-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline 775/1000
-Online 225/1000   No longer obtainable.
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 20-24 hours (depends on skill, some luck)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed 1 (you can replay individual levels)
-Number of missable achievements None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No.
-Glitchy achievements None!
-Unobtainable achievements 14 (225)
-Extra equipment needed? Xbox Live Silver is required for online achievements.

Create is a pseudo-3D two-dimensional puzzle game that looks and feels like a nostalgic reimagining of the old PC classic The Incredible Machine. Create lets the player solve object-based puzzles as well as offering tons of opportunities to let your imagination go crazy by building all sorts of contraptions and Rube Goldberg devices full of vehicles, balloons, furniture, firearms, and all sorts of other objects! The game also features a Little Big Planet-ish twist where new objects and creative tools are unlocked by collecting "Sparks", Create's form of redemption tickets. Each Spark unlocks one new object.

Create is not a hard game (though it can be challenging at times), it will just merely take a while to complete. There are 141 challenges in the game and each one has to be completed with its highest score (where applicable) to collect all 610 Sparks in the game. This can be tedious, but Create is such an engaging game you'll quickly find yourself going "just one more level" at 3AM. Save for a few particularly hard levels the majority of the game is easy and fun, just time consuming.

Clean Up:
You do not have to complete each challenge with the top score on your first play through, you can go back and revisit any world at any time and try any challenge again. Create saves your last setup for each challenge so you can fine-tune your solutions at a later time if you choose to do so. There are a number of achievements that have goofy requirements (eat 50 pieces of toast, pop 100 balloons) that you may obtain during your first play through of the game. If not you can go back to any open-ended challenge and do a quick grind.

There are 14 online achievements in Create, most of which are relatively easy and won't take up much time at all. If you do not have Xbox Live then you cannot obtain these achievements, but if you do you can unlock them at any time before, during, or after your play through of the game.

As of April 13, 2012 the multiplayer achievements are no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

Create is one heck of a fun time and it's pretty lighthearted and whimsical to boot. Fans of The Incredible Machine, and possibly Little Big Planet, will find something to enjoy as will any puzzle fanatic. It's not a very hard 1000/1000 to obtain but it is an undertaking that'll eat up quite a bit of your free time.

[x360a would like to thank Drake O'Phile for this Roadmap]

Create Achievement Guide

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Show completed achievements
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There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Upload a Creation

    To upload a creation all you have to do is upload either something you've made in any overworld or Free Create. You can also upload a solution to a challenge. To upload a creation press then to open the menu; selecting the bottom circle will let you save and upload your creation or design. To save a solution, upon completion of a challenge you can press to save a snapshot, this will upload your solution to the EA servers. Upload anything and this achievement will unlock.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Rate the Creation of another online user


    When you download and view another user's creation you are given the opportunity to rate it upon exiting. Provide a rating and this achievement will unlock.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Mark another user's content as one of your favorites


    See "Fave Rave".

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Mark an EA Pick as one of your favorites


    While browsing categories there will be sections for various kinds of submissions. "EA Picks" is one of these categories. View any submission and mark it as a favorite and this will unlock.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Download another user's Creation


    When you view another user's creation for the first time this achievement will unlock.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Download an EA Pick


    Same as Creation Craver, though you need to view any creation in the "EA Picks" category.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Remix and save a downloaded Creation


    While viewing someone else's creation you are given the option to "Save Locally and Remix" (press to open the menu, Save Locally & Remix is in the bottom right of the options menu). Save any creation and this will unlock.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Upload a remixed Creation


    Make some creative changes to the submission you downloaded for the above achievement and then re-upload it as a remixed creation. This achievement will unlock upon uploading.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Submit an entry to a Community Challenge


    You can access Community Challenges via the main menu (press , then , it is the icon of a person standing in front of a globe in the top left). At any given time there are 5 challenges taking place. You can view these challenges by pressing or you may submit anything you have saved locally by pressing . Press to open your local saves and choose a relevant submission for the challenge. (You can submit anything, but for the sake of being considerate try not to upload tests and junk!)

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Mark the content of 10 different online users as a favorite


    You can either press when viewing a creation's summary card or when giving a rating to another user's creation. This will add it to your favorites, do this 9 more times and the achievement will unlock. Make sure they are from DIFFERENT users, though!

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Upload a Solution


    Upon completing any challenge in the offline story mode you are given the option to "Save Snapshot" (pressing ). Do this and upload your solution and this achievement is yours.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Solve a player generated Challenge


    See "Challenge Wizard".

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Solve 10 player generated Challenges


    See "Challenge Wizard".

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Solve 20 player generated Challenges


    Player generated challenges are denoted with a red gear when you're browsing submissions (solutions are light bulbs and free creations are trees). Simply complete any 20 DIFFERENT challenges and this will unlock. You may notice that the servers are clogged with a lot of variants of the same few challenges (the bumper car, snow lawnmower, and toboggan), you cannot complete the same upload of a challenge but you can complete all of its duplicates and they will still count.

    As of April 13, 2012 this achievement is no longer obtainable due to the servers being shut down.

  • Solve your first Challenge

    Upon starting Create you'll be tossed right into the overworld where the game will give you a quick rundown of what you are supposed to do. Follow the instructions and your first challenge will unlock (it's on the brick wall right under the "create" marquee). This challenge requires you to place a ramp so the monster truck can drive over the logo; follow the directions and you will complete the challenge.

  • Earn your first Spark

    See "Bright Spark".

  • Unlock Theme Park

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Transportopia

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Family Home

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Outer Space

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock The Great Outdoors

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Ancient History

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Future World

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Pirate

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Urban Sports

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Darkworld

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Theme Park II

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Family Home II

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Outer Space II

    See "Welcome to Future World II".

  • Unlock Future World II

    Story related achievement, will unlock with natural progression of the game. New worlds are unlocked when you have collected enough Sparks. You can check the requirements of any level by hovering your pointer over it and taking notice of the number. You earn Sparks by completing challenges and chains; more information on these are provided in the guide for the "Bright Spark" achievement.

  • Collect 100 Sparks

    See "Bright Spark".

  • Collect 284 Sparks

    See "Bright Spark".

  • Collect 501 Sparks

    See "Bright Spark".

  • Collect all 610 Sparks

    Arguably the most difficult achievement in the game, but not impossible to accomplish. To collect every Spark you MUST complete every challenge in every world at or above the top tier score and you also MUST complete all 5 chains on each overworld. There are various types of challenges, below are some tips for each of them:

    Object Challenge - These challenges require you to do something with a "key item" (denoted with a crown and a neon box). You either have to move it somewhere, protect it, or otherwise interact with it in some form. For the first few worlds the game will use these challenges as tutorials for how to use certain tools and objects. In later levels you will have to use what you've learned to accomplish each task with a given inventory. Because each of these challenges are unique there is not any universal advice, instead try to familiarize yourself with the "common" objects in the game (ramps, balloons, bouncers, teleporters, etc) because you will frequently receive these in your inventory.

    Pickup Party - These challenges are a harder form of the Object Challenge, though sometimes you are given free rein to your entire inventory of unlocked goods. To earn Sparks in these challenges you will have to touch them with the target object. The Sparks are usually in plain sight and on most occasions they can be reached with a well-placed spring-loaded ramp or a bouncer. If you're allowed to use teleporters don't pass on them, use them to "cheat" and easily nab out of the way Sparks.

    Contraptions - These challenges require you to build either a mobile or immobile device to move, protect, or guide a given object. To make a moving device you can only connect the girder and wheels, you cannot use the blue pieces as they will pass through the girders, they do not interlock (you need to use the hinge piece to make a free-swinging attachment. To make immobile devices like bridges or shields you can use the blue blocks, but no wheels or girders (again, they do not interlock with each other you need to use a hinge). Usually you can get away with making relatively simple devices that only take a few parts and some trial and error to complete, especially on challenges where you have to carry something to a goal. If you have to make a bridge, remember to build braces for it so it can "hug" the walls and floor and stay put!

    Scoretastic - By far the hardest type of challenge in the game, if not the most frustrating. Scoretastic challenges give you a key object that you must move along a gauntlet of hazards to reach a goal. You score points by touching "new objects" (objects the key object has not touched during this challenge), getting the key to do flips or air time, grabbing gems, and for interacting with certain objects (glue, bouncers, balloons, etc). For their difficulty, though, it is very easy to cheat at them. Once you unlock the Bouncer object (the orange circle that looks like a pinball bumper) you can place lots of these in your challenge to rack up a strong multiplier and earn crazy points for flips and each bounce. You can also abuse the Teleporter item (the two purple orbs connected by a tether) to effortlessly toss your key item across the level by stringing multiple teleports end to end. Generally by trapping your key item in small groups of Bouncers for short periods of time you can quickly reach the target score, then follow it up by either setting up a traditional arrangement to carry the item or just using the teleporter trick.

    Chains - There are 5 Sparks on each overworld unlocked by completing "chains". These are unofficial challenges that show up at random while you are working in a given overworld or completing challenges. You may notice periodically that a column of light shows up somewhere in the overworld. This is a chain. To start it, look at the top left of your screen and you'll see an icon for a specific customization tool. Select this tool (props, texture paint, stickers, flower paint, or background stickers) and place the objects close to where the column of light is. When you place enough items the light will move. Follow it around and continue to complete its requests and eventually it will give you a Spark. It's best to do these side-missions in between challenges. Don't save them until the end because you'll end up having to sit around and wait for them to show up.

    It would be outrageous to give advice for each and every challenge. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, though if you ever find yourself stuck you can easily view actual solutions to ANY level by using the "Search" function while browsing user submissions. Simply set the search parameters to match your current overworld and challenge number to view some solutions if you ever get stuck. Many challenges have more than one solution, so find one that works for you and keep tweaking it until you get it right as sometimes you need near pixel-perfect placement in some challenges.

    Additionally I have been hard at work saving solutions and tricks to unlock achievements under my own EA Create profile. If you search by Gamertag do a search for "Dracophile" and you can check out solutions to lots of tricky levels.

  • Use every brush in Paint mode

    When you open the paint brush menu there are three options: Flowers, Sky, and Texture. Using the Sky option go all the way to the left (or right) and pick the last brush, then make a mark or doodle, then move on to the next one. Do this all the way across and the achievement should unlock when you reach the other side of brush options. It is best to try this achievement after you obtain all or most of the Sparks as you will unlock new brushes as you progress through the game.

  • Place all types of animals throughout the game

    There are 48 animals total. They do not need to be placed all at once, just once at one point in time in the game. It is best to attempt this achievement when you have all or most of the Sparks because new animals are unlocked rather frequently. (Utahraptors, Crocodiles, and Komodo Dragons are the best though!)

  • Place the Create team's favorite animal!

    You will unlock this while attempting "On Safari", but if you're curious to know what animal it is, it's the penguin.

  • Save a Creation or a Challenge from within the Free Create level

    Free Create is the world denoted by a large spinning star (to the immediate left of the "create" logo in the main overworld). It is unlocked after you complete your first few challenges in the first two worlds of the game. In Free Create you are given every option in the game to create something, literally, from the ground up. You can be as creative as you like, but for a quick achievement just place one piece of land and hit "Save" and the achievement should unlock.

  • Finish five Create Chains within one level

    See "Bright Spark".

  • Eat 50 slices of toast within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

    Once you have unlocked the Instant Toaster and Plate objects go to any challenge that lets you use your complete inventory and preferrably one that has a static key object (it helps if you do this in an overworld that has lots of even and flat surfaces). Start the challenge, but rather than complete it place an Instant Toaster anywhere on the map, now place the Plate right next to it. Fill up as much of the available ground as you can with this object pairing and then press Start to begin the challenge. The toasters should launch their toast up into the air and land on the plates. Once this happens press Start to end the challenge, and then again to start it. Keep doing this until the achievement unlocks (you can then exit the challenge).

  • Solve a Contraption-o-Matic Challenge with a contraption built of 40 or more parts

    The 40 parts do not have to belong to one large contraption. Load up any Contraption challenge that gives you 40 or more pieces and construct a vehicle/device that will solve the challenge (you can also just load a completed challenge and start from here). Now, go somewhere out of the way and place all of your remaining parts into one big mess that won't interfere with the challenge objects. Start the challenge and upon completion you will receive the achievement.

  • Reach a x20 multiplier in a Scoretacular Challenge

    The easiest way to do this is by using the Bouncers to cheaply throw your key object back and forth until a 20x multiplier is attained. You do not have to complete the challenge, once you unlock the achievement you can restart or exit.

  • Pop!



    Burst 100 balloons within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

    This should come naturally as you progress through the game, but if it does not and you want to boost the best way to do this is similar to the Toaster method. Load up any challenge where you can use any object and place a row of heavy items (like an Anvil) somewhere. Now attach balloons to all of these objects and above these balloons place a Burster (the spiky metal ball). Start the challenge and wait for the balloons to pop, then stop the challenge and continue restarting it until the achievement unlocks.

  • Use every type of rocket within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

    Depending on how skilled you are with rocket-based objects you may unlock this naturally through the game. If not you can follow suit with the Toaster and Balloon achievements and simply place one of every rocket-type item and upon starting the challenge the achievement should unlock. It is better to attempt this achievement after you've unlocked everything or almost everything as there are many rocket items (such as the Dart Rocket) that require several hundred Sparks to unlock.

  • Attach 50 objects which have string to another game object

    If you are grinding for the "Pop!" achievement you will get this in the process of doing so, as balloons have strings on them. Items such as the Tow Rocket also count toward this achievement. It should come naturally in the game, though if it does not it will unlock when you grind for "Pop!".

  • Drive 2,000 meters in vehicles within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

    This will unlock probably before you get to the third or fourth world, especially if you take breaks to fool around with all of the vehicles you unlock early on in the game. If by some chance it does not you can load up any challenge that has long straight ways and let the vehicle of your choosing floor it down the road until the achievement unlocks.

  • Set off 50 explosions within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)

    This will definitely come naturally as you progress through the game, likely around the Space world challenges as they feature quite a few mine-based puzzles.

  • Solve Challenge 10 in Transportopia entirely with Horseshoe Magnets

    This can be tricky, but there are tons of solutions available for you to watch on the online Create community. If you do not have access to Live, the best way to accomplish this is to pull the gas can to the left using magnets facing straight down. To accomplish this place a row of them just beside the gas can, high enough so the force of the magnet will cause the can to scoot but NOT lift upward. Once you master this technique all you have to do is copy it until you can drag the can to the parked Sand Buggy and the achievement is yours.

  • Complete a car based Challenge after all its wheels have burst (not player generated Challenges)

    The easiest missions to attempt this on are the object challenges in the Space world that require you to guide the Moon Buggy to its destination. When you unlock the Space Mine object all you have to do is get the Moon Buggy's front and back wheels to hit a mine and they will break off, likely in one hit if the impact is hard enough. Try to bounce the Moon Buggy back and forth between a cluster of mines like you would with Bouncers in a Scoretastic challenge. Once the wheels are gone you can then use Teleporters or spring-loaded ramps (or other devices) to launch the scrapped car to the goal.

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