- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 18 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate time: 4-6 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 1 [Hardcorn Mode]
- Does difficulty affect achievements No
- Do cheats disable achievements: No cheats
- Unobtainable achievements: 0
- Extra equipment needed: None

Costume Quest 2 is a continuation of the story from Costume Quest 1. If you've already played the first game, everything should be very familiar because most of the same game mechanics have returned in the sequel. There appears to be a lot of reused assets as well, so if you were expecting a brand new experience, you may be disappointed. That being said, if you enjoyed the first game, it's safe to say you'll probably enjoy this one as well.

The Costume Quest games are turn-based RPGs. If you haven't played the first game already, I do recommend it. It's a fun game and a pretty easy 200, with an extra 50 for the DLC. It'll also familiarize the story for you.

Story Playthrough:
All the achievements can be done in a single playthrough. There's a few story related achievements, some random tasks such as collecting 4000 candies, and some achievements related to combat. Most of these can be done just playing through the game.

It's unlikely you'll need a guide at all if you're the type to explore everything in your games. None of the worlds areas are particularly big, so it's easy to find everything. A possible exception is Downtown Repugia because it's a little bit maze like. Just be on the lookout for secret paths and areas and you should be fine.

There is one missable achievement in this game - "Hardcorn Mode". This achievement requires you to fight every battle with the Candy Corn costume equipped. Make sure you always have it equipped on one of your party members at all times if you want to avoid multiple playthroughs. Even if you miss it, the game isn't terribly long, but it's still a pretty significant amount of time for just one achievement.

Aside from "Hardcorn Mode", all other achievements can be done even after completing the game. Just quit to main menu, load your save, and you'll be back in the place just before the final encounter. The sewers act as a hub for every area of the game. Use that to go back and finish anything you missed.

[XBA would like to thank bs000 for this Roadmap]

Costume Quest 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Used the Pterodactyl Costume to flap 10 flappy things

    Throughout the game you'll find obstacles, such as piles of leaves or garbage, blocking off some areas. Certain costumes have costume powers. The Pterodactyls power is blowing these obstacles away with it's flappy wings. Equip the Pterodactyl Costume and press to activate its power whenever you see these obstacles. There are a lot more than 10, so as long as you explore every area a bit, this achievement should be easy to get.

    To get the Pterodactyl Costume, you need to find the pattern for it, and the 3 pieces that make up the costume. These 4 items can be found near the beginning of the game in the Lower Bayou and French Quarter areas.

    Pterodactyl Pattern: Find and talk to Bub who is the kid wearing a red devil costume on the path between Lower Bayou and the French Quarter. Equip the Clown Costume if you haven't already and beat him in an instrumental duel to get the pattern.

    Material - Dino Slippers: At the upper portion of the docks in Lower Bayou, there's a houseboat with a chest on top. Go to the left of the house above it to drop down and open the chest.

    Material - Greenish Yellow Fabric: Immediately after the slippers, follow the shoreline to the left until you see a crocodile sleeping in front of a chest. Equip your Clown Costume, press to honk your horn to get it to move and open the chest behind it.

    Material - Paper Mache: Once you're in the French Quarter, go to the building left of the Jazz club. Press to destroy the trash bags. Go through the door and make your way to the roof. Find and open the chest once you're on top.

  • Used the clown horn 1000 times

    The Clown Costume is one of the first costumes you'll get. It's story related so you can't miss it. Once you have it, equip it and press to honk the horn.

    The clown horn is used in a few early quests and also used to scare away crocodiles and pigeons. You'll have used it quite a few times by the time you're done with those. After that, find some spare time whenever and just mash on until it unlocks. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes or so.

  • Bashed 10 Monster Patrols

    Monster patrols are enemies that roam around as you're exploring the open world. Running into a monster patrol will start a battle. To "bash" a Monster Patrol, sneak up behind it and hit them with your bucket () before they notice you. Do this 10 times to unlock the achievement.

    There are far more than 10 of these throughout the game, so it will be hard to miss this achievement. You should always go for the bash anyway since it gives you a small advantage in the form of reduced enemy health to start the battle off.

    If you somehow did not unlock this achievement, there are some areas that have infinitely respawning Monster Patrols. The robots in the Dental Compound will be the easiest to go back to. There is also the island you can reach by taking the boat in the French Quarter.

  • Defeated Kronoculus and his Kronys

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Defeated Ophirion

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Tried on 5 different costumes

    There are 12 costumes in the game, most of which you'll obtain just by playing through the story. Hold to choose and change costumes. Once you've changed into 5 different costumes at least once, you'll unlock the achievement.

  • Collected over 4 thousand candies

    Candy is this games currency. It can be used to buy costume upgrades and Creepy Treat Cards from a shopkeeper named Shady.

    Ways to get candy:

    • Trick-or-Treating!
    • Completing Quests
    • Winning battles
    • Bashing breakable objects
    • Secret Pinatas

    This achievement should come naturally as you play through the game, as long as you collect as much candy as you can from breakable objects throughout the world. If you somehow miss this achievement, there are some Creepy Treat cards that give a boost to the amount of candy you win in battles. Use those at the infinitely respawning Monster Patrols at the Dental compound until you've earned enough candy.

    Also keep in mind that there is a limit to how much candy you can hold at once, so be sure to spend them when you can. You should prioritize the Superhero, Wolfman, and Hot Dog costume upgrades, and Creepy treat cards, because those items are related to other achievements.

    There are 3 hide n' seek side quests for finding kids hiding throughout the game. Completing these quests will upgrade your candy pail, increasing the maximum amount of candy you can hold at one time. See the videos below if you need help finding any of the kid locations.

    Bayou Hide n' Seek Quest Guide | All Kid Locations

    Dystopia Hide n' Seek Quest Guide | All Kid Locations

    Dental Compound Trespassers Quest Guide | All Kid Locations

  • Found the Wolfman

    Before going up the ladder to New Repugia East from the sewers, look to the left of the ladder to find claw marks on the wall. Talk to the NPC named Griff next to them to start the Creepy Cryptid quest.

    This quest requires you to look for more claw marks spread throughout New Repugia East and New Repugia Downtown. Whenever you find a new set of claw marks, your character will say something about it. Equip the Wizard Costume and hold to use its power and reveal the hidden paw prints nearby. The direction the prints go will point you in the direction of the next set of claw marks.

    Go up to New Repugia East and follow the claws and paw prints until you find the last set and your character says "He went back down to the sewers!" Play through the main quest until you reach New Repugia Downtown where you'll find more claw marks to follow. You'll eventually reach a bridge across the rooftop and find the Wolfman hiding behind the door.

    See the video above if you have any trouble finding any of the claw marks. Note that finding the claw marks and following the prints with the Wizard Costume ability is REQUIRED. Simply going to the location of the Wolfman without following the paw prints will NOT give you the costume or achievement.

  • Found the Solar System

    Play through the story until you reach the point where a time portal in the sewer opens, allowing you to freely travel between the past and future.

    Jump through to the past and talk to the NPC next to the portal. Equip the Jefferson costume and use its power to persuade him into giving you the mystery candy. Plant the mystery candy in the pile of dirt just above him.

    Return to the future and find the gardening NPC named Dirtonian in the Dental Compound area. Use the Jefferson costume power on him as well. He wants you to help him remember a movie he saw once. You need to equip costumes related to the hints he gives you.

    Equip the 3 following costumes:

    • Superhero
    • Wolfman
    • Hot dog

    Upgrading these three costumes is also required. Upgrades can be purchased from Shady's secret shop. Once you have them all, talk to Dirtonian until he gives you the fertilizer.

    Next, return to the past and use the fertilizer on the planted seed. Go back to the future again and you'll see it's turned into a massive tree. Go through the research lab stairs and find the entrance into the tree. After ascending to the very top, you'll find the complete Solar System costume in a chest.

  • Got the liberty kids to bust a move

    In the French Quarter area, you'll see two kids dressed as a silver and gold Statue of Liberty in front of the fountain. This is where you need to go to unlock the achievement, however, you can't get it the first time you reach this area near the beginning of the game because you need the Jefferson Costume power.

    The Jefferson Costume is unlocked further in the story at the school in the future. It's required to advance so don't worry about missing it. After you have the costume, play until a time portal to the past is opened in the sewers closer to the end of the game. Go through it and climb the ladder up and back to the French Quarter. Equip the Jefferson Costume and press on either of the liberty kids. They'll start to dance and the achievement will unlock.

  • Completed all quests in the game

    This achievement is for completing the main quest and a series of side quests scattered throughout the game. Side quests aren't very hidden, you should be able to find and activate all of them as long as you take the time to find and talk to every NPC you see while exploring new areas.

    You can freely explore all previous areas even after completing the game, so you don't have to worry too much about completing every quest you get right away.

  • Used every costume special in combat

    Each of the 12 costumes has a powerful special move that can be used in combat. Usually a high damage nuke or a healing ability. You earn some special meter every turn in battles. Once the yellow meter is full, you can press during your turn to use the special for that costume. Special meter is carried over to the next fight, so don't worry if you don't earn enough in a single fight.

    Keep note of which ones you've already used, or just equip each costume as you collect them to help you keep track of which ones you've already used.

    The majority of costumes are story related so they're hard to miss. Some will require you to locate hidden chests in each area. Any time you reach a new area you can buy a map from Shady's shop that will tell you how many costume pieces you've collected or are missing in that area. The Wolfman and Solar System costumes are likely the only ones you'll have any trouble with. See "Cryptzoologist" and "Cosmonaut" for help with those.

    Costume Quest 2 | Lower Bayou & French Quarter | Costume Pieces & Secrets - YouTube

    Costume Quest 2 | Old Auburn Pines | Costume Pieces & Secrets - YouTube

    Costume Quest 2 | New Repugia East | Costume Pieces & Secrets - YouTube

    Costume Quest 2 | New Repugia Downtown | Costume Pieces & Secrets - YouTube

    Costume Quest 2 | Dr. White's Inner Sanctum | Costume Pieces & Secrets - YouTube

  • Tried every Creepy Treat Card in combat

    Creepy Treat Cards can be collected and used to give significant advantages in battles. Press to open your journal and scroll over to the cards tab to view cards you've collected. There are a total of 45 cards. Up to 3 cards can be equipped to use in a battle, so you can do this 3 at a time. After using a card, there is a cooldown period where you can't use the same card again for several battles.

    Keep note of which cards you've already used in a battle so you don't lose track and use the same cards more than once. If you've reached the end of the game and haven't used every card yet, you can find infinitely respawning enemies in the Dental Compound to help you finish faster.

  • Restored the timeline to save Halloween

    Story related and can't be missed.

  • Mastered all combat techniques from Corvus

    As you level up, you'll occasionally get a quest saying you should go visit Corvus to learn new combat techniques. Usually you'll want to go as soon as you can because they'll help you greatly in battles. Corvus can be found at almost any time at Evertt's House in Old Auburn Pines. Get there through the sewers at the bottom left of Monty and his crocodile.

  • Upgraded 3 costumes

    Each costume in the game can be upgraded to become more powerful in combat. Upgrades can be bought with candy from a shopkeeper named Shady. He'll follow you to new areas throughout the game so it's not hard to find him. Buy any 3 upgrades to unlock this achievement.

    I recommend only upgrading the costumes you use the most so that you don't have to spend any more time than you need earning candy. You should also prioritize the Superhero, Wolfman, and Hot Dog upgrades because those are required to unlock the Solar System Costume and "Cosmonaut" achievement.

  • Finished the game having fought every battle with Candy Corn in your party

    For this achievement you need to keep the Candy Corn costume equipped for every battle. The Candy Corn costume is given to you as part of the story very early in the game.

    What makes this achievement somewhat difficult is the fact that the Candy Corn costume cannot fight, and will make a witty remark for its turn instead of attacking. The only thing its really good for is soaking up enemy damage. The brown paint costume upgrade at Shady's shop will further increase its defense, which will most definitely help.

    Another tip to make this easier is to be mindful of weaknesses and resistances. There are icons next to each of your party members and enemies life bars that indicate weaknesses and resistances. Doing a certain type of damage against an enemy weak against it will increase the damage dealt. If they're resistant, they will of course do less damage. Also don't forget to use your Creepy Treat Cards. Some of the more powerful ones can make tough fights super easy.

    Remember to find a fountain to heal after every fight. There's no penalty for losing a battle, so just heal up and try again if you lose. If you ever start a fight and notice you don't have the costume equipped, quit to dashboard immediately before the game autosaves.

  • Collected all Creepy Treat Cards

    Creepy Treat Cards are collectible items that can be collected and used to help you in battles. There are 45 in all. Cards can be collected by finding secret chests throughout each area, rewards for winning battles, completing quests, and sold in Shady's shop.

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