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    Single Player: Kill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost

    As far as I know, there is only really 1 place in the game to get this achievement. During Mission 7: Gods and Monsters, after interacting with all 3 Ceph Mindcarriers, you will be asked to go and close a warmhole. You should now be supercharged for a good amount of time, and there should be around 12-14 enemies on your way to the next objective. You want to be fast, as the ability can run out and you will be invincible. Killing 10 enemies on the way to the warmhole will easily unlock this achievement.

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  • Location: Mission 7 This can be done in the last mission. Before starting the final boss fight you have to supercharge your nanosuit by stepping into alien generators. This is a main objective and cannot be missed. After using the second generator you should go for the 10 kills. Use the visor to locate enemies while making your way to the next main objective. While being supercharged you cannot take any damage and alien weapons have infinite ammo. The supercharge runs out after some time, so you need to hurry up.
  • Thanks for clarifying! Was watching your YouTube video from my news feed and did not fully understand! Thanks again
  • Video Guide for the Achievement!
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