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    Single Player: Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level

    This achievement can take a little time and understanding of the nanosuit upgrades. To pull up the nanosuit menu, you need to press . First thing you'll want to do is unlock all possible modules, by collecting all 16 Nanosuit Upgrade Kits throughout the game, and then purchase all the modules. Now, you'll need to complete the challenges to upgrade every module, by completing the tasks listed next to each one. When the task is completed, the module will be marked with a yellow star, and you will be notified. At that point, you should switch out to another module.

    To make this go as fast as possible, it is suggested that you pick modules that have similar goals so you can work at all 4 slots at the same time. The achievement will unlock when you have unlocked upgrades for all modules.

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  • I thought this just meant collecting all of the Nanosuit upgrades, I was wrong. You must fully level them up. I reccomend doing it as you play otherwise you'll be like me and spend a lot of time milking the big ones by sprinting down hallways and standing next to every exploding barrel.
  • Last achievement left for me(other than the two Super Soldier ones that wouldnt unlock). This isn't going to be fun :/
  • Complete guide on the 25 nano suit upgrades.!
  • I have got all 28 of the kits but the games says im still missing 3 WTF. I used this guide to checkand im sure i have them all. dose any one els have this problem? this guide shows all 28
  • I just unlocked my last upgrade, and then finished the level. When I went to change modules it had my last one unlocked being shown as locked, and it says I need three to unlock it. So, yeah...
  • Well I just found out that I can equip the module that appears to be locked. So maybe it's just a visual glitch. However, does anyone know if you can equip locked modules regardless, and maybe it just doesn't give you a stat boost?
  • same as all of you.. have all 28. still have my last module locked. Thinking about starting a brand new game and going through it getting every one in order.
  • Even though it appears locked, I think it's actually unlocked. The problem is that I can't tell because my progress is only tracked for certain module upgrades.
  • A video to show the locations of all 28 Modules
  • I think I might have unlocked another one twice.. I unlocked one and started getting kills to upgrade it.. then I started another level and it said it was about 20/50 kills or something but it was locked and progress stopped going up on it, So I unlocked it and continued to upgrade. Might be why I'm 3 short
  • I have to max the last module but the power kick kills don't work for me. Everytime I kick an item it flys around anywhere but not towards the enemy...
  • A good place to farm some power kick kills is the beginning of mission 3 (after you look at the dam and go through the building). Theres a bin and plenty of cell walk under you if you get there attention.
  • Just been doing the power kick kills and the damage at the beginning of mission 3. There are 2 bins I kicked them down and then just lined people up, cloak, pop out, kick then hide again. I also did the damage here, loads of grenades get thrown at you. I also shot explosive arrows at my feet, and grenaded myself. Then run to the left tower, kill the one guy and get in the lift. You should hit a checkpoint, going up the lift, I did this 3 times and finsihed the power kicks and most of the damage...nearly there now.
  • It says I need one more unlock point to get the last upgrade but I've searched every level twice and found nothing. Looks like I'm starting a new game then
  • @14 Have you watched this?
  • For some reason my game said I needed 2 more but I was 4 short. Replayed the third mission for Intel and found the last 4 I needed.
  • Do the nanosuit modules stay unlocked/upgraded when I start a new game on supersoldier? Now I´m soldier but I don´t know if I missed some and where and I haven´t progressed all of them,but I don´t know if I should start a new game or grind them to the finish on soldier...
  • This is the worst achievement in the game! My stats say 20/20 even when I deleted all my save and cache it says 0/20 so WTF? I don't like to follow guides but did and still can't get my last achievement to pop? I got every achievement in Crysis 1 & 2 but the third one I can't complete because of this f'n one achievement! Done!?! ????????
  • Ok! Finally got it! Most guides don't show the last upgrade at the end of Red Star Rising! It's during the last secondary mission, right near the objection for it! Hope it helps!
  • The best place to boost shield damage is Red Star Rising, right after you interact with the mindcarrier and get Superpowered for the first time, kill the enemies there and a bigger ceph drops down with a Reaper gun. Power shield on, he will destroy it very quickly, while it recharges run around the object to avoid being killed, rinse and repeat. 100k took a matter of a few minutes, by far the best way I had found for power shield damage.
  • The reason this cheevo messes up is because if you pick up a module then buy a perk, then die, it will reset you back to that checkpoint with out the module. Like I only need to pick up 2 more but need to buy 2 perks worth 6
  • I have got all upgrade modules but it isn't allowing me to buy the brute force module. Could somebody please help??
  • Why the hell can't i check in the level select menu that i have all the modules from that level? the cell intel info is viewable in that menu..

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