Halfway to Hell Achievement

  • Halfway to Hell



    Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty


    See “Professional Superhero” for more information.

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  • ^same, minus the rage caps.
  • Same with me. Fucking bullshit, I'm not going to beat this game twice, too many others to play. Bad dog Crytek, bad dog.
  • What the HELL!!! I unlocked everything except this achievement...This is sooooo fucked up...FU Crytek, fix it!
  • Great, now I know it's not just me. Playing on supersoldier, only unlocked the veteran one, bullshit
  • Same story here unfortunately. Hopefully they will patch this.
  • Maybe it unlocks when you complete all the levels? Because someone already collected 1000gs from this game so there's got to be a way.
  • Player trough 3 levels on supersoldier and didnt unlock for me ether
  • Same here confused...
  • It unlocked for me! After the chapter is over and the 15G for completing it popped I was about to get mad. Then I hit the x360 button on my controller to check. After a couple of seconds in the X360 menu they popped, 2 for 50! Yay
  • GOT IT! Started all over again... moved my save as mentioned in the Forums to an USB device... sorted out that mission 3 was way more difficult to do than on my previous SS Levelselect game. Finally after the first 3 missions it POPPED.
  • maybe you have to play the tutorial on supersoldier as well. I got the supersoldier playthrough achivment but not this one
  • Started my first play through straight away on Supersoldier so i didnt have to go back and repeat for other Difficulty. Having same problem as every-one else^^ -.- Game is very easy although id prefer not to repeat again. Any way to get around this glitch?
  • Same here, got the achievement for beating supersoilder but not this one...:(
  • this achievement is f...... gay. for the people that didn't try jet don't waste your time doing: - start over new from replay mission (first 3 missions). - start a new game which then it states:"all your progress wil be gone" which for me it was not. that shit doesn't work first thing in the morning i am gonna try to use "#11 WoH Jabba81" way of doing it and if it doesn't come up at the level: safety's off. i am gonna freak the fuck out i did my best to get all the f...ing online achievements. now crytek won't f... me with this 1. sorry about the language this just pisses me off anyway i will report my findings so it might help you guys out.
  • hey guys, as i said in the previous post i would check it out how to get the achievement. as #11 stated start a completely new game. delete or move your old save game to a external usb device. then start a new campaign and complete 3 first missions on superhuman ofcourse(the training grounds ). the achievement should pop-up after the cutscene. ( don't give up to quick it might just pop after you entered the next level. anyway i'm done with this shitty game i hope you guys have fun with it.
  • Crytek are trolls, not supporting their shitty game. I'm not buying another product from them
  • the game is shitty because there is a fucking achievement that is glitched and obviously will be patched soon? You guys are so fucking stupid and unintelligent...
  • ^ well... yes it is a bad game because of that. everything SHOULD run smoothly, but they fucked it up
  • Agreed, Leviathan v2. Happened to me too. Crytek once again proves that they are the masters of the unfinished.
  • didn't pop :(
  • It didn't unlock for me too the game is full go bugs waste of time
  • I got it first try, I finished the game on veteran first, then did super soldier. I didn't do the tutorial
  • WTF??! it's still glitched, wonder how long they need to fix one achievement -.-
  • WTF??! it's still glitched, wonder how long they need to fix one achievement -.-
  • Still glitched.....

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