Arrow to the Knee! Achievement

  • Arrow to the Knee!



    "Single Player: End an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!

    This can easily be one of the first achievements you get after the tutorial. After acquiring the predator bow, make sure to set Low Draw Weight and the Carbon Impact Tip. This tactic will work in many areas, but the first area after getting the bow is easy. Once the door opens, go stealth, and try to sneak up to an enemy. Now put your crosshairs onto his knee. Without aiming down the sights, just quickly pull , hopefully wounding the enemy and not killing them. There may be some trial and error here, but just make sure to keep at a good distance and not to draw the bow too much.

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  • The meme wasn't even funny when it first appeared. When you say it now, it gives the same feeling of a Grandfather trying to tell the little ones a joke he heard in WW2, but keeps screwing it up to the point the punchline makes no sense, and as a result there is just an air of sympathy surrounding the whole thing.
  • It's always been funny. Those who don't, have no sense of proper humor. I think it's great and I hope developers keep adding references to it just to piss you haters off. :D
  • I have no sense of humour? My boy, I'm nothing if not for my sense of humour! That's one thing I have more of than just about anyone else. :P
  • So you hate memes but let me guess, you like Family Guy and think it's funny don't you?
  • Please refer me to the post I made about not liking memes. I don't like this meme, that's all. I don't enjoy Family Guy as much as many other comedy shows, but I do find the show very amusing, and at times the jokes are far more intelligent than people would have you believe.
  • Oh no, opinions everywhere! Even if you do like the meme, it's HEAVILY overdone at this point and needs to be put to rest. The Internet sure does know how to take a joke and run it into the ground.
  • "It's always been funny." "I hope developers keep adding references to it just to piss you haters off." ITT: Nevander, someone who uses the term "hater," in charge of defining a good sense of humor.
  • @2: It was never intended to be funny. It was an overheard sound bite from Skyrim that played so often players started to find it irritating. Trolls exploited this by repeating the comment ad nauseum just to be irritating. It lacks all the hallmarks of a joke such as wit, timing, observation and a few other things. Not finding it funny says nothing about people's sense of humour since it was never a joke in the first place and just used as a tool of irritation in it's second form. Anyway, cool achievement bro. Hopefully the CELL guys spout a line when they fall over instead becoming unconscious.
  • End his career as a cell operative with an arrow to the knee. End his life with a followup arrow to the head.
  • End his career as a cell operative with an arrow to the knee. End his life with a followup arrow to the head.
  • nice to see games referencing other games :)
  • le epig may may XD
  • I will let this for my GF to done it LOL
  • I don't like the meme but I like it when they reference other games :)
  • It seems Nevander is a child if he thinks that joke has always been funny. We should introduce you to real humor sometime.
  • @5 - "I didn't think that anyone would be creative enough to drag up a meme that's probably at the bottom of the ladder of pointless memes." @7 - Here: @15 - It seems you're wrong. Nobody can introduce someone to real humor. They either know it, or don't. I'm guessing you don't either just like Callum.
  • @8, I never heard of the meme before, but the way you explained it made it sound quite humourous. Which is ironic.
  • @16 - "Bottom of the ladder of pointless memes". I said that, yes. There are pointless memes, but my words did not insinuate that all memes are pointless, else I would have stated as such. You just took my words as such. You say you didn't mean what you said to sound hostile, but I have just read your latest message here, and you again state that I don't know humour. Once again, you sound hostile. Finally, you've only watched one episode of Family Guy. That's not enough of a basis to go on to say that the show isn't funny.
  • @18 - All right, all right. I'm sorry... don't know why I'm saying people don't know humor because I know people have different senses of humor. I didn't mean to judge or anything, our sense are just different. I guess I'm just trying to defend the 'arrow to knee' meme because I personally think it's great and hate to see it get bashed.
  • I used to have a sense of humour like you, then I took a look at these comments.
  • @20 - Now THAT was funny!
  • I just like how there's an open quotation mark but no closing quotation mark. (Achievement description)
  • Hilarious.
  • ROFLSHIDMT- rolling on floor laughed so hard i dropped my taco
  • I never thought I'd see the day...
  • @Callum and Nevander I don't get why this has to be such a big deal, you either like it or you don't. You look at the achievement and either sigh or laugh, it's pretty black and white. But I won't take sides. I digress though, this achievement sounds simple, but I wonder if this will be one of those achievements that will sound simple but for some reason is like.. impossible to achieve. I mean after all, one does not simply end another's career with a single arrow to the knee..
  • Are you fucking kidding me?
  • I'll go out of my way to get this archive last
  • So I just go this, can anyone confirm that Armor Powerup reduces damage output?
  • thx for the blablablabla, how get this one? i try i try but i didnt get it...
  • Yep ice tried n tried. How do you just wound just always kills the guy
  • Dont draw the bow all the way just flick the RT. I set the bow to the lowest draw weight then snuck up behind one of the guys and hip fired into his knee to get it. Still doesnt work everytime, but out of the 5 enemies I tried it on it worked on 2 of them.
  • Explains how to get this easily :)
  • This arrow to the knee, it shows you what to do!
  • I got this one accidentally on a ceph somehow. I have no idea how it worked but it did :D
  • This one was really frustrating for me. I accidentally killed so many CELL soldiers before getting it. You have to use Light Draw Weight and Carbon Impact Arrows. Here's where I got it:
  • This one is worth 15 GS not 20.
  • I'm pretty sure you can get this from a ceph, so that description is a little off,

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