- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 46 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 20-25 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Many, see below
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Cris Tales is a gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs with a new perspective. Peer into the past, act in the present, and watch as your choices dynamically change the future -- all on one screen as you play! Join the newly awakened Time Mage Crisbell and her fantastical companions in a fantasy world facing a grim future. The powerful Time Empress and her forces threaten to bring about a cataclysm tearing apart Crystallis and the other four Kingdoms of the region.
Walkthrough and Missables:
I would highly suggest following this walkthrough as you play to avoid missing anything. This will point out all mutually-exclusive achievements where you'll need to save/reload to get multiple achievements from one decision, as well as all of the missable side-quests, treasure chests, equipment, and the specific points of no return where you can ensure you've got everything done before moving the story too far.

100% Playthrough
As mentioned above, the game has many missable and mutually-exclusive achievements, so you'll want to pay attention to those and save prior to making any story-altering choices to ensure you can get all the options. There is also a specific set of choices to be made to get the "good" ending, so you'll want to make those choices last and continue your save file along with those. See Change the future (70G) for more info on those choices. You'll also need to pay attention to Rena armory (50G) and be sure to upgrade one character's weapon prior to them leaving the party for good.

Outside of that, mostly everything else is story-related, aside from a few specific combat achievements. You will want to work on your defensive parry and offensive critical attacks throughout the game since you need 500 of each. Lastly, for collectibles, you'll want to be sure to collect every treasure chest - though this achievement is a bit glitched in a good way and you only need a set amount of chests, which is cumulative through multiple playthroughs -  and you'll need all of the equipment in the game as well, so don't sell anything.

Prior to the final battle, do a run through the achievement list and make sure you've done your 500 parries/criticals, upgraded all weapons, found all chests, obtained all equipment, captures all souls, and killed 20 of each slime type. But again, if you follow the walkthrough, you'll be fine. And that's it. We'll get all the achievements in one run through the use of many save/reload situations, and shouldn't need anything else. If by some accident you miss a treasure chest, start a new game and grab however many you need in a new run. If you missed any of the side-quest or story choice achievements, you'll be in for a whole second playthrough, so do avoid that.

Cris Tales is a beautiful and wonderful game, but its gimmick, the time hopping, wasn't used enough in combat, and was often locked out in boss battles. That said, it's a really good game and I'd highly recommend it, especially while "free" on Game Pass. Outside of that, its $40 price tag may be a bit much. Achievement-wise, it's quite simple with a walkthrough but would be a nightmare without, so save yourself the trouble and follow one.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Cris Tales Achievement Guide

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There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Get the power of the crystals

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Save Ms. Miller's house in Narim

    This achievement is mutually exclusive with Apothecary team (10G).
    Within the first hour of the game, you will be forced to make a choice after creating a Greenleaf Tonic. You can either give this to the Millers (on the right side of town, with the baby carriage) or to the Apothecary (on the left side of town, same woman who made the tonic). Give the tonic to the Millers to unlock this achievement.
  • Save the Apothecary in Narim

    This achievement is mutually exclusive with Miller team (10G).
    Within the first hour of the game, you will be forced to make a choice after creating a Greenleaf Tonic. You can either give this to the Millers (on the right side of town, with the baby carriage) or to the Apothecary (on the left side of town, same woman who made the tonic). Give the tonic to the apothecary to unlock this achievement.
  • First encounter with the Empress (Defeat Enzo)

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Make Armando become the Mayor of St Clarity

    This achievement is mutually exclusive with The high class (10G) and In good hands (25G).

    See In good hands (25G) for more info.
  • Make Sophia become the Mayor of St Clarity

    This achievement is mutually exclusive with Revolutionary cry (10G) and In good hands (25G).

    See In good hands (25G) for more info.
  • Form the Council of the hand in St. Clarity

    This achievement is mutually exclusive with Revolutionary cry (10G) and The high class (10G).

    To receive this achievement, you must first complete all optional content in St. Clarity. Make sure prior to initiating the boss battle at the church you have done the following:
    • Complete all three side-quests: The Witness, A Memory to the Fallen, and In Need of Repairs
    • Give 1500 marbles to Bernard (the violin player)
    • Give an antidote to Mario (the boy with the inflatable ring)
    See the video below for walkthroughs on each of those. Once all of that is complete, save your game and proceed to start the boss fight in the church. The game will warn you this is a point of no return. Complete the fight and choose Armando for Revolutionary cry (10G), then reload your save and beat the boss again and choose Sophia for The high class (10G), and reload one more time and beat the boss again to choose the council option to receive this achievement. You want this to be the last one you choose as it is required for the Change the future (70G) ending.

  • Help Noah honor the memory of those that fell during the war against the Empress

    This is an optional side-question that starts in Mt. Thysia, and you need to initiate it immediately or it quickly becomes unavailable. The first time you arrive, you will see a man being attacked by wolves. Go over and fight the wolves to save him, and then you can continue on with the story portion of this section. Once you are back in St. Clarity, you will want to collect the flowers he wants for the memorial. They are received from:
    • The kid with a bike on the east side of town
    • The woman with the hat just south of bike kid
    • Hop into the past just west of bike kid to find a flower in the ground
    • On the west side of town, hop into the past to find a blue flower in the ground
    • On the north side of town before the large ramps to the upper section, go west into the garden and hop into the past to find a red flower in the ground
    Once you have all five flowers, return to Noah at Mt. Thysia (the guy who was attacked by wolves) and he will make a boquet for you. Head back to Evergreen Forest (south of St. Clarity on the world map) and return to the area with the large white gate. Interact with the grave here to place the boquet and return to Noah once more to unlock the achievement.

  • Help Adri develop a new Crystalarium based mechanism to help St Clarity

    This is the first side-quest you will get in the game. You will be pointed toward Adri after returning from the docks to pick it up. From here, head to the lower part of the city and to the eastern side to speak to Armando. Then head to the western side to see an empty box. Inspect it, then jump into the past and grab the blueprints. Bring them back to Adri, who requests a power cell. You can collect this from the mech boss you defeat as part of the story in Mt. Thysia. Once you get access to the upper city again through the story, give Adri the power cell. Immediately travel into the future to get the item she creates, and return it to the past to her to complete the quest and unlock the achievement.

  • Discover what happened to Peter...

    This quest begins by finding a set of goggles on the ground just after defeating the mech boss in Mt. Thysia and using its dead body as a bridge. Head back to St. Clarity and speak to Rebecca (the girl holding the boxes on the east side of town), then head into the sewers as part of the story. In the sewers you will find two items to inspect (see the video for their locations) to receive an orb. Bring this orb to Paulina and step outside to unlock the achievement.

  • Recruit Zaz

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Recruit JKR721

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Recruit Willhelm

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Recruit Kari Hudo

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Buki, the guardian

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Story related and can not be missed.
  • Change the future of Neva Tulira's museum

    See Academic (20G) for more info.
  • Change the future of Neva Tulira's university

    This achievement and Learn from the past (20G) are either mutually exclusive, or can be done at the same time. If you do not complete all the side-quests in Neva Tulira, you will need to choose who gets money to rebuild. If you do complete all the side-quests, you can choose that they both get money and receive both achievements together. To unlock the option to give both money, you will need to complete Setting the Basses, Bitter Memories, Unlucky in Love, and The Grand Carnival. See the video below for walkthroughs on these quests.

  • Help Dreena change how the floats of the parade will look in the future!

    After recruiting JKR271 and returning from Rainbow Lake, you can begin this quest by speaking to Dreena in Neva Tulira. You will need to collect three ribbons. They are found as follows:
    • Use the Talk option with the shop owner.
    • Talk to the two kids in the north section of town.
    • Talk to Brandon on the lower east side of town.
    Return to Dreena to unlock the achievement.

  • With the help of Oropen, change the future of the cathedral inside the Salt Mines

    When you unlock the University in Neva Tulira, you can begin this quest by speaking to Oropen inside. You may have already received one item, the Ruler, from exploring the Museum. If not, go grab it now. You will then need a few salt samples from the Salt Mines. When you are there as part of the story, stop off at the locations in the video below. Once you have all of them, return to Oropen to complete the quest and unlock the achievement.

  • Open the strange book found inside the Museum storage to reveal its mysteries.

    This quest begins by finding a book in the Museum. Once you have it, speak to Mother Superior in the Cathedral. Next, head to the University in town and go to the past to grab the projector. Finally, inspect the crest on the stairs in the middle part of town to unlock the achievement. The location of the book and all the other steps are in the video below in case my descriptions aren't super clear.

  • Change the attitude of Joseph Oroitz towards little Sol

    After returning from Rainbow Lake you can begin this quest by speaking to Joseph and Sol in Neva Tulira. You may have already received the Broken Mirror item when exploring the Museum, if not go grab it now. Speak to Joseph in the past, then head directly west away from him to Rojizo who needs a water sample from Rainbow Lake to fix it. Head to the first pool to get the sample and return to have it fixed. Take the fixed mirror to Joseph to unlock the achievement.

  • Defeat Galley and Volcano, the Empress' generals

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Find a cure for Glass Lung

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Nasar, the living forge

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Kari Hudo, the Soulweaver

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Save Cinder from the lava wave

    This quest and A friendly hand (25G) can either be mutually exclusive, or received at the same time.

    See ​​​​A friendly hand (25G) for more info.
  • Save Volcano from impending doom

    This achievement and Under the rubble (10G) can either be mutually exclusive, or received at the same time. If you do not complete all the side content in Cinder, you must make a choice between the two. If you have completed all the side content, you can make a third choice to receive both. To make sure you can get both at the same time, you will need to complete A Rising Tide, A Heart Made Whole, and A Royal Decree. You will see the option to "use the levees and open the valves" if you successfully did all of that prior to completing the events in Cinder.

  • Reunite Jaru with his long lost wife, Kimber

    This quest is available after getting the cure for Glass Lung and healing Christopher, returning him to your party. You will get some extra doses to use on citizens. First, try to heal the man in the middle of town who refuses. Go to the future and interact with him there, then return and he will accept this time. Now head to Jaru, in the same house Christopher was sick, then get his ring from the cemetary to the south. Talk to Jaru once more, and head out of Cinder and into Ceniza. You will find his wife Kimber to the north of the save point here. Speak to her, then return to Jaru to unlock the achievement.

  • Help Fenia repair her broken relationship with Galley and Volcano.

    This quest is available after curing Glass Lung. You will need to time hop into the past to speak with young Volcano and Galley to accept it. Go to the cemetary and find the doll, then time hop into the past to retrieve it. Talk to Fenia before leaving the cemetary, then return to V&G to get a book which you will need to take to Nasar in the Laboratory section of The Forge to the north of the world map. This will finally unlock the achievement.

  • Put little Fira's mind and heart at ease by helping Takna repair the leeves.

    This quest will also begin after curing the Glass Lung. Speak to Fira near the entrace of Cinder, then head north to Takna who will request some tools. You can buy these at the shop for 5000 marbles. Give her the tools and you receive a list of items she needs. You probably already have the chain from Ceniza if you were following the walkthrough, if not go retrieve it now. The other two pieces are given by Firaga (Fira's mom, right next to her) and Lau at the palace on the east side of town. Bring all the items to Takna, then solve a quick puzzle by putting the items in this order from left to right: Gear, Console, Chain. Talk to Takna one last time to unlock the achievement.

  • Defeat the Time Empress

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Deactivate all terminals

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • You gave up while trying to stop Ardo...

    I believe this achievement can be done at any time in the game, but you will have a gauranteed option for it during the final boss fight in the game. To unlock this, you must have all your characters die in battle and receive the option to "give up" at the game over screen rather than just loading a previous save. Choose that option and the achievement will unlock. You will not lose your save game or anything like that, so there's no punishment for doing so, just a unique cutscene.
  • Defeat the Final Boss

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Final Boss after completing all optional content.

    For this achievement, you must have done as much good as possible during the game to get the best ending. This requires that you have completed all of the side-quests, and chosen the best options for the three major cities. You need to complete all the side-quests to get the best choice to even be available, so I'll just go over those real quick:
    • St. Clarity: choose to rule by council
    • Neva Tulira: donate money to both buildings
    • Cinder: save everyone by opening levees and opening drains
    So long as you made those three choices after the boss battles in each location, you will get the achievement after defeating the final boss and completing the game.
  • Capture all enemy souls with Kari Hudo

    Kari Hudo has a unique battle mechanic that allows her to use the ability of monsters she has captured. You can only capture them when they are at low health, so do a normal attack or two first before using her soul capture option in battle. She starts with Muka and Goblin when you recruit her, and you will need to capture the following souls to unlock the achievement (with the closest available location to the end of the game):
    • Slime - Ancient Salt Ruins
    • Wulf - Ancient Salt Ruins
    • Wildfire - Ancient Salt Ruins
    • Doppleganger - Salt Mine
    • St. Clarity Guard - St. Clarity Sewers
    • Fomage - Evergreen Forest
    • B-Knight - Museum in Neva Tulira
    • Vitrue - Underground Passages
    Once you have captured each enemy type, the achievement will unlock.
  • Accidentaly kill your entire party with JKR-721's overheat.

    The easiest way to unlock this achievement is during the fight against the Time Empress in Crystallis, or the very final boss of the game. Both have an attack called "Time Compression" that lowers everyone's HP to one, and it can cause JKR to overheat if he is above 90% so we will aim for that. Make sure Crisbell has the Light Armored Boots equipped prior to the battle so she acts first, then cast Claritas on JKR. Use his basic attack against the boss and ensure you get a triple punch by timing your button press. On his next turn, just use Scan. Once the boss uses the attack that lowers your HP, this will either cause you to overheat immediately, which will do damage to everyone and wipe them out, or it will set you up to then use Christopher or Crisbell to attack JKR themselves which will do the same. 

  • Open every chest in the game!

    If you are following the walkthrough I linked in the Road Map, this achievement will come along easily. However, it's also a bit bugged in a positive way and the game seems to track a cumulative number of chests through all your save files. Try to get every chest in one playthrough, but if it doesn't unlock after completing the final dungeon, simply load up a new game and begin running through the story again, opening chests along the way. After a few, it should unlock.
  • Upgrade all weapons to their perfect form.

    For this achievement, you must upgrade everyone's weapon to the maximum level. The trick to this is that Wilhelm leaves your party permanently about halfway through the game, and you must upgrade his weapon prior to that to get credit for it. After he leaves, you can take your time to upgrade everyone else's weapons. You get an insane amount of marbles later in the game, especially from hunting down all the slimes you need to kill.

    After the title update in December 2021, a new playable character and sixth upgrade for Crisbell's weapon were added which are now required for this achievement as well. Be sure to complete all 30 waves of the Coliseum (can be accessed from the wandering merchant just before the final boss) to get Crisbell's upgrade, and then recruit Adri in the same area and go to one of the towns to upgrade her weapon. You don't need to complete her side-quest.
  • Do 500 "Parries"

    In battle, if you press button-a.png at just the right time when being attacked, you will receive a "Parry" notification and will take less damage as well as negating any status effects an attack might cause. The timing for this is different on every attack, but you can generally see the screen dim, the enemy will have a yellow glow, and your controller should shake. Even doing this perfectly in every battle will not get you to 500 during the course of normal play though, so you'll need to grind this out later. Bear in mind, parrying an AOE attack that hits all three characters still only counts as one, despite the word Parry showing up over each character.
    To grind this out, equip Crisbell with an Amber Ring for auto-healing and go back to the Forge. Using the elevator forces a battle, and trying to use the Flee option skips her turn since you can't actually run away. You can also cast Cleritas on the enemies to give them more turns. Keep parrying the attacks and the achievement will pop during the battle when you do your 500th, so you'll know exactly when to end the battle.
  • Do 500 "Perfect hits"

    In battle, if you press button-a.png at just the right time when attacking, you will receive a "Critical" notification and will do more damage as well as apply any status effect an attack might cause. The timing for this is different on every attack, but you can generally see the screen dim, and you should eventually learn the timing of your basic attacks. Christopher's spell are by far the easiest to learn the timing of though. Note that some characters do not get critical hits, such as Kari and JKR, so avoid using them to grind this out if it doesn't come naturally before the end of the game. To minimize the number of battles required if you're grinding, remove all your equipment that increases your stats so you do less damage and don't kill things in one hit.
  • Kill 20 of each slime

    There is no tracker for this achievement, so try to keep track as you play. Once you hit the end portion of the game, work backwards through the list until you know for sure you've killed 20 of a certain type before moving on. The types of slimes, locations, and weakness are as follows:
    • Poison: St. Clarity Sewers, Rainbow Lake - weak to water
    • Water: St. Clarity Sewers, Rainbow Lake - weak to thunder
    • Azure: Rainbow Lake - weak to physical attacks
    • Fire: Ceniza Ruins, Cinder's Forge - weak to water
    • Crystal: Crystallis - no weaknesses
    The Crystal slimes are tricky because they can transform into another type of slime, and you have to kill them before they do to get credit. If they transform, you'll instead get credit toward whatever type of slime they turn into.
  • Apply 5 status effects to a single enemy.

    The easiest spot to unlock this achievement would be in the Museum in Neva Tulira. You will eventually hit an encounter with a B-Knight Instructor and a B-Knight Soldier. The Instructor will buff the Soldier with two different buffs. You can then use Segnitas on the Soldier for a third, then use Kari's summons to add poison (Muka) and doom (Wildfire), assuming you have captures those souls. That'll be five and what seemed like a difficult achievement done and dusted.
  • Obtain all the Keychains in the game

    There are four types of keychains in the game. There are a number of ways to get them, but you will receive three as part of the main story, and a fourth from Dreena's parade side-quest. You can't miss this while going for the other achievements and following the walkthrough.
  • Obtain one of every equipment in the game

    All but two pieces of equipment in the game can be purchased in the shops. However, you will likely receive almost all the equipment through quest rewards and chests, so avoid purchasing anything until you've got to the final boss. The full list of equipment and the shops that offer it are below. The two items that can only be found in chests are markes as such as well.

    Ancient Gauntlets - Chest in Cinder Forge's Basement
    Bronze Wristguards - St. Clarity
    Cinderian Bracer - Cinder
    Dark Steel Wristguards - Cinder
    Iron Gauntlet - St. Clarity, Neva Tulira
    Steel Wristguards - Neva Tulira
    Wavebracer - Chest in Underground Tuliran Passage
    Worn out Bracelet - St. Clarity

    Aerosol Necklace - Neva Tulira
    Basalt Necklace - Cinder
    Keepsake Necklace - St. Clarity
    Rose Necklace - Cinder, St. Clarity, Neva Tulira
    Ruby Necklace - St. Clarity, Neva Tulira
    Sapphire Necklace - Neva Tulira
    Silicon Necklace - Cinder

    Dark Steel Sabatons - Cinder
    Feather Boots - St. Clarity
    Heavy Boots - Neva Tulira
    Iron Boots - Cinder
    Light Armored Boots - Neva Tulira
    Sorcerer's Sandals - Neva Tulira
    Sure-Step Sandals - Cinder
    Worn-out Sandals - St. Clarity

    Clarity Signet - St. Clarity
    Cinder Signet - Cinder
    Mana Signet - Neva Tulira
    Narim Signet - St. Clarity
    Signet of Wealth - Cinder
    Tulira Signet - Neva Tulira

    Amber Ring - Cinder
    Dark Steel Ring - Cinder
    Distortion Ring - Cinder, Neva Tulira
    Ring of Hatred - Cinder
    Rose Ring - Neva Tulira
    Rosethorn Ring - Cinder
    Sapphire Ring - Neva Tulira
    Silver Ring - St. Clarity, Neva Tulira
    Wood Ring - St. Clarity
    Once you have collected one of each item type, the achievement will unlock. I am unsure if selling equipment will void this achievement, so be especially careful with the two items you only find in chests. I have not seen anyone report that they tried to get the achievement after selling things, so I wouldn't risk it.

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