One Careful Owner Achievement

  • One Careful Owner



    Ensure BMP survives until the end of Monastery.

    Right near the end of the first level you'll come across a tank, as soon as you get into it drive forward and blow the blockage out of the way, shoot at the enemies and a couple of turrets that are firing at you. Proceed further and you'll see your teams chopper shooting at an enemy chopper, shortly after there will be a tank blow that up before it has a chance to shoot you. Carry on until your come to a corner go around and then exit the tank to take care of an enemy with a RPG, after that jump back in and proceed forward keep edging forward whilst peaking around the corner to get a shot at another tank but it sees you. After that there should be not more threat so just carry on the level on foot, the achievement will pop up at the end of the level. 

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