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    Single Player: Kill two enemies in one strike using the environment

    Easily done during Mission 1, after acquiring the predator bow. After getting the bow, the first area will have a lot of grouped enemies as well as explosive canisters. The key is to try and use stealth, and find at least 2 enemies near a barrel, then shoot it killing both.

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  • I actually got this achievement in the tutorial level (the fifth part, where you're free to do whatever) I hacked the turret which took out the two or three enemies that were on my level, but not the one below. I then lined up the dumpster so I can flatten the guy underneath with the dumpster, and kicked. After he was dead I went into armor mode and kicked the dumpster 3/4 more times to get the other enemy that was down there. I'm not sure if that was a glitch, but that's how I got it.
  • Achievement Video for help to get it on Mission 1
  • This one is quite tricky, but can be done rather easily on Post-Human (mission 1):
  • End of Mission 2 When you and pyscho are riding the train cart together, after you bust through the doors right around the corner to your right you will see a bunch of red barrels with enemies right by them. Shoot the barrels till they explode thus killing your would be roadkill netting you a neat 15G.
  • @1 i can confirm that his method works. you kick one dumpster on a guy at the end of the tutorial but don't exit once you get your achievement, continue in the sandbox mode to kick another dumpster on a guy to get the achievement
  • I just threw the same object at two people at different times. Killed one guy by throwing a box at them and when the other guy came to investigate I killed him with the same box...achievement popped.

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