The Specialist Achievement

  • The Specialist



    Get a stealth kill, a rip and throw kill and an air stomp kill in the same match (Public Match only)

    - Rip and Throw: Use a throwable object, such as a pole/shield (also from boarding an enemy Pinger)
    - Air Stomp: jump from a ledge and press
    - Stealth Kill: Sneak up behind someone, then melee (Click )

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  • Well, at least its not in one life like the 'Going Commando' achievement!
  • Air Stomp was useless. :(
  • Playing the beta I'd have to say this could be pretty easy to do without boosting. Play Crash Site 1. Approach the site when it's held by an enemy and jump off a nearby ledge for the Air Stomp (decent in this game!) 2. The Crash site has two shields on either side that can be torn off. Go invisible and so will your shield. Just face an entry way where enemies will filter through. Press RT at the appropriate time. Instant kill. 3. Cloak yourself and slip into the enemy's crash site from an atypical direction, look out for campers, sneak up and melee them from behind. That should do it. :D
  • Did this in Spears on the Chinatown part of a 13 killstreak~! SUNGLASSES EMOTICON.
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  • Kill with a shield you rip from a spear (toss it at them) Stealth kill from behind someone (melee from the rear while cloaked) Air Stomp kill
  • Looking to boost online achievements. I have four controllers. GT: Squall273
  • need help with this and a few other's. if anyone's putting together a boosting lobby then add and message me. > ZombieSlayers09
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