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    Get two kills with one throw-able object in the same match (Public Match only)

    This achievement will not unlock using the shields in Spears mode, unfortunately. To get this achievement, you should play Standard Team Deathmatch. You'll then want to pick up some kind of throwable object, such as a pole or wall vent. Ideally, use cloak to sneak up on people, throwing the objects with . You can kill someone with the object, pick up the same object and then kill another person. You can also die in between as long as you go back and use the same object. You can also get the achievement if you manage two kills in 2 throw. This achievement is known to be a little glitchy.

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  • The way it's worded seems to imply it doesn't need to be a double kill, you just need to use the same object for two kills. Nothing to suggest it needs to be done in one life either.
  • let us throw cars and i will happilly do this
  • @1 - You know how that goes though with wording, as I am almost 100% positive this means a double kill in one life with one object at one time.
  • Well you're wrong Nevander. A little bit of reasoning says that if they mean a double kill they would not need to specify "in the same match" as you can't get one double kill across two matches. I'll eat my hat if I'm wrong.
  • lookig to boost this and any other achievo GT-DizzyPurpleDaze
  • Just did this, it doesn´t need to be a double-kill. I threw a thing and killed a guy, and after ten secs, I killed another guy and got the cheevo, so yeah I did it in one life, so I´m not sure if it has to be in one-life but I don´t think so.
  • i did wht you said generalgranko like 4 times on release and still nothen is it glitch ?
  • @7 Because Supersoldier cheevos are also glitched and in Crysis2 alot of cheevos were glitched then it is highly possible, sadly.
  • i pulled this off dont use a pole go to crashsite/spears rip off a sheild get 2 kills with it and poo pow achevo
  • I've done this with poles & shields and still nothing. I've gotten two kills with the shields 5 times, even got three twice. Still I have no achievement. Hit and killed a guy holding a shield, no achievement...
  • Finally got it using a pole. Don't know why it worked this time, but I'm not complaining...
  • just got 2 kills with a shield throw in one life and nothing
  • just got this if it didn't work throwing a shield but as soon as i got two kills with the same pole bang there it was
  • I got this today, got one kill then died and got another and the achievement didn't pop. However i got another kill in that same life with a throwable object and it popped. So it seems they need to be in the same life.
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  • This can be done in Team Deathmatch, apparently it is glitched for spears and other modes. I achieved it by killing two players with the same object in one life...
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  • Doesn't seem to work with shields, at least not for me. Have done it on spears and in hunter as cell. Nada.
  • 2 kills with same poll, same life on spears. No unlock.
  • pole not poll~
  • 2 pole kills in same life on team deathmatch unlocked it for me.
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