Bang For The Buck Achievement

  • Bang For The Buck



    Single Player: Kill a deer using explosive arrows

    This achievement is easily attained during Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle. You’ll reach a point near the very beginning where you go outside. Make sure to equip an explosive bolt, like super-thermite, and use invisibility to not scare the deer away. Aim using your bow, and hit the deer.

    If you didn’t have an explosive tip at this point, don’t worry, you will see plenty of deer during mission 3, as well as other parts of the game, just keep an explosive tip on you at all times, or once you beat the game, just replay mission 2.

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  • Reminds me of Far Cry 3 =D
  • 2nd level when start left side 2 of them
  • This can be done in the beginning of mission 2. When going outside you can see a deer. Equip your explosive arrows and shoot the deer. Activate the cloak ability so that it doesn't run away.
  • Video that shows where and when you can get it :)
  • Just watch the buck explode, so cruel, but oh so awesome!
  • This one is really simple. Just kill the buck at the very beginning of Welcome To The Jungle (mission 2):
  • *Achievement/Trophy Hunters*

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