- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 5 [1000]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 1-2 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Second controller will make this faster to complete

College Hoops 2K6 is one of the many sports games for the Xbox 360 created by 2K games. In this game, you can play as many different college basketball teams from all over the United States. There are only five achievements in this game, and each one of them is rather simple to earn. This game is perfect to play if you feel like you need a quick completion as it will definitely not take you any longer than two hours to earn every achievement. It is possible to earn all of the achievements during a single game. Note that all achievements unlock at the end of a game, so you will need to finish it in order for obtain the achievements.

For those who are not familiar with basketball terminology, here is a quick reference of definitions from the guide that can be looked at to understand the game and the achievement descriptions:

  • 3-Pointer – This is a shot that is made behind the arc that goes around the basketball court. Making this shot will score you three points, hence the name 3-Pointer.
  • Block – A block is when you deflect the ball while someone on the opposite team is trying to make a shot.
  • Foul Shot – This is a shot that you will take at the foul line if someone fouls you while you are trying to shoot)
  • Points – Different shots are worth different amounts of points. A foul shot is worth one point, a 3-Pointer is worth three points, and any other type of shot is worth two points.
  • Shot – This is where you attempt to get the basketball in the basket.
  • Steal – A steal is when you take the ball from someone on the other team while they have possession of the ball.
  • Rebounds – A rebound is where you catch the ball when someone shoots the ball and misses the basket. You can catch the ball in the air, off the backboard, or off the rim of the basket. There are two different types of rebounds: Offensive Rebounds and Defensive Rebounds. Offensive Rebounds occur when one of your teammates misses the shot, and Defensive Rebounds happen when the opposing team misses the shot.

Step 1: Create a Character
First, you will want to create a character with good stats. Choose 7’6” as his height, and when prompted, make every single stat at 99. This will max out all of his stats, which will make some of the achievements much easier for you to obtain. It does not matter which team the character is on as long as you select the same team when you go to play the game.

Step 2: Play a Game
Choose quick game and choose to play on the same team as the character that you just created. If you have a second controller a available, assign that controller to be the opposing team. I also recommend setting the difficulty to Walk-On difficulty to make it even easier. When the game actually starts, you will want to pause and go to the Options menu. Find the sliders, and then increase the sliders for your team to 100 for 3-pointers, steals, blocks, and rebounds. Then, go to the opponent’s sliders and move them all to 0.

Now, it is time to actually play the game. Start working on the achievements in any order you would like. If you want to know if you have met the requirements for an achievement, you can pause the game at any time and check the stats for your team and players. When you meet the requirements for an achievement, stop working on that particular task and move on to the next one. After the game ends, every achievement that you have fulfilled the requirements for will unlock.

Step 3: Mop-Up:
If you did not earn all of the achievements during the previous game, start another games and work on the achievements that you do not have unlocked yet. Keep checking your progress towards the requirements as you play, and make sure that you finish it so the achievements unlock for you.

College Hoops 2K6 is an easy game that will not take you long to get all of the achievements for; and the created character and the sliders will make it even easier! Hopefully this guide is helpful to you! Enjoy your quick 1000!

[XBA would like to thank Kairi for this roadmap]

College Hoops 2K6 Achievement Guide

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There are 5 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • This was achieved by making 15 3-pointers in a single game

    You need to get 15 3-Pointers for this achievement. I recommend using the tall character that you created for this achievement. Pass the basketball to him when you have control of it, get behind the three point arc on the court, and press to shoot the ball. Your character should make the shot almost every single time. Repeat this 15 times for you achievement. To make this easier, you can move your shooting sliders to 100 for more accuracy.

  • This was achieved by getting 20 steals in a game with any team

    For this achievement, you will need to perform 20 steals total with your team. In order to steal the ball, let the opponent have the ball, and then move the in different directions to knock the ball out of the opponent’s hands. Your steals will be more successful if you move your steal slider to 100 and the opponent’s ball control slider to 0. Keep repeating this until you have the necessary 20 steals.

  • This was achieved by getting 45 total rebounds in a game with any team

    You will need to get 45 rebounds total with your team for this achievement. Both offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds count towards the 45 rebounds needed for the achievement. This achievement will be easier if you move your rebound sliders to 100 and your opponent’s rebound sliders to 0.

    If you have a second controller, there is a method that you can use to get enough rebounds in only a matter of minutes. After the opponent gets the ball, leave them on your side of the basketball court and use your second controller to have the player holding the ball shoot the ball all the way to the other side of the court. One of your players should catch the ball automatically without you having to control them. Repeat this until you have enough rebounds for the achievement to unlock.

  • This was achieved by getting 6 blocks in a game with any player

    You will need to block an opponent’s shot six times with one character for this achievement; I highly recommend using the tall character you created. To make this achievement easier, move your block slider to 100, and move down the opponent’s shooting sliders.

    If you have a second controller, there is a method hat you can sue to make this easier to get. When your second controller has the ball, put your tall character in front of the character with the ball. Press on the second controller to have that character shoot the ball, and then quickly press and hold and on your primary controller to block. This may take a few tries to get the timing down, but it should block your opponent’s shot. Repeat this process 5 more times for the achievement.

  • This was achieved by scoring 40 points in a game with any player

    You should get this achievement while using the method detailed under the “Make 15 3-Ptrs in One Game” achievement since you will score 45 points with the same player in the process of getting that achievement.

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