I'll Have That! Achievement

  • I'll Have That!



    Single Player: Rip off and use all alien weapon types

    There are 5 weapon types that you'll need to pick up during the campaign, although you'll be able to find all of them during mission 7, after the first ceph mindcarrier. The weapons are as follows:

    • Pinch Rifle
    • Bolt Sniper
    • Reaper Cannon
    • X-Pac Mortar
    • Incinerator (You must melee a Ceph Scorcher to death)

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  • . The last weapon that I hadn't got was the Ceph Incinerator for this achievement. You have to melee a scorcher to death to get this.
  • i cant get this one to unlock, ive picked up all weapons and used them with no luck. any one else having this problem?
  • To get the incinerator an easier way just shoot the ceph scorcher with an electric arrow.
  • Ran through the final chapter 4 times now, doing the youtube achievement guide for this.. Picked up all 5, fired all five, Used their alt fires, droped them and picked them up again... this achievement just wont pop...
  • melee a scorcher to death, I mean, I can always set it to easy lol, but the thought of beating up a scorcher...LOLZ

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