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    Complete a match in every location in New York (Public Match only)

    This achievement is for completing a match on all 12 maps. You don't have to be in the match from the very start for it to count. You can check your progress in the Player Profile, under Skill Assessments, Traveller.

    In between rounds, players have the option to vote for the upcoming map and gametype, so make your vote count if you are looking to get this achievement.

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  • I thought this was set in the jungle
  • It is, the jungle of New York.
  • There is 12 different maps on crysis online and they are: 1. Williamsburg Dock 2. Chinatown 3. Hell's Kitchen 4. Skyline 5. Museum 6. Penn Depot 7. Hydro Dam 8. East River 9. Central Cavern 10. Financial District 11. Brooklyn Bridge 12. Airport Hope it helps.
  • I have all 12 dog tags for each map but no achievement.
  • Arrrrgh all I need is a match on Brooklyn bridge and does it ever ever come up.......NO!!
  • I need central cavern.. NEVER seen it even.
  • I guess I got lucky with this, just picked up the game and I got this in 20 matches.
  • need hell's kitchen map. If u need this achievement hit me up. ill be playing this all day.
  • I'm looking for help to boost any remaining Multiplayer achievements. Please, send me a PM or join one of my weekend sessions if you have a TrueAchievements profile.

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