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    Single Player: Unlock all weapon attachments

    For this achievement, you'll need to pick up all weapons, with all possible attachments for each weapon. It is recommended that you try to pick up as many weapons (you can drop them immediately) during your first playthrough. Make sure you get to the next checkpoint if you plan to quit. Once you pick up all possible weapons with all possible attachments, you will unlock the achievement. Also, remember that you can use your visor :dup: to scan enemies and see the weapons that they are holding. You can view the video below for additional information.

    Video HERE.

    The most difficulty, and most notable, attachments can be found below:

    • Bayonet: Safeties Off - At the very beginning of the level, there will be a large amount of enemies. One of them with carry the Marshall with bayonet, make sure to kill and check all the enemies once you kill them.
    • FY7 1M: Only Human - At the dead end, where you do the secondary objective where you rescue your teammates from the mines.
    • Extended Clip for Jackal: Red Star Rising - Can be found on enemies inside the base near the end of the level.

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  • Not sure How to Get this do I just use weapons?
  • I've been picking up every different version of every weapon so it gives me the attachments, and then swapping back to the weapon I want to use. Seems like it would take a while as there's a fair few weapons with as many as a dozen attachments for some of them.
  • ive found 18 of 20 and ive picked up every gun I came across in the game. does anyone know of a guide?
  • im on 16 out of 20 i definatley know that i need the bayonet attachment. Anyone know where that is?
  • @4, someone has already made a thread about the location of the bayonet, and hopefully someone can put a list up soon. I'm at 19/20 myself, and can't seem o figure out what i need.
  • Where does one find the bayonet? I feel like it should be mentioned on here, not making me go search the forums
  • I've got 19/20 - the last is pistol laser sight. Psycho gives me HammerII at the beginning with silencer and laser sight but laser sight isn't picked up as the attachment. For example if i start new game from 2nd mission i will got a HammerII without laser sight and i can't find another pistol with this attachment in entire game. Is someone know where to find it or know hot to solve this by another way? Sorry if i have some mistakes - English isn't my native language.
  • I found the bayonet at the beginning of Safeties Off, there should be a couple guys with shotguns, just check them and you should find it.
  • Shotgun ext mag?
  • O.K. so i have looked everywhere for the extended mag on the feline.. Picked up every weapon and still cant find it. Any clues guys??
  • I need the double mag attachment for the Feline X3. I can't find it. It has to be on the first level though because it's the only level with a Feline on it. Anyone know where it could be?
  • @#9 Go to "Safeties Off" and the Shotgun Ext. mag will be there somewhere. Most AI have shotguns.
  • I dont know if this will help you guys out or not but i had all the attachments by mission 5 and it didn't give me the achievement, but as soon as mission 7 loaded up i got the achievement during the very first cut scene without doing anything. So in short if you have all the attachments but haven't reached mission 7 yet try that out.
  • alot of ye know what ye are im on 19/20 and im just picking up everything hopeing it pops up.
  • @11 You should be able to find the double mag as well as the extended mag for the Feline in mission 2 - Welcome to the Jungle when you go underground into the sewers and then you fight some CELL operatives under and above some underground train tracks.
  • how do you check and how do u know which ones you dont have? anyone know of any guides??
  • I need the Jackal extended magazine. Anyone know where I can find it?
  • Nevermind! Found the Jackal extended magazine at the beginning of the 5th level. Achievement completed!
  • Need the bayonet too
  • Got it, like someone said above, at the start of safeties off
  • It cannot unlock untill last mission. You pick up a weapon with a flashlight during starting cutscene there.

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