- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 35 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 30-40 hrs
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to Alarm for Cobra 11: Burning Wheels, also known as Crash Time II. The story is about Semir Gerkhan and Ben Jäger, two cops facing a certain number of cases such as doing street races, shadow suspects, pursuit speeders, eliminate bomb threats, and much more.
The game has a set of 35 achievements. All of them are offline achievements and can be unlocked in a single playthrough. Playing through the story will unlock 5 achievements netting you 251 , but you'll probably unlock some more while doing the campaign. The campaign itself isn't too difficult, but some cases might require you to repeat them a couple of times to successfully complete them. Doing all the cases in the campaign, will take about 10 to 15 hours. There are 2 collectible related achievements, Red Herring and Hot Ride. State of Emergency will require a little grinding. None of the achievements are missable.

Step 1: Career (251 )
First things first. From the main menu, select "Career" then "Patrol". As you patrol, cases will become active. You get to choose the difficulty for each mission: Easy, Normal or Hard. Obviously, pick "easy" unless you really want a challenge. Some cases require multiple missions before the case gets fully completed. The game autosaves after each successfully completed mission. If no case gets activated while patrolling, look on the in-game road map to see if there's a place you have to drive to (look for red circles, not red dots!). Doing so, sometimes activates another mission. If this fails, try patrolling in an area ("city" or "autobahn"), but select a car that has a red flag next to it. This can also trigger a mission sometimes.

Doing the campaign will unlock A Good Start (tutorial), Progress (25% of career completed), A Fast Career (50%), Becoming a Legend (75%) and finally Supercop (100%). On your playthrough, try to hit as many cars and objects. You will probably unlock some other achievements as well on your campaign.

Step 2: Racing (160 )
From the menu, select "Single Races". Win a race without causing damage to unlock the Driving on Eggshells achievement. Now, continue racing until you win 50 races in total, which will unlock the Amateur (10 wins) and Pro (50 wins) achievements. Doing races in the stadium takes about 30 seconds per win. Refer to the achievement's description for more information.

Step 3: Crash Time! (160 )
In this step are three achievements to be taken care of. First of all, you'll have to rack up a 1,000,000 of damage in a row to unlock the Running Amok achievement. You can find a video guide here. Then, from the main menu, select "Single Races" again and go for the Insurance Nightmare achievement. For this, you'll have to cause 10,000,000 of damage in a single race. After you've got the achievement, you can "retire", but be sure to save your game. The State of Emergency achievement will take several hours. Expect to set aside at least 10 hours if you're extremely efficient. The fastest way to unlock it, is by repeating the strategy shown in the Running Amok's video guide over and over again.

Step 4: Clean Up (429 )
You may have unlocked some of these achievements while doing steps 1, 2 and 3. If you didn't, use this step to do any remaining achievements.

There are a few achievements that might want you to use a video guide. These are:
- Hot Ride video guide (LINK)
- Red Herring video guide (LINK)

Aside from this one grinding achievement, it is an enjoyable game not difficult to achieve a 100% completion on. I hope the road map has proven to be useful to get the full gamerscore in as less amount of time as possible. Thanks for using it.

[x360a would like to thank Trikke for this Road Map]

Alarm for Cobra 11: Burning Wheels Achievement Guide

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There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Solve the first case.

    See "Super Cop"

  • Achieve 25 % game progress.

    See "Super Cop"

  • Achieve 50 % game progress.

    See "Super Cop"

  • Achieve 75 % game progress.

    See "Super Cop"

  • Achieve 100 % game progress.

    This will come with natural progression, complete all cases. If you're struggling with this just put the case on easy.

  • Turn your car into scrap metal.

    Start at "City precinct" Go to the train station, Hit the train furthest away, This should take you down to around 70% damage. Hit it again to unlock the achievement.

  • Skillfully remove at least 2 wheels.

    Start at "City precinct" Go to the train station, Hit the train furthest away as this is the fastest, This should remove at least 2 wheels. If it doesn't press to reset your vehicle and hit the train again. If it still doesn't remove 2 wheels restart at "City Precinct" to get your vehicle to 0% damage and try again.

  • Collect all parts of the MadCop.


    Collect all parts of the MadCop car. They show up as yellow tires on the road map. Locations and how to get them are HERE.

  • Win 10 single races.

    See "Pro"

  • Pro



    Win 50 single races.

    Select "Single Races" from the "Duty roster" and place first.

    The easiest way to do it is to use the following settings:

    • Nitro booster - On
    • Vehicle Damage - Off
    • Traffic - Off
    • Track Type - Circuits
    • Laps - 1
    • Opponents - 1
    • Opponents Vehicles - Same
    • Strength - Easy

    This shouldn't take too long, if you make a mistakes just start over and keep winning until it unlocks.

  • Reach a speed of 450 kph.

    Use the "Tribun" car. The easiest way to do this is go to the construction bridge on the Autobahn and just Nitro boost over it. This is easier as there is no traffic or select the Autobahn race and select traffic off in settings.

  • Unlock all cars.

    Complete the game including the last cases called "MadCop". You also need to have done the "Tutorial" as this unlocks the courier van.

  • Drive uninterrupted on patrol for 30 minutes.

    This should be done once all the cases are completed. Go on patrol at any location. Once your car spawns, just let it sit there. Make sure you have a wired controller, otherwise once your controller turns off it will pause the game. After 30 minutes the achievement will pop.

  • Find the red herring.

    Spawn by Park near circus in the CITY. Go to the map and you can see a Gas Station a little East from your location, just past the last circus tent. Go there, once you arrive look across the road (North on the map from the new location). There you can see a ramp by a Building. Follow the ramps to the top of the building and you will find the Red Herring.

  • Jump across the bridge construction site.

    Drive along the Autobahn until you find a bridge which is under construction. You need to be going around 280KPH and jump the gap. Land on the other side and it should unlock.

  • Jump into the Rhine, defying death.

    Start at "Harbour quay" and jump into the river. This may take a few attempts to unlock.

  • Fall from a height of at least 30 m.

    Hit a train, This should send you under the map which counts as falling. If this doesn't work, go to the bridge on the Autobahn and jump off it.

  • Jump over a distance of at least 100 m.

    Hit a train which should send you under the map as this also counts as jumping. If it doesn't work, go to the bridge on the Autobahn and jump over it.

  • Drive 50 km using a stick shift.

    Go to "Options" and select transmission to manual. Drive around until the achievement pops up. You don't have to do the shifting as long as you're moving.

  • Destroy 10 opponents.

    You will get this while going through the game. You have to get 10 opponents to 100% damage.

  • Make 100 vehicles explode.

    If you crash into vehicles going 280kph they will explode. Do this 100 times. The fastest way to get this is by crashing into the big trucks as they cause a big enough explosion to sometimes take out cars next to them.

  • Cause damage amounting to 1,000,000 in a row.

    Choose "patrol" in the game menu and spawn as the Tribun at the police station in the city. Drive toward the train station and drive onto the first train track (the train will always spawn there first). Hit the train head on and you should cause 1,000,000 in damage.

  • Cause damage amounting to 10,000,000 in one race.

    Go to "Single Races" on the "Duty Roster" and use the following settings:

    • Nitro - On
    • Damage - Off
    • Traffic - On
    • Track - Circuits
    • Laps - 30
    • Opponents - 7
    • Opponents - Same
    • Strength - Easy

    Just keep crashing into traffic until the achievement unlocks. You can quit out after you have the 10 million, so take it slow and make sure you have enough laps left to get the 10 million.

  • Cause damage amounting to 1,000,000,000.

    Use the same method as "Running Amok". Each time you total your car it's worth 1 million damage, so if you started at ZERO damage it should take 1000 times to get the achievement. Save this as one of your last achievements, I did every other achievement and had about 20 million in damage. Once you get the hang of it, it takes about 2 minutes to get to the train station and cause your car to get totaled. There is a damage counter in the "duty roster" page.

  • Win a race without causing damage.

    Go to "Single Races". Use the following settings:

    • Nitro - Off
    • Damage - Off
    • Traffic - Off
    • Track - Circuits
    • Laps - 1
    • Opponents - 1
    • Opponent Vehicle - Same
    • Strength- Easy.
    • Track - Autobahn, Special Deployment.

    Make sure you don't crash into the opponent and it should be easy.

  • Destroy 1,000 objects.

    You will get this while going through the game. By objects it means things like lamp posts, fences and every other destructible object. Just keep knocking things over until it unlocks.

  • Get airborne 200 times.

    Simple. Go over 200 jumps and it should unlock. Just jump over anything you can until you reach the 200 required times.

  • Honk your horn 1 time.

    Press the button. This is probably the easiest achievement in the game.

  • Drive backwards for 200 m.

    To reverse hold the button. Keep reversing until the achievement unlocks.

  • Be reset 100 times.

    Keep pressing the button until the achievement unlocks.

  • Drive 2 km in the parking garage.

    This is not the garage at the precinct, it is the garage you chase 2 suspect cars in the case "Car thieves". Just drive around in the garage until it unlocks. If you start at "Parking Garage Roof" and drive around there you shouldn't have any problem earning this.

  • Change the scenario 10 times.

    Start at "Autobahn Supermarket" open the road map and drive to Autobahn north. Once there stop inside the red circle and wait for the next area to load. Once it does accelerate and then reverse back into the red circle. Repeat until the achievement unlocks.

  • Drive at 280 kph for 15 seconds.

    I used the Formula C11 car for this. Drive onto the Autobahn and keep going until the achievement unlocks. It may take a few tries due the traffic. Try to find a nice long straight part and just floor it.

  • Crash into traffic 100 times.

    This will come with naturally progression most likely, every time you crash you will slowly be working towards your goal of 100. Just keep crashing and the achievement will unlock once you hit 100 crashes.

  • Drive straight through a supermarket.

    Start at "Authobahn Supermarket" and drive through the glass doors and straight out the other side.

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