Staying Sharp Achievement

  • Staying Sharp



    Complete Tutorial

    When starting a new campaign, you will be asked if you want to participate in the tutorial, make sure to accept the prompt and complete all 5 stages to unlock this achievement.

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  • This will be a tough challenge!
  • easy, you get this at the start of the game when you are given the option to do do the tutorial or start the game
  • Dead easy, simply do what you have to do and 20G's pops right at the end, you CAN'T go wrong with this. Easy, literally NO need for a tutorial or walkthrough.
  • It's too difficult for me :)
  • Woah, if only all games had tutorials like this. Hate being forced to learn everything all at once or learn as you go. This tutorial was great, especially in 3D :) as you get to play around with it all before leaving the tutorial

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