- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 46 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-25 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No
  • DLC: The Foundation
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 195: 4-5 hours
    • Unobtainable/glitched: Yes, "Subterranean Research" is buggy
  • DLC: Altered World Events
    • Difficulty: 4/10 [1/10 when One-Hit Kills and Immortality are enabled]
    • Time to 195: 3-4 hours
    • Unobtainable/glitched: None

Welcome to the Federal Bereau of Control, Director. You play as Jesse Faden in this new action-adventure game brought to you by 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment. To figure out what happened to your brother, Dylan, you must explore the phenomenon that is going on in the Oldest House, the New York headquarters of the FBC. So grab your controller, upgrade your abilities, and hunt down the Objects of Power and annihilate some Hiss.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
As you start your journey into finding out what happened to your brother, Dylan, it's recommended to focus on upgrading a primary and secondary weapon. Focus on Grip first; this weapon is your starter weapon and it can pack a punch when slotted with damage, reload, and after-a-kill damage bonus mods. Your secondary weapon should be Shatter, CONTROL's version of a shotgun. This weapon is crucial when it comes to the Hiss rushing you out of cover, and is a beast when taking down enemy armor. When it comes to upgrading your abilities, focus on HEALTH first then use two personal health mods to raise your health bar and a Seize Accelerator mod to get the enemies to help you in a tight spot. If possible, equip a personal mod that reduces the use of your energy bar as it is shared by Launch, Evade, and Shield. Use Levitate and Evade to your advantage when fully upgraded. When in trouble, don't forget to crouch, stay behind solid cover or for temporary cover. It's okay to back out of a fire fight to evaluate the situation. Never stay in one spot, always keep moving. Try and incorporate Launch into your attacks against armored enemies. Chipping them with weapon attacks will stretch out the gun fight more than it has to.

Do not hoard mods! Once you get a better grade mod, deconstruct the lesser version and duplicates. This way the Paranatural Collection achievement comes sooner. The mods are in these tiers: I - Common, II - Uncommon, III - Rare, IV - Prime, V - Absolute. Don't bother upgrading your Mods in Control Point / Astral Constructs / Mods. Save your materials until your Weapons Forms are completely upgraded. Scavenging for mods and enemy drops are easier and cost you nothing.

After finishing the final mission, you can continue working on those side missions you may have missed, hunt down those hidden locations to max out your abilities, and Board Countermeasures as they are a bit grindy. The areas do respawn the necessary enemies types for you to take them on. With these mop ups, no achievement is considered missable.
The Foundation DLC
As the new Director of the FBC, you are summoned to take care of a situation at The Foundation through a phone call in the Hotline Chamber. Unless some areas are blocked off by Hiss nodes, it's okay to run away from a fight in case your health is too low. With new skills and abilities to use during a fight, take advantage of your environment to pick them off one by one. With new and more power versions of your mods, grab your Service Weapon and solve the mystery around the Nail. Good luck, Director!

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Step 1: Recommended Personal Mod Setup - I highly recommend looking out for a Launch Health Recovery as these are a good addition to the game. This one will also come in handy when tackling the "Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform'" mission when going up against The Third Act Villain. The other two to look out for should be Health and Seize Accelerator mods. Even if the they're low grade, equip them then deconstruct it/them when you obtain better grade ones. The only thing about looking out for these mods are that they're dropped randomly, and you may miss the opportunity on such drops if you run by the enemies.
  • Focus on reload, damage and damage after kill for weapon mods. The main two weapons to focus on are Grip and Shatter. Shatter is perfect when the Sharpened rush you to create some space.
  • Upgrade Health 6, Energy 6 and Shield Rush first. With the new update, the developers have added new abilities for you to upgrade. These will be essential for the new enemies whom have a desire to just rush you relentlessly.
  • Work on finding all of the collectibles, Maneki-nekos and the hidden locations after receiving both Foundation skills (Shape and Fracture). This way when you go hunting for them, you won't hit a roadblock due to a lack of skill needed. Remember that even when claiming all of the collectibles, you must have finished the Foundation story for you to be credited as finding them all as some are given to you automatically by the game when entering new areas and finishing missions.
  • Call in Ranger help when available at the radio network stations if you feel that the situation beforehand is too much for you to handle. I have discovered that if you did not call in a Ranger during your first playthrough that an entire squad of Rangers will join you in the final boss confrontation.
Step 2: Finish the story DLC to unlock all of the collectibles. The DLC will start up after finishing the main game's story so you should be in ENDGAME prior to being assigned this mission. When choosing which Foundation skill to go with first makes no difference as you'll get both as you continue the story DLC. There is a possibility that you'll run into the collectibles bug, meaning that is you can actually kill a new enemy (i.e. Hiss Sharpened) and the game didn't recognize it and not credit it to you as discovering it. This will only affect "Subterranean Research". So please view that particular achievement for more details.
Altered World Events DLC
"Is that THE Alan Wake? The famous writer?" Well, yes, it is, Director Faden. Welcome to the new DLC expansion of Control, players - The AWE DLC. It was released by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. Head to the Investigations Sector as a mysterious person calls for your help there. With a new Service Weapon in tow (the Surge), it's your job to cleanse this part of the Old House of Altered World Events, hunt down vending machines, play some arcade games, and eradicate Hartman as it scared the daylights out of Langston. Now take control and do your job. Or is someone writing your actions...?

Walkthrough: How to approch the new DLC
The DLC will start up after finishing the main game's story; preferably at ENDGAME.

Recommended Setup - A mod setup is not recommended here unless you want to try it legit. For those Control casual players, do yourselves a favor and play as I did on my replay of the DLC. Go to OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY and scroll down to "Immortality" and "One-Hit Kills" - check them on. These options will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to dealing with the Hiss and Hartman. Hence why I gave it a 1/10 with these features on. Don't worry, they won't affect your achievement progression as these are not "true" cheats. These god-like features will help you out on several, if not all, the achievements in the guide.

Remember to take your time in unfamiliar areas, and don't get surrounded by enemies. Running away is a good alternative when health is low as you can pick them off from afar. Good luck, Director!
[XBA would like to thank Redemption Mode for this Roadmap]

Control Ultimate Edition Achievement Guide

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There are 67 achievements with a total of 1390 points

  • Construct a Weapon Form or Mod

    After completing Mission 2, "Unknown Caller", you'll gain access to Astral Constructs at any control point you've cleansed. Here, with the necessary materials, you can either choose Weapon Forms or Mods.
  • Upgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3

    All weapons require different items to fully upgrade to Level 3. Fortunately, you'll only need to fully upgrade just one weapon for this achievement. Example: to fully upgrade Shatter from Level 2 then to Level 3, you'll need a total of 50,000 Source, 40 Entropic Echo, and 30 Remote Thought. These items can be picked up or acquired through defeating enemies, finding them in crates or rewards through Board Countermeasures.
  • Unlock all 3 Personal Mod slots

    To unlock all 3 personal mod slots, you must progress through the main story and side missions, and discover hidden locations as they grant you ability points which you can only upgrade at control points under ABILITIES. You'll need to use 30 ability points to get this achievement. As you upgrade, these milestone rewards will be granted to you: Additional Weapon Form Slot, Additional Personal Mod Slot, Additional Personal Mod Slot. By the time you reach Containment / Panopticon, during the "My Brother's Keeper" main mission, you should have enough abilities points spent to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete 5 Side Missions

    Please see "FBC Crisis Solution Task Force" for more info.
  • Complete 10 Side Missions

    Please see "FBC Crisis Solution Task Force" for more info.
  • Complete 15 Side Missions

    These side missions start to appear as you progress through the story and speaking with named NPCs (ex. Emily Pope, Ahti the Janitor). They are distinguishable from the main missions as they have a diamond with a check inside of them beside the mission's title. Some are related to ability-acquiring missions, other are mission-given. Here is a list of the rundown on the side missions.
    • A Captive Audience
    • A Good Defense
    • What a Mess: Burn the Trash
    • A Matter of Time
    • A Merry Chase
    • Fridge Duty
    • The Enemy Within
    • Old Friends
    • Langston's Runaways
    • Self-Reflection
    • What a Mess: Talk to the Plants
    • What a Mess: Clear the Mold
    • What a Mess: Clear the Clog
    • What a Mess: Even More Mold
    • What a Mess: Take a Break
    • Mr. Tommasi
    • Mold Removal
    • Old Growth
  • Collect more than 100,000 Source

    Source is the game's form of currency. They are represented with the insignia of three triangles. Deconstructing mods will also grant you Source and as well as killing enemies and opening crates. You don't have to have it on you all at once as this is cumulative.
  • Killed 1000 Hiss

    This will come naturally as your progress through the game especially when doing the side missions and Board Countermeasures.
  • Unlock 1 Ability Upgrade

    After completing Mission 2, "Unknown Caller", you'll gain 4 ability points. You can use these points at any control point you've cleased to upgrade your abilities.
  • Spend 50 Ability Points

    To unlock this achievement, you must unlock 22 ability slots. To gain ability points, you must complete main missions and side missions as well as finding hidden locations. Please see "Master Parautilitarian" for more info.
  • Spend 100 Ability Points

    Doing all main and side missions won't be enough to fully max out your abilities; you'll have to hunt down the remaining ability points to reach 100%. The rest of the ability points are in hidden areas and they are granted to you just by discovering the area - no need to collect anything. Some locations require you to have finished Dr. Underhill's side mission "Old Growth" as it provides you with a pill that makes you immune to the toxicity of the Mold-infested areas. It is highly recommended that you seek out these locations around Mission 8. Here are their hidden locations.

  • Obtain the Service Weapon

    Story-related; unmissable

    When entering the Director's Office, you'll enter the Astral Plane when you first learn to melee (). You'll pick up the Service Weapon and this achievement at the end of the tutorial.
  • Obtain the Launch Ability

    Story-related; unmissable

    This one will be obtainable during the second main mission in the game, "Unknown Caller". After interacting with the Floppy Disc, you'll enter the Astral Plane tutorial for the Launch ability.
  • Obtain the Shield Ability

    Story-related; unmissable

    This one can be obtained during the third main mission, "Directorial Override" as it appears as a side mission - "A Good Defense."
  • Obtain the Evade Ability

    Story-related; unmissable

    This one will be obtainable during the "A Merry Chase" side mission in the Janitor's Office area. During the "Directorial Override" main mission, turn left from Ahti's office and into a breakroom. You'll have to cleanse a carousel horse, then you'll enter the Astral Plane for the evade tutorial.
  • Obtain the Seize Ability

    Story-related; unmissable

    This one will be obtainable during the "A Captive Audience" side mission in the Research sector, near the Parapsychology room (Research Sector / Hypnosis Lab). The tutorial will have you seize two enemies to attack the gold enemy. Once done, hold to exit and achievement will unlock.
  • Obtain the Levitate Ability

    Story-related; unmissable

    This skill will be unlocked during the sixth main mission, "My Brother's Keeper". After defeating Salvador and cleasing the TV on the 4th floor in the Containment / Panopticon, an Astral Plane tutorial will start.
  • Cleanse 5 Control Points

    Please see "Discerning the Pattern" for more info.
  • Cleanse 10 Control Points

    Please see "Discerning the Pattern" for more info.
  • Cleanse 25 Control Points

    There are 29 Control Points throughout the game you must cleanse before using for fast travel, Abilities, Astral Constructs, and Board Countermeasures. This one will come naturally as you go further into the game.
    Their locations are:

    Executive - Central Executive, Dead Letters, Mail Room

    Maintenance - Ventilation, NSC Coolant Pumps Entrance, NSC Energy Converters Entrance, NSC Control Room, Atlas Chamber, Quarry Entrance, Black Rock Quarry, Foundation, NSC Power Plant Upper Level, NSC Coolant Pumps Upper Level, NSC Power Plant

    Research - Dimensional Research, Ashtray Maze, Parapsychology, Ritual Division, Active Threshold, The Pit, Central Research, Astral Exhibition

    Containment - Logistics, Transit Corridor, Panopticon, Upper Panopticon, Ordinary AWE, Sealed Threshold Corridor, Sealed Threshold Entrance
  • Collect 40 Collectibles

    Please see "Bureau Archivist" for more info.
  • Collect 80 Collectibles

    Please see "Bureau Archivist" for more info.
  • Collect 120 Collectibles

    There are over 250 collectibles in the game. Some need to be picked up by holding , others will be given to you just by entering a new location. They come in the form of Research & Records, Correspondence, Case Files, Multimedia and Hotline. To help get this achievement out of the way, just follow the video below.

  • Compel 10 enemies with the Seize Ability

    Once you've gained the Seize ability during the "A Captive Audience" side mission, you'll have the ability to turn your enemies against each other. Just lower their health down until you see a prompt. Hold until the circle is full. Do this 9 more times. NOTE: You can also move and position yourself behind cover when doing this to avoid damage.
  • Kill 50 enemies with the Launch Ability

    Once you get the Launch ability, you'll be able to hold , aim at a target then release to fling whichever item you've picked up. Hurting them doesn't count so you have to make sure it kills them as its final blow. Upgrading to Launch 5 in Abilities will help out tremendously. Now repeat 49 more times.
  • Kill 10 enemies with the Shield Burst Ability

    Before you can start on this achievement, you must upgrade your Shield ability up to Shield Barrage. You gain the Shield ability during the "A Good Defense" side mission. When you have enough ability points (6 in total to get to its node), head to a clear point and select ABILITIES. Once upgraded, just hurt the enemy to leave it with as little health as possible. Hold down and run up to them then release. Repeat 9 more times. Remember, it must kill them for it to count.
  • Complete 5 Board Countermeasures

    Please see "Astral Tactician" for more info.
  • Complete 25 Board Countermeasures

    These Board Countermeasures are basically challenges within the game that can be activated at any control point after completing Mission 2, "Unknown Caller". Only 3 can be active at any one time. If you select one and choose to abandon it, another challenge will appear, but the one abandoned will return later. Once done, go to a control point and collect the reward. If you find this achievement a bit taxing, just do this: select a challenge you don't want to take on just yet, abandon it and keep looking for one you can tackle easily. Try to avoid the ones that require you to be in a certain area to complete.
  • Complete 1 Bureau Alert

    Please see "Crisis Management" for more info.
  • Complete 5 Bureau Alerts

    After Mission 3, "Directorial Override", you'll start receiving missions that have a timer of 20 minutes for you to reach and complete. If you happen to fail these missions, you will not be able to try it again until the mission spawns again. They come in the form of Hiss Nodes, Personnel Protection, and Major Targets at any given location that you've discovered so far. Once you've completed the challenge, you'll be rewarded with a handful of goodies. Dying prior to reaching said challenge will result in a failure. These challenges do appear even after getting all 5 alerts for the achievement.
  • Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times

    This one will come naturally as you continue playing the DLC. When you first enter the Astral Plane, you'll have the option to either use Shape (left side) or Fracture (right side). To use Shape, just highlight the makeshift platform then press and hold . To use Fracture, you can just unload on the crystal structures with your Service Weapon. It doesn't matter which one you choose first, you'll be granted the other option later on in the game.
  • Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened

    This one will come naturally as you continue on with the story. The Hiss Sharpened are the shirtless ones carrying pickaxes. These are the easiest to work on for the "Rush Job" achievement. Be cautious though, as they do tend to teleport.
  • Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush

    Before you can tackle this one, you must upgrade Shield Rush in your Abilities skill tree, under SHIELD 1. Four ability points will initially unlock it and you'll need a total of 10 ability points to max out its true damage after the update. Damage an enemy enough so his health is very low, then hold and press to evade right into them. This move must kill them for it to count. Once fully upgraded, you can just hold and wait for your energy bar to refill to use again during a fight with multiple Hiss goons.
  • Find all hidden locations in the Foundation

    There are a total of 10 hidden locations in the DLC. I recommend hunting for them after you've received both Foundation skills (Fracture and Shape). Follow this video for their exact locations:

  • Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation


    There are over 40 collectibles in the DLC and I have complied a list in the video on the ones you need to pick up but not the ones you'd receive automatically by defeating new enemies, entering a new area or through cutscenes which you'll get once you'd beating the story-related DLC. If you are just missing a couple, check the video description for time-stamped collectibles. Here is also a CHECKLIST to follow if you can't figure out which one you're missing.

  • Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies

    After completing "Complete the Ritual in the ...", Emily Pope will arrive at the Nail where you got your Foundation powers. Speak to her and she'll tell you that Rangers are available to help when called on. To call one in, just head to a radio comm station and hold . To get the Ranger to successfully get a kill, lower the enemies' health then let the Ranger kill them. This doesn't have to be done in one Ranger spawn as it is accumulative.

    These Ranger radio network locations are at Cave System (Cave Bridge control point), Warehouse Path (Warehouse control point), Collapsed Department control point, and Lower Crossroads control point.

  • Complete all Missions in the Foundation

    There are a total of 6 missions (not counting the mission's objectives). They're listed below with locations on where to discover them and the others are given to you as you continue with the story.
    • The Foundation
    • The Nail
    • Pope's Collection (Warehouse)
    • The Pyramid
    • Found Footage (Chasm)
    • Jesse Faden starring in "Swift Platform" (Collapsed Department/Transit Access)
  • Find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector

    Although the description states "80%", finding these 5 in-video will net you this achievement.

  • Play a single game in Arcade Mode

    You can find the Shüm arcades in Active Investigations. Only playing either Deadline or Crowd Control will net you this achievement. They consist of these arcade modes:
    • Crowd Control - horde mode until bar is filled up from defeating enemies
    • Crowd Control (Challenge) - same as above but with tougher enemies
    • Deadline - defeating enemies will add 5 seconds to the timer
    • Deadline (challenge) - adds only 3 seconds when killing or seized enemies
    And this arcade unlocks after beating a level in Shüm:

    Shüm 2
    • Former
    • The Anchor
    • Mold-1
    • esseJ
    • Feedback Loop
    • Ashtray Maze
    Note: After beating all arcade modes, you'll receive the Extradimensional Suit.
  • Kill 50 enemies with Surge

    Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge (please see "Surge of Power"). To use Surge for this achievement, shoot it directly onto an enemy or on the ground as they walk past it then press to detonate it. This must kill them. Enabling One-Hit Kills will make this one go super fast. You can grind these in the Shüm arcade mode - Crowd Control (Challenge).
  • Kill 25 Airborne Rangers

    Airborne Rangers are the new Hiss enemies introduced for this DLC. They're very recognizable as they hover, firing at you. They'll start to spawn as you reach Operations Center. Enabling One-Hit Kills will make this one go super fast. You can grind this one in the Shüm arcade mode - Crowd Control (Challenge) if running through the DLC area doesn't spawn them.
  • Find 80% of the Collectibles in the Investigations Sector

    There are quite a few collectibles in the AWE DLC. Majority of them you'd pick up and the other will be given to you by the game as you enter new areas and defeat new enemies. Please follow this CHECKLIST to see if you're missing any. Remember, you don't have to collect them all, just 80% of them.
  • Use Multi-Launch to hit 3 targets

    Initially, Multi-Launch skill is available as soon as you start the DLC. You need 8 skill points to unlock it. To use it, hold when selecting an object then select two additional objects to launch by pressing . Once you've targeted at least three enemies, release . This move doesn't have to kill them but it must hit them for this to register.

    If you have no skill points available, just reset your abilities for 30,000 Source and upgrade all of the Launch skills first to get to this node - Multi-Launch.

Secret achievements

  • You will get access to this side mission during "The Face of the Enemy" main mission. During the "Self-Reflection" side mission in the Mirror Testing room via Synchronicity Lab in the Research Sector, you must solve the puzzle to interact with the Mirror first. The puzzle solution is:

    (Left side as you enter room) Open, closed, closed
    (Right side of room) Open, closed, closed

    Now go in and interact with the Mirror. Be ready for a fight as esseJ has three battle phases:

    Phase 1: At the start of the fight, she is very mobile. So use Launch and Grip attacks. If she gets too close, use Shatter to get her away from you. Use Launch attacks as she flees for cover.

    Phase 2: esseJ will use Shield, and Launch attacks. Use your own Launch attacks to bring down her Shield and unload on her with your Grip.

    Phase 3: esseJ will levitate, use Launch attacks, and use ground slams. Use Launch attacks to throw her off balance as you continue to fire at her with Grip. When she does use ground slam, just evade at the last moment and blast her with Shatter. Alternatively, you can head to the second floor and just pick her off by being behind a pillar. This way, esseJ can't see your Launch attacks coming.

  • Defeat Mold-1

    The "Old Growth" side mission is given to you by Emily Pope during the "The Face of the Enemy" main mission in the Board room (Executive / Central Executive). First you must collect mold samples so that Dr. Underhill can create a pill that immunizes Jesse to the deadly effects of the Mold. Once done, head down the Pit hole with Mold atmosphere; levitate down cautiously and kill the Mold hosts down there. When you reach the deepest part of the Threshold, you'll fight Mold-1. The main area to focus on is its middle tentacle but it does cover it occasionally. So fire at the partially exposed parts on the left and right tentacles. Use the explosive spores with Launch that are located above you (and fall occasionally) for maximum damage. Taking out the side tentacles first will make easy work of this fight.

  • Defeat Mr. Tomassi

    The rematch against Tomassi presents itself during the "Finnish Tango" main mission, as its side mission is given to you by Emily Pope in the Board Room (Executive / Central Executive) where he is located in the Containment Sector, Sterling AWE area. To make this fight easier, just run and lavitate to the very top of the catwalks and widdle his shield down with Pierce with a weapon mod of Pierce Aimed Fire boost (Damage while aiming) and then switch to the Grip to bring his health down. Try to seize the Hiss Distorted to help with the minions who also spawn here.

  • Defeat the Anchor

    After escorting Wells back safely after Horowitz asks for you to look for him during the "A Matter of Time" side mission, he'll notify you that an Altered Item is still loose in the Sealed Threshold Hall area. This will trigger "The Enemy Within" side mission. Head back to the Sealed Threshold Hall and enter the shelter blast door.

    When facing this boss, his attack rotation is 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock (as you enter), 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock. Use the clocks with the red faces first. They inflict a good amount of damage. As you continue hurting it with the small clocks, its rotations will begin to go faster. Weapon attacks will only do mosquito bites of damage so only use Weapon attacks against the Hiss that spawn. Be mindful of Hiss Charged and Hiss Elevated. If you are unable to hit it with a clock as it's charging up its attack, levitate to the next platform to avoid any damage or use Shield to take minimal damage.

  • Defeat Former

    In the Panopticon area, an agent named Phillip has been assign to stare at an Altered Item, Refrigerator. This side mission is called "Fridge Duty". Once you speak to Dylan in the main mission, this side mission will be available to complete. When you head back to speak to Phillip again, he will tell you that only Langston can open the door, head down to Security on Floor 1 in the same sector. Once you enter the room, you'll interact with the fridge and will be teleported to the Astral Plane to fight Former. Watch his leg attacks as it leaves a hole in the floor, leaving a chance for you to fall in, causing death. Try and launch the bubbles it throws at you as soon as it appears from its eye, this will do some damage. Alternate between Weapon attacks and Launch attacks.

  • Complete Mission 1

    Story-related; unmissable

    After cleasing Executive Central in the Executive Sector, a failed Hiss cleansing of a woman, and after speaking with Emily pope, this one will be yours.
  • Complete Mission 2

    Story-related; unmissable

    This mission will take you to Communications Department, the Cafeteria, Dead Letters, the Mail Room, Oceanview Motel, Pneumatics and Hotline Chamber. In this mission, you'll also obtained the Launch ability () during its Astral Plane tutorial. You'll obtain this one after picking up the phone in the Hotline Chamber and after speaking with Emily Pope in the Board Room.
  • Complete Mission 3

    Story-related; unmissable

    During the course of this mission, you'll visit several areas in the Maintenance sector such as the NSC Power Plant, Janitor's Office, Ventilation and NSC Energy Converter Room. Here, you'll also obtain the Shield ability during the "A Good Defense" side mission after repairing the coolant pumps. This achievement will unlock after cleansing the NSC Control Room control point.
  • Complete Mission 4

    Story-related; unmissable

    This mission will take you to the Research sector through Central Research, Parapsychology, Rituals Division, and Protective Studies. Once you've completed the terminal number puzzle when activating the HRA machine, this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete Mission 5

    Story-related; unmissable

    This mission will lead you through Black Rock Processing, back to Oceanview Motel, and the Atlas Chamber where you meet Arish. After leaving the Quarry area with the prism, and speaking with Marshall, this one will unlock.
  • Complete Mission 6

    Story-related, unmissable

    After reaching the Containment / Panopticon sector, on the fourth floor, Cell P6, you'll find out after answering the intercom that Dylan turned himself into the FBC. After the scene concludes, this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete Mission 7

    Story-related; unmissable

    This mission will keep you in the Containment area and will run you through Ordinary Awe, Ordinary Dump, Sterlin Awe, the Turntable area, and the Transit Corridor. When the cut scene finishes in the Mobile Lab in Ordinary Dump, the achievement will unlock.
  • Complete Mission 8

    Story-related; unmissable

    For this mission, you'll be tasked to head to the Firebreak area and into Ashtray Maze, but have to hunt down Ahti the Janitor for advice on how to get past the Maze area. Then you'll have to run through NSC Coolant Pumps, Black Rock Quarry and finally catching up with Ahti. After the cut scene where Ahti gives you the walkman, the achievement will unlock.
  • Complete Mission 9

    Story-related; unmissable

    During this mission, you'll have to make your way through the Ashtray Maze, reach Dimensional Research and the Hedron Chamber. Here, you'll have to battle Hiss on multiple levels as you need to cleanse the satellites on every tier. Once you've cleased the last satellite, head towards Polaris by its highest pillar. Once the cut scene ends, this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete Mission 10

    Story-related; unmissable

    During this mission after the "credits", you'll be tasked to do office work from picking up the coffee cups, delivering mail, scan papers and delivering a letter to the Director. After the cutscene, you'll be prompted to repeat the same tasks again, but this time just do one task then run the letter to the Director's office. A third time now, the tasks will need to be done yet again but this time, same as before, just take the letter to the Director and after the cutscene, head to Executive Affairs, where you'll pull the string three times and it'll send you to the Oceanview Motel once more.

    Back at the Oceanview Motel after the 3 pulls of the string, ring the bell, head to the last room, take the key on the desk and enter the room across the one you've entered. Once in the Astral Plane (all red area), you'll have to levitate from platform to platform, defeating Hiss along the way to make your way to Dylan. You must defeat all Hiss on each platform before the next one is available to traverse. Once the "I'm the Director..." cutscene starts, the achievement will unlock.
  • Use Launch to throw a grenade or rocket

    For this achievement, you must upgrade your Launch ability to Launch Explosives. To do this, go to a control point and access Abilities; you will need 5 ability points to get to its node. All you have to do is pick it up with or catch an RPG while it's in the air. Hiss Troopers and Hiss Demolition Experts are the ones to look out for this opportunity. There's no need to kill with it to get this one.
  • Gather all the Maneki-nekos

    There are a total of 8 Maneki-nekos (cat figurines) to find in "The Foundation" DLC. They consist of tasks such as flipping switches, locating hidden areas and so forth. Follow the video on how to get these felines to get those cutie cat ears. I recommend hunting for them after you've received both Foundation skills (Fracture and Shape) to avoid roadblocks. Once you have collected all 8 cats, head to Collapsed Department control point, head to those long catwalks, and float to the very last lower one. You'll notice the Maneki-nekos there. Enter the room and collect your cat ears. For #3 (1:58 in video), you can stop the elevator when the shaft turns red from the Hiss node to make it easier to melee.

  • Complete the Side Mission "Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform'"

    As you progress through the story, you'll release an Object of Power, a movie camera, from the Evaluation Hall in the Collapsed Department. Take the elevator located in Transit Access, as you'll see the camera on a transport cart. After a failed attempt to cleanse the camera, you'll have to fend off some elevated Hiss and a level 10 Hiss Trooper. Just shield yourself until he gets knocked off by one of the deviders. The Third Act Villian is very similar to Tommasi. Use Launch attacks to knock his shield down then unload on him with Grip. There are times where he lands on your transport - melee him as it uses no energy, and try to throw in a couple of Shatter blasts as well. The perfect opportunity to Launch attack will be when he has debris he's about to toss at you; launch at his debris then launch attack him. The key personal mod to have is a Launch Health Recovery, even if it's low grade.
  • Discover the Astral Plane restroom

    As you progress through the story, you have to head to Data Entry and Filing/Collapsed Department. After clearing out the area of Hiss, you'll head down a long hallway with restrooms to your right. Head into the men's room. Jesse will shout out, "Someone call a plumber!"
  • Fight off Hartman

    When activating the elevator, Hartman will stop the progress of going up as you must connect cores to generators to escape the Darkness and Hartman. Once you speak with Langston on the intercom once you power up the light generators, this achievement will unlock.
  • Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances

    There are quite a few of vending machines in the AWE DLC. Basically, just attack them. If the machine reveals to be altered (random and it'll be glowing red), kill it. Just follow the map below for their locations. If you happen to find them all and the achievement didn't pop, fast travel to the closest control points and re-attack them. Also note that if the lights are on on the machines, the random altered spawn MAY occur. And if this didn't work, close the game out then relaunch it. There are also two more vending machines in the Shifted Passage hidden location (HERE) but the location closes after you've exited the hotel sequence hence why it is not on the map below. The clock code to open said passage is 17716497 (special thanks to YouTube user Kaiser Ryu for this).

  • Defeat Hartman

    This fight takes places in the Bright Falls AWE. Be mindful of the Darkness as it depletes your ability to use launch attacks. To get the fight started, you must connect four light core generators. Initially, you'll drain his health but his second stage adds a shield as he will start knocking off the cores from the generators. You must reconnect them for Hartman to be vulnerable to your attacks.

    If you're having trouble beating Hartman, bring in a Ranger for help and/or enable One-Hit Kills, Immortality. This will save you a huge headache.
  • Upgrade Surge to the maximum level

    Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge. Materials to upgrade it fully are dropped at random by killing enemies, completing missions, and opening crates. When you do have enough materials, head to any control point and head to ASTRAL CONSTRUCTS.
    • Level 1 - 15,000 Source, 1 Shaded Facet, 3 Confiscated Motive, 2 Hidden Trend
    • Level 2 - 20,000 Source, 7 Confiscated Motive, 3 Shaded Facet, 4 Hidden Trend
    • Level 3 - 25,000 Source, 15 Shaded Facet, 9 Hidden Trend, 1 Untapped Potential
  • Attach a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enemy

    Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge (please see "Surge of Power"). From here, just shoot a bench/desk/box with the Surge, it and launch it at an enemy; make sure it hits them for this to count. Also, you don't have to kill them with it for it to register.

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