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    Reach Rank 20

    This is the online ranking achievement for this game. Luckily, it’s a lot easier than it was in Crysis 2, as Rank 20 isn’t that high at all. Just put some hours into the game, and try your best to enjoy it. Rank 20 shouldn’t take too long for most players. However, if you are looking to boost, please view THIS THREAD.

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  • From this achievement down in the list, this game went from awesome to NO NOT AGAIN!
  • Just rank 20? Merciful of them.
  • @1 I highly doubt level 20 will take long...
  • at least its only rank 20 im still working to get to 50 as the multiplayer in number 2 is terrible
  • You never know, 20 could be the new 50 and it may take the same amount of XP and time that 50 did in Crysis 2. I really hope not.
  • ^ Yep. You never know. GTAIV, you had to achieve rank 10. Those who played that game found out very painfully just how deceiving that number was.
  • However, "Rising Star" implies you're still in some sort of progress and haven't quite reached the highest rank. Also, it's only worth 15G. I'm pretty optimistic that this achievement won't be tough to get.
  • well this is easy to get as im nearly level 18 and got the game today
  • This is a horrible multiplayer game. Hardly anyone online and the matches you do get into have half the people red barring
  • If n e one still plays this, i need most mp chievs, so msg me We kan help eachother out. GT: JB2tha6thPower (There's an "a" in "tha", not an "e")
  • Hi, I can't find one person online playing the game.So I need all online achievements.I am willing to help you any way I can,if you need help with this game or if you need help with another game(that I own.Message me with how or when you want to do this or when you will be online.Thanks GamerTag:KenDaneyko
  • I'm looking for help to boost any remaining Multiplayer achievements. Please, send me a PM or join one of my weekend sessions if you have a TrueAchievements profile.
  • Im looking for help to boost the MP achievement please msg me : Nico Bombadil
  • I saw that the creator of the guideline had written that getting the 1000 points takes about 10-20 hours. So, it's not quite: it take for me exactly a day to finish the multiplayer achievements (and I didn't even start playing with the story). I played the game recently, in the past few weeks which means that there were really few players playing around with Crysis 3. Of course, if possible, the multiplayer achievements can be obtained in a few hours (6-8 hours at most), if there are some buddies who can help you make some boost. But if you playing alone, get prepared for playing much more than you think in the first place you have to. Main reasons: few players, frequent network and session migrating problems (losing all your progress from the actual match because of losing the connecti
  • Looking for boosting partners for the online achievements. Gamertag: Akashic Buster

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