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There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Buster



    Remove more than 20 blocks with one move.

  • Remove more than 30 blocks with one move.

  • Remove more than 40 blocks with one move.

  • Remove all the blocks on the screen.

  • Remove blocks 5 times within 4 seconds.

  • Remove blocks of every color currently in the game in rapid succession.

  • Sniper



    Every click removes blocks.

  • Complete a level when blocks are at the topmost row.

  • Complete a level without using any power-ups.

  • Solve a puzzle with as few clicks as possible.

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Collapse! Achievements FAQ

  • How many Collapse! achievements are there?
    There are 10 achievements to unlock in Collapse! worth a total of 200 gamerscore.

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