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    Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty


    This difficulty isn't too bad. It is recommended to do it as your second playthrough, as you will have unlocked the module upgrades, making the game even easier, and you can focus on some other achievements as well. Regardless, for this difficulty, you'll want to avoid as many enemies as possible, by using cloak and running through the levels when possible. In some cases, you will need to complete harder sections, but keep at it, and use your armour and cloak abilities wisely, and try your best to adjust your nanosuit to the scenario.

    Avoid the Glitch This achievement is known to occasionally glitch. Make sure you start a new Supersolider playthrough and play the tutorial. After defeating the large boss at the end of the final level, before the ship section, you'll want to create a save file onto a USB Stick or Cloud. Make sure to save the Save File AND Crysis 3 Content Cache File. Keep reloading this save, and finishing the game until the achievement unlocks. If you've tried this a few times, and have been unsuccessful, try deleting the installed game from your HDD.

    There is a video to avoid this that can be found HERE.

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  • Maybe if we're lucky this will glitch out on us again...
  • I never had it glitch on me in the 2nd game but it was far too easy.
  • Same with @2, no glitch but new game plus made it far too easy (apart from the Times Square and Grand Central Station fights). Hoping for more of a challenge.
  • this looks like the S logo from superman its nice
  • I hope it's just like Crysis 2 with keeping upgrades and kicking ass, making it a breeze. Already have a crysis over here with MP achievement added, I don't need an impossible difficulty just to pile on.
  • I just walked through C2 in cloak mode. Had to only engage in a few fights. I liked that though because it's the spirit of the game.
  • Yeah, this will kick some asses
  • God damn it,again :D
  • You could cloack 90% of C2 so hopefully it isn't the same here..wheres the challenge..
  • Glitches in 3 as well, just finished the campaign on supersoldier. menu says i've completed all levels on supersoldier but only the veteran achievement unlocks. the 3/7 levels achievement didn't unlock as well. Way to go crytek!
  • Very very easy, i did it in 5 hours....615g....
  • @10 mine didn't unlock either does anyone know how to fix this?
  • i nearly got robbed of this achievement too but my game froze as i was looking at my achievement for beating it on veteran wondering where this one was. had to shoot the ceph in space again then that triggered the achievement. still don't have the "halfway to hell" achievement though haha nice welcome for me Crytek
  • Crysis 2 was easy this will be the same
  • @14 Yeah, Crysis 2 was a little longer and harder I think through, but two last Crysis 3 bosses are a little bit tough.
  • Just finished the game on supersoldier and did not get this achievement, others seem to be having the same problem.
  • Those last two boss fights were tricky finally beat them on SS...and no cheevo. Dafuq Crytek.
  • I see no New Game + mode, that disppoints me
  • Just finished supersoldier and did not unlock what!!!!! Só did The half way to hell you Would think since it didnt reconize The first three it Would at least reconize some of The other levels for that achievmente F***!
  • Nooo:@ Ach not unlock again fuck u Crytek!
  • Glitched on me too, played whole story on SS difficulty and no achievement
  • Well both ss achievements glithed on me also, tried to just replay level 3 and level 7 to see if that would do the trick and still nothing. So I started a new save on a diffrent memory card and sure enough it worked both achievements popped up on que, I know this way sucks but if you relly want'em it worked for me also just ran past most parts and skipped all cut sceens so it only took around 4 hours to beat 2nd time around.
  • Both ss achievements glitched on me also so annoying
  • Glitched on me too, f!#k !!!!
  • Glitched here too, along with the one for getting all the collectable datapads, sigh. What a waste of time.
  • Of course it glitched on me, too! :( But oddly enough the 3/7 achievement unlocked! So I was hoping everything would be fine until the end. But then... :(
  • Yep same here. It was an issue on Crysis 2 but luckily i played through Crysis 2 on Normal first :/ im not sure if i can be bothered to play through the game another two times for an achievement i should already have!
  • is this still glitched? i just borrowed this game from a friend and want to tear through the campaign on supersoldier.
  • I created a NEW game, without having to save to USB, and finished it on Super Soldier. Played through all levels, including the tutorial. Got both achievements for Veteran and Super Soldier. And you get to keep all upgrades and weapon attachments. Definitely the Alpha-Ceph and the Ceph Commander were the toughest of them all (luckily I only died four times on both). Game is feasible with some patience and knowing what weapons to have for each section without having to Stealth through everything. Good game.
  • A little annoyed that this didn't unlock but I'll live. It does say 7/7 completed for SS.
  • Also Glitched For Me!! Pissed off!!
  • Man this campain is a joke i thought halo reach on ledgendary would be the easyest shooter but apparently Crysis 3 made sure it wasnt
  • glitched too grrrr, i havent played FPS for a long time so it took me 8 hours and no SS cheevo, im pissed, 7/7 SS too, if i had to finish only last mission, then ok, but whole game again? no way jose....
  • No problems here. I finished legendary first then super soldier. Didn't change saves, skipped cut scenes didn't do the training. 100% complete.
  • glitched for this guy
  • Just like in Crysis 2, I got glitched on this achievement! Makes me wonder: is Crytek too stupid or do they just don't give a fuck? I really am pissed!
  • glitched on me today but I saved a copy in my cloud. I restated the last boss fight after deleting the installed game from HD and it worked just fine.
  • unlocked normal for me, skipped all cut scenes that I could, skipped training, didn't do half of the secondary objectives. Not sure if its been said here but the difficulty achievements unlock as soon as you fire laser so that's when you'll know if you've got it or not.
  • This glitched for me on my first play through. I played through it again but moved my NEW save to the cloud and it worked fine. However, I went for the suited up achievement on my second SS playthrough and it glitched on me. There is no way in hell I am going for all the cheevos in this game. Too glitchy. I feel like I had to do every cheevo twice to get it. 890/1250, whatever, not worth it.
  • Yep, I Beat the game supersoldier too and didn't Achievement either.
  • It unlocked for me without issue this morning. Has this glitch been patched?
  • It glitched for me too. Hell if i'm gonna play it through again. What a waste of time!!! It even says 7/7 for SS.
  • Pfffffffeeeeeew. It unlocked for me first time trying. But Crytek/EA. 3 and a half hours of gameplay on the hardest setting?! You got to be fucking joking!
  • Goddamnit, 1 year later and they still haven't fixed this issue. Just played through the campaign on Supersoldier and only unlocked the achievement for Veteran. Thanks for nothing, Crytek!
  • Allllll these years later...... still fucking glitches. Fuck these mother fuckers anyways. Fucking bullshit. Didn’t skip a damn thing including the 15 minutes of credits at the end. 7/7 9 hr gameplay 93% complete without a guide

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