Creepy Card Shark Achievement in Costume Quest 2

  • Creepy Card Shark



    Tried every Creepy Treat Card in combat

    How to unlock Creepy Card Shark

    Creepy Treat Cards can be collected and used to give significant advantages in battles. Press to open your journal and scroll over to the cards tab to view cards you've collected. There are a total of 45 cards. Up to 3 cards can be equipped to use in a battle, so you can do this 3 at a time. After using a card, there is a cooldown period where you can't use the same card again for several battles.

    Keep note of which cards you've already used in a battle so you don't lose track and use the same cards more than once. If you've reached the end of the game and haven't used every card yet, you can find infinitely respawning enemies in the Dental Compound to help you finish faster.

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  • Just to note, you can run through those you haven't used yet for this achievement pretty quickly by applying them to your next fight, using a different one for each of your turns, letting the enemies take shots at you and blocking, and then just "run" from the fight on your next turn. You don't have to finish the fight, as long as you use the card before you "run" then it will count as being used. :)

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