Stick Around Achievement

  • Stick Around



    Single Player: Using the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows

    Using the predator bow, make sure to select Heavy Draw and the Carbon Impact tip. Find an enemy next to any surface, and shoot a full drawn bow into their chest, hopefully pinning them to the surface. An easy place to get this achievement is at the beginning of Mission 4, as well as the later areas of Mission 1.

    After that, don't forget to retrieve you bow for a credit to the Hunter-Gatherer achievement.

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  • Nice Arnold quote lol.
  • From Predator. xD
  • I think this will be more easily done with CELL troops.
  • Loved doing this in Turok; loved doing this in Fallout; loved doing this in Rage; will love doing this in Cryis.
  • Video for help!
  • Not sure what the point of this one was when you had to pin enemies to objects for Hunter-Gatherer anyway.

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