Out Of Sight Achievement

  • Out Of Sight



    Track Atongwe in Diamond Mine without being detected.

    This could be pretty tricky for some and could take a few goes but you should do it eventually. You could also try and go for the 'Your Cousin Dances Naked...' achievement while your doing this. As soon as the mission starts watch Atongwe movement and after a minute or so he should start moving towards the stairs in the far left position from your starting point. After he's entered the cabin with his followers, quickly move towards the cabin and make sure no guard sees you, carry on to the other side and follow him across the compound again with out alerting the guards, enter the building shorty after him and follow him up the stairs slowly, after a conversation with two other people he should go into a room to the left with one other person leaving one person standing out side, kill him with the sniper rifle and then proceed to the door and move inside, kill the guard in here and wait for Atongwe to finish his business on the laptop and the achievement should pop up. 

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