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    Only Human: Kill all Pingers

    During Mission 6: Only Humans, there will be 3 Pingers (mech robots) that roam near air defense Bravo that you will have to eliminate to get this achievement. Doing the secondary objective where you save the mortar team will makes this easier as they can kill 2/3 for you, but it is not necessary. Just make sure all 3 of them blow up, and the achievement will unlock.

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  • Location: Mission 6 There are a total of 3 Pingers in the sixth mission "Only Human". All of them can be found on the way to Defense Battery Bravo (main objective, cannot be missed). Pingers are basically tanks on legs. There are lots of explosives in the weapon caches of this area. Use the rocket launchers and C4 explosives. Your predator bow will also come in handy. The explosive arrows and electric arrows are very effective. If you are having trouble switch to recruit difficulty.
  • There is a soldier you can save and he will kill 2 pingers for you with his mortars!
  • Seems to have glitched for me, I killed the first 2, then went to take out one of the AAs, went back, and the third has disappeared. Gonna have to do the level again.

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