot be missed.
  • Win X Games America.

    This is the third and final X Games event must be level 24 to enter. Once all events are completed and you came in first, this will unlock. This cannot be missed.
  • Bask in your success at X Games America.

    This will unlock after the announcer is announcing your name at the final X Games event. You will start doing donuts automatically and this will unlock.

Secret achievements

  • You drove 100 miles (161 kilometres) without unlocking any other achievement.

    This will come in time most likely after you have gotten all of the quick and easy achievements. Just have to drive a cumulative 100 miles without unlocking any other achievement in the process of driving.
  • You've won the Colin McRae Challenge Event.

    About 60% of the way through the game you will unlock a Ford Escort MK 2 and a special Rally event that will be under the world tour events attached to a key chain. Simply complete this event and the achievement is yours.

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