Breaking the Lore Achievement

  • Breaking the Lore



    Single Player: Retrieve all CELL Intel


    A text and video guide for all collectibles can be found HERE.

    You can find a secondary video source by Predni here.

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  • Intel? YES!
  • ^ LOL! I was thinking the same thing. There's no fun like having to pay attention to a collectible guide while trying to enjoy a game.
  • Well this will be frustrating and it's worth nothing.
  • Here's a YouTube Playlist for the intel locations: There are 64 cell intel in total. They are divided into three categories: 38 Datapads, 6 Propaganda Posters, 20 Blackboxes. After picking up a collectible it will be saved immediately (no need to reach the next checkpoint). Use the visor to spot collectibles through walls.
  • Can this be done via level select? I only ask being the forum's achievement guide said this one is missable.
  • #4 on my xbox are 41 Datapads, btw #5 yes
  • Im stuck with only one left on the lat level, but when I pick it up, no achievement, and when I pass a check point and quit, the counter still says 19/20 blackboxes...stupid achievement.
  • #7 Same with me except it does it for multiple items. And the Halfway to Hell achievement glitched. I might try deleting my save and trying them both again. Why the f*** can't Crytek release a finished game?

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